Monster Factory Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: An unexpected accident

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Most well known domestic industries and international corporations that had sub branches in the country would partic.i.p.ate in the exhibition.

The brochure for the exhibition also detailedly presented each and every partic.i.p.ating company’s profile as well as their products.

The advertis.e.m.e.nts here were literally everywhere. Gree Electric even covered an entire cover page with ads, saying that despite the scorching summer, Gree Electric kindly reminds everyone to bring their winter jackets when entering the exhibition gallery.

The weather now was hotter than the last summer, and since the gallery was a light steel structure, without air conditioning the place would literally become a death trap.

Ye Qing reckoned that Gree Electric had definitely undertook the job of providing temperature control for the entire gallery, hence the reason they were able to print such an ad on the cover page.

The Monster Factory name wasn't mentioned on the brochure at all, due to signing up too late.

When the exhibition actually