Monster Factory Chapter 12

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Chapter 012: Happy collaboration!

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Ye Qing didn’t wait long before the line picked up again.

“Sir, the person in charge is currently on a business trip. So I told this to my general manager, she said she’ll call you immediately. Sorry about this and the long wait.”

“No problem, and thanks.” Ye Qing finally experienced what it felt like to be thought after.

Although it’s just a few pleasantries, but when they are heard, its effect is even sweeter than maple syrup. No wonder all those big bosses like to make so much commotion. So it’s because they’re used to all this flattery.

Haha ~ From now on, I’m also one of them.

Ye Qing lazily stretched as he sat down on the creaking boss chair. Having placed his legs on the desk with chipped paint, he patiently waited for the call from the general manager of Tiancheng mining corporation.

This is the difference. Before, Ye Qing must do his utmost best to wait for a tiny purchase, several causal orders, from a small mining department of Tiancheng industries.


In front of a millions of yuan purchase, the general manager of the listed Tiancheng mining industry must make a personal call.

The general manager!

These types of people, even if Ye Qing want to collude with them, he at least needed to take out one of his compet.i.tors before he is even given the chance.

“Haha ~ when Tiancheng mining industry’s general manager calls, I definitely need to make a good impression.”


The old, cracked iPhone 4 rang.

Ye Qing grabbed the phone and took a look at the number.


This easy to remember number, 6 prepared numbers.

“h.e.l.lo there, is this Mr. Ye speaking? I’m the general manager of Tiancheng industries Xia Muqing.” A soft and silky voice, that is able to charm anyone, transmitted over.

It’s a her?

She sounds so young and for some reason, Ye Qing felt as if his heart was beating at an abnormal pace.

Sometimes with just a voice, it can cause fluctuations in heart rate.

Ye Qing’s elementary cla.s.smate Xu Ninggong’s voice is also like this. One wouldn’t get tired of hearing it even after hundreds of times.

Now this Xia Muqing person, with a different tone, gave Ye Qing a new kind of experience.

“Yes ~ yes ~” Ye Qing still dazed as he answered. Originally he expected some old geezer, but instead he got a beautiful woman on the line.

“Mr. Ye, I heard you wish to purchase a large amount of curbstones.” Xia Muqing’s mandarin p.r.o.nunciation is accurate enough to be a T.V. host: “What type of material would you like?”

“Granite, the sesame grey kind. I also need them to be of particular dimensions. We can carefully discuss the prices, but the products definitely need to match my standards.” Ye Qing earnestly stated: “In total I need 250,000 pieces, I want to know how quickly I can get the first batch.”

“Since you’re specifying the dimensions, then they need to be pre-cut before being sent. Um, I can guarantee batches of 70,000 pieces per week.

“I’ll send you the details, what’s your email?” Ye Qing pulled out a pen and paper, ready to record down the mailing address.

“Add me on work QQ, it would be easier to discuss the details.” Xia Muqing embarra.s.singly laughed.

This laughter, had Ye Qing suddenly remember an ancient idiom: as beautiful as the jade crown.

Getting rid of these random thoughts, Ye Qing opened open his QQ and added her account. Nowadays, none of the young generation liked to use emails. They preferred the use of chat engine, which allows them to communicate whenever they want.

This QQ account of her’s is most likely a work account since it’s members.h.i.+p hasn’t even been opened. After being accepted, Ye Qing sent her the curbstone dimensions, materials and time limit from the contract signed in the city construction office. Furthermore he also had her give a price for the materials.

Soon, Xia Muqing sent over a picture. On it is the prices for all kinds of standard curbstones. 5000 pieces minimum, 50,000 pieces plus gets price cuts. And 250,000 just happen to be 10,000,000 exactly.

This price is very fair. Originally, the city construction office wanted to use this price to sign the deal with Sang Qing.

Counting on these corporations to lower the price is impossible. Also this 10,000,000 of course doesn’t include the transportation fees.

Distribution costs are all public knowledge. Ye Qing has also used them before to send multiple machines around the country.

250,000 curbstones, around 10,000 tons total. From Xuancheng to Zhongyun is roughly 350 kilometers. According to the distribution costs in Zhongyun, this adds up to 1,400,000 yuan.

This is also the reason why Lie Fengjin is certain that Ye Qing will definitely purchase curbstones from Jiangshan masonry.

Throwing away 1,400,000 for nothing, who’ll do that?

However Ye Qing is currently using realistic actions to express his opinions.

Tiancheng corporation definitely has it’s own distribution team. Xia Muqing asked Ye Qing which city he is in, and said she can lower the distributions costs to at most 1,000,000.

Because he is strapped for money, hence Ye Qing is stubbornly haggling for the transportation costs. Negotiating left and right, he still absolutely insisted that Xia Muqing should lower the price even more.

Having disputed over 5 pages of chat history, Xia Muqing finally gave in with a [speechless] expression and lowered the price to 800,000.

Xia Muqing in new message asked: ”Mr. Ye, are you sending someone over, or am I sending someone over to you to sign the contract?”

“Neither. We can just do it electronically. And send each other a copy when it’s done.” Ye Qing is very familiar with Tiancheng industries’ powers. Hence picked a method that is generally used between acquaintances for convenience.

“Mr. Ye, you’re too generous.” Xia Muqing sent over a cupped fist expression.

“Down payment is 20% of the contract price, so I’ll just charge you 2,000,000. Are you going to write a check or direct transfer?”


Having gotten a 15,000,000 order, Ye Qing inevitably thought himself as a boss with millions in a.s.sets. Hence he was leisurely sitting in the leather boss chair, discussing contracts.

After a while, he suddenly remembered there were only 50,000 yuan left in the factory.

Unfortunately Ye Qing also can’t tell the other side that, a boss who is preparing to make a 10,000,000 yuan purchase, only has 50,000 in his pockets. Because no one would do business with these type people.

Hence having reached here, Ye Qing can only use his 50,000 yuan to play out this 10,000,000 yuan deal.

“We can wait on signing the contract. First send me a sample of 1000 pieces as fast as possible. Send me your company account, I’ll transfer over the costs of the sample.”

“Sure, need a electronic contract for this then?”

“No need, too inconvenient.” Ye Qing bit his teeth, acting like a wealthy individual.

The financier wants to examine the samples, what can Xia Muqing do? She can only send over the company account transfer information at once.

The pathetic 50,000, which didn’t even have time to appreciate in the bank, had 40 some thousand transferred out by Ye Qing.

Xia Muqing expressed that they have marble strips in stock. So the sample can immediately be made. And as to express her sincerity, had the company’s distribution center send out the stuff in the evening.

“Happy collaboration!” Ye Qing concluded.

“Happy collaboration!” Xia Muqing replied back.

Having finished discussing the tentative cooperation, Ye Qing turned off the computer and ran down into the workshop.

Xia Muqing said that the sample will be on the road by evening. If nothing unusual happens, then it’ll arrive tomorrow morning. When the time comes, the workshop is going to need process large amounts of curbstones.

Hence there is a need to renovate the workshop a little bit.

Summoning out the 2 peons, Ye Qing had them sweep all the random parts lying around in the workshop into the corner.

Monster Factory Chapter 12

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