Monster Factory Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: 15,000,000 yuan order

Chapter 11: 15,000,000 yuan order

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Business contract signed!

Though he did not receive a down payment, it was totally within Ye Qing’s expectations.

The contract specifically stated that as soon as a batch is inspected, then they are to be paid for along with the down payment for the next batch of 50,000 pieces.

Furthermore, starting from next monday, 250,000 pieces of carved curbstones must be delivered in 2 months time.

This is the first time the two sides has worked together, plus Ye Qing’s unimaginable product and quote, the directors naturally needed to proceed with caution.

However, 60 yuan for a work of art curbstone, even if they just buy one they are still making a killing.

Looking at the expression the chief of the city construction office has, if Ye Qing is able to produce 100 pieces of curbstones, then he will come up with ways to have them surround the office building.

The city construction office need 250,000 pieces of curbstones. If the price if set too high, then there is no way they are able to produce that much money from their available budget.

As long as the city construction office place in these carved curbstones, then the quality of the product will be displayed. By then would he still have to worry about the price?

For 250,000 pieces of curbstones, it total to 15,000,000.

Shaving off the needed manufacturing costs, Ye Qing can still make at least 4,000,000. This kind of huge earning, if Ye Qing doesn’t have the Monster Factory, then he can forget about earning this much in his lifetime.

250,000 pieces of curbstones, Ye Qing of course has the confidence to complete them, but the time given to him isn’t enough. He must contact and cooperate with a masonry that has both power and the materials to supply him.

Zhongyun only has Jiangshan masonry nearby that has this ability. Usually, if it was anyone else then their first natural choice would be them.

Because if the supplier is from the local area, then there is the saving of hundreds of thousands of transportation fees.

If Sang Qing knelt and begged Ye Qing……

Ye Qing isn’t a cold hearted person, so seeing his sincere sincerity, he might actually give in and order some from him, just to be caring.

While on the way back to the factory, Ye Qing received a call from director Zhang Jiangyu of the construction planning department.

He is Ye Qing’s dad’s cla.s.smate, and he also has a close relations.h.i.+p with Ye Qing. It’s just that this director t.i.tle has a vice in front of it, so his words don’t really carry any power. Even Sang Qing doesn’t care about him.

At the meeting room, it was mainly for directors and chiefs. There were only a few vice directors present.

Now the information must have already spread out, the stone slab Ye Qing brought with him must’ve also been closely scrutinised by them.

Zhang Jiangyu just found out that this masterpiece is from Clear Sky Mechanical Saw Factory.

In the call, Zhang Jiangyu harshly complained why Ye Qing didn’t look for him first.

“Uncle Zhang, I have some news that I really don’t want to tell you. It’s just that Jiangshan masonry cancelled those machine orders.”

Ye Qing embarra.s.singly explained: “Jiangshan masonry’s order comes from the engineering department. Han Youpeng works there as a civil servant. He said that his boss is quite familiar with Sang Qing privately and that he is the one in charge with getting the deal signed. I approached him instead of you is because I really want to screw him over on this.”

“What seriously? Sang Qing you a.s.shole!”

Zhang Jiangyu, upon hearing the deal that he spent much effort into settling got cancelled, immediately exploded.

My vice director position, is take this lightly by others?

“This is good, Liu Fengjin indeed has a nice relations.h.i.+p with Sang Qing.” Zhang Jiangyu happily laughed: “Now that this deal got screwed up by one of Liu Fengjin’s subordinates, there is no way that Sang Qing’s intestines aren’t green. Yes, he must suffer for not taking me seriously.”

“But Ye Qing, where did you get this tech? From what I understand of your factory, you can’t make these machines right?”

“I sold a couple machines from the factory and imported a few foreign engraving machines.”

Zhang Jiangyu has no understanding of mechanical manufacturing at all. However for deals this big, he clearly believe that Ye Qing’s factory is too small to handle alone. He definitely needs to cooperate with other larger manufacturers to finish.

“Well aren’t I lucky.” Zhang Jiangyu laughed even more happily: “In the next 3 months, my office is working closely with high cla.s.s communities. There is a lot of places where we use stone, if we need carvings, then lower the prices a bit and I can tell them about it.”

Ye Qing with a very cheerful att.i.tude replied: “No problem uncle Zhang, I’ll give you the productions cost.”

“Have your dad take me out for drinks later. Getting your hands on deals this big, your future is bright my friend.”

“I’ll have him bring you out for maotai.” Seeing the red light intersection in front of him, Ye Qian quickly informed: “Uncle Zhang, I need to hang up now, the intersection in front has cameras.”

There is a while before the lights change. Having ended the call, Ye Qing casually placed his elbow out the window, but it is clear that he is still shaking with excitement.

Got a big order, perfect!

Some people are lucky and some aren’t. Han Youpeng got congratulations from the chief, and received another scolding from his boss.

