Monster Factory Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: How to get a woman’s number

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

Hulk One and Hulk Two are ferocious looking and appear to be even bigger than Shaq O’Neal. Their work efficiency is like a bulldozer, within the time it takes to smoke a cig, the two muscle heads had already cleared away everything in the workshop.

Having cleared the floor, Ye Qing then directed them to the flame cutters and asked them to cut up the steel plates and weld them with wire wielders into 4 water tanks.

When cutting stone products, there will be large amounts of byproduct in the form of stone powder. This stuff needs to be washed away, and the injected water can be used to cool off the engraver blades to avoid unnecessary damages to the blades and the materials.

Before having worked with stone products, Ye Qing was still laughing at those boss’s stinginess for reusing wastewater that is full of stone powder.

Now that he is working stone, he is even more vicious them. He decided to use 2 tractor size wastewater tanks.

Hulk One and Hulk Two are simple yet ferocious. Normally when people are wielding not wearing protective is purely asking to die. When these two are wielding, not only do they stare at it, but they open their eyes up to be even bigger than cow’s. Two meter long weld seams are completed all in one go; zi zi zi, a straight line all the way to the end.

The welded seam, after pa.s.sing through their hands, is as if they’ve already been embellished. The wielding marks are presented as waves of perfectly arranged circles, it’s looks are even better than those products completed by automated welding machines.

Just this set of skills alone, is even better than those professional welders who have at least 10 years of experience.

20 minutes later, the 4 large water tanks have all been welded.

Hulk One and Hulk Two then found some strong steel and welded them onto the tanks as supports. This way, after drilling in a hole on the supports and adding on wheels to them, the water tank once filled can still move in all directions.

The supports require the use of large scale steel cutting machine to process. Except when Hulk One turned to turn on the cutting machines, the machine, no matter what, just won’t start.

“More than likely, it’s broken.” Ye Qing concluded after running over and fiddling with it. This machine is full of problems. Not only does it shake ma.s.sively while working, but it’s way out of date and needing a replacement.

Ye Qing remembered seeing a cutting machine up for sale in the Monster Factory’s shopping center. With his remaining 200 gold, he can buy one from there.

In any case, as soon as the stones arrive, then with Hulk One and Hulk Two on the engraver’s, a steady flow of carved products can be sold. Easily acquiring gold.

At the present time, there is only the possibility of buying common processing tools from the shop. Moreover, there aren’t that many choices in the shop. Hence the need to level up the factory to unlock higher quality tools and unlocking more possibilities.

There are two types of cutting machines. Handheld ones cost only 10 gold, while tabletop ones cost 30.

Of course above the cutting machines on this sales list, there are metal cutting grinding wheels, sinter diamond wheels for cutting precious jewels, and such consumables can also be bought for 2 gold each.

Stainless steel cutting wheel is bit more expensive, with a price tag of 10 gold.

Stainless steel is the hardest metal to cut and drill into within the common metal family. Due to its high toughness, it can even burn out electrical drills if it is used to drill it.

Tabletop cutting machines have high strength and precision. Ye Qing brought a common one and it’s more than enough.

As for the saw blades, there is no need to buy since there is still a bunch in the Clear Sky factory storage.

Tabletop cutting machine (Quality: Normal)
Cutting power +20%
Cutting precision +2%

Even if it’s normal quality machines, after being summoned by Ye Qing, it still comes with special perks.

Heavy looking, but a wonderful construct. It is painted with metallic red paint, just like the mirror paints from sports cars. Clearly even people not of the trade can tell this cutting machine is different.

Connecting the power, Ye Qing can’t wait to grab some metal and test it.

The factory’s original metal cutter require the workers to be able to hold down the cutting material when operating. When cutting a standard H shaped steel, it requires at least a minute.

Now, when Ye Qing is operating this new machine, he only need 20 seconds. As for the hulks, with their huge strength and additional properties, only 12 seconds is required.

If used with the cutting disks from the factory app shop, then the time needed would be even less.

Ye Qing lied down in the lounge beside his office. He finally fell asleep after tossing and turning for nearly half the night.

When the sun finally rose to the first floor windows, Ye Qing is awoken by a call.

A normal long distance number. After connecting the call, Ye Qing was immediately asked for his address because his stone sample is here.

“Truly efficient.” Ye Qing having reported his address, quickly went to take a shower.

The earlier he finishes, the earlier he gets paid. This is Ye Qing’s thirst for money. Although sadly, his wallet is currently almost empty.

Hulk One and Hulk Two have both already returned to their cards for rest. Hence Ye Qing is alone in the large workshop.

Roughly 30 minutes later, the signature sound of an approaching truck can be heard outside the factory.

Ye Qing ran out and get both drivers a cig: “Go straight in, there is enough s.p.a.ce to store it all.”

The truck is full of tightly packed curbstone pallets. With a forklift, Ye Qing started the unloading the pallets.

1000 curbstones, unloaded in ten some minutes.

The drivers gave Ye Qing a bill to sign, then politely refused staying for breakfast and drove off.

How can Ye Qing have any thoughts of eating breakfast? As soon as the truck left, he locked the door and summoned the peons.

“Go, go, go!” Ye Qing picked up his box cutter and cut open the packing for stone pallets.

It’s just when he finally opened the packing and saw the curbstone inside, Ye Qing is completely dumbstruck.

Strips of orderly piled, sesame gray marble is definitely there.

But what Ye Qing need are 80 centimeter long curbstones. So what’s the deal with the 2.4 meter long stone strips on the forklift.

Ye Qing is so p.i.s.sed that he picked up the measuring tape and found that the marble strips are of the same width and height. It’s just it’s length is the comparable to 3 curbstones together.

These are basically unfinished stone strips. Xia Muqing has no reason to purposely send these items to mess with their reputation. Thus it must be a mistake by her subordinates.

Who would’ve thought that a large corporation such as Tiancheng Industries could make such a amatuer mistake.

Ye Qing is so p.i.s.sed that he directly called Xia Muqing’s cell phone.

“Respect customer h.e.l.lo. It is currently off hours. If you would like to leave a message, our workers will call you back when they get back to work. If you seek any business inquires, then please try our 24 hours customer service line.”

Couple minutes pa.s.sed before trying again, but still same reply.

Flipping out the driver’s’ number and call it, but the only reply he got was they are only responsible for transporting, and only guarantee the safe delivery of the product.

The truck driver also told Ye Qing to ask the person responsible during work hours.

At around 7 am, Xia Muqing’s call finally arrived.

She most likely just woke up, hence the languidness in her voice and the sound of her stretching.

“Get on QQ, I already sent you a picture.” Hearing Ye Qing’s cold hearted voice, Xia Muqing received quite the scare.

“Mr. Ye, what is the problem that made you this angry.” Xia Muqing’s voice came in as if afraid of the incoming reply: “Sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Ye, but I can only log into QQ on the office computer……”

“Um…… how about you add me on WeChat.” Xia Muqing hesitated for a long time, as if unwillingly giving away something important: “Is there something wrong with the product?”

Monster Factory Chapter 13

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