His boss, Liu Fengjin, clearly has a close relations.h.i.+p with Sang Qing.

As for why Han Youpeng got this fierce scolding from Liu Fengjin, it is because of his impulsiveness for not first telling him, but going over his head and getting the go ahead from the chief directly.

Having scolded him for nearly 20 minutes, Liu Fengjin is finally able to let out some steam. But scolding aside, Liu Fengjin isn’t worried at all that this will affect the relations.h.i.+p he has with Sang Qing.

Ye Qing’s factory is a manufacturing factory, not a granite mining plant.

Hence, Ye Qing must buy those 250,000 pieces of curbstone. He had to have them s.h.i.+pped and then processed.

In Zhongyun’s surroundings, there is only Mt. Meihua that is suitable for mining granite.

And again within Mt. Meihua, there is only Jiangshan masonry which can provide 250,000 curbstones within 2 months.

After having gone around full circle, everything still came back to the source.

When the time comes just invite them to a feast. Ye Qing can easily be convinced to come with just the excuse of introducing a stone provider for him. Since this will not only provide Ye Qing with a source of materials, Ye Qing will also be grateful to Liu Fengjin.

On Snag Qing’s side, it is best to keep him in the loop, but first need to inform him that the deal is over.

Getting kicked out of multiple million yuan deal, Sang Qing naturally will be anxious as heck.

There is no fear of letting others know, this is confirmed by the chief himself, so who here at the office doesn’t know?

In the end, Snag Qing still needed come to me looking for help.

At that time, introduce Ye Qing to him…….

Haha ~ Eating from both sides!

No matter if it’s Ye Qing or Snag Qing, they all have to be grateful to me.

Thinking of all the potential results, Liu Fengjin can’t help but start humming.

Hehe ~ Sang Qing, who told you not to sign off the deal, you just had to raise the price by 2 yuan,

Now let’s see how you come begging.

Having laughed enough, Liu Fengjin decided to give Sang Qing some hints. If he calls too late, then there is no saying that someone else might get ahead of him.

As the call connected, Liu Fengjin’s smile turned very treacherous: “Boss Sang, what you up to?”

“Yo ~ Director Liu, I at the car dealers.h.i.+p. As a matter of fact, it’s all because of that big order you gave me. Now I’m preparing to get a Benz to increase my livelihood.”

“Director if you need a car, just give me a call. I’ll fill the car up and deliver it to your home.”


Within Clear Sky factory, just as Ye Qing parked the van, without even locking it, he is already running off towards Ye Jiangning’s office on the second floor.

He needed to contact marble producers to place an order for a huge volume of curbestones.

Clear Sky factory only uses cutting machines. Stone cutters are of course part of the sales inventory, but it’s sales have always been on and off. Those who buy these are of course stone processing plants.

It is possible to say that Ye Qing knows at least half of the stone processing plants within a couple of hundred kilometers of Zhongyun.

Ye Qing remembered last year when he made a trip to Xuancheng, Anhui to test the machines of a very very large mining corporation.

This mining corporation is just too big to describe. The amount of mines it owns is beyond count. Ye Qing remember they are called [Tian Cheng Mining Industry].

Being able to sell machines to this kind of large, cross province corporation is all pure luck.

At the time, Tiancheng mining industry just bought the mining rights to a couple of marble mines hence they required a large quant.i.ty of new mechanical equipment. To get enough stock, the local equipment dealer came over and ordered some just to fill in the shortage.

That batch of machines were fine when Ye Qing went to check on them. Of course, they also provided no merits, otherwise the business wouldn’t have just ended since then.

Within Ye Jiangning’s office is Tiancheng mining industry’s contact number. Finding them to order large amounts of curbstones is definitely the correct choice.

The deals the factory makes are all recorded, one on paper, and another electronically. Hence Ye Qing is sorting through all the forms in the office.

Sorting through all the paperwork, he found 2 of Tiancheng mining industry’s worker’s numbers. Upon calling the first number, the other side said they already resigned and isn’t working for them anymore. The owned of the second number first asked who Ye Qing was and how he got his number. Ye Qing replied without thinking that it’s from a business partner.

“Oh ~ I’m not in charge of the marble mines since a long time ago. Currently I’m working at the general headquarters.”

“Then if possible, can you tell me the number of the person currently in charge?” Ye Qing realised that the Tiancheng mining industry is seriously big, even spending money to buy things is this complicated.

“Is the order large or not? If it’s not then you can just go online to find their business line.”

“Tens of million yuan order, you think that’s big or small?”

“Big, super big, sir. Sir let me put you on hold for a minute while I get the person in charge on the line.” The voice on the other side was excited to the point of cracking.

Orders of millions, since Ye Qing called him, then naturally he gets the credit for bringing in the client. As long as the order gets finalized and signed, then the signing bonus for him alone is 200,000 yuan.

Monster Factory Chapter 11

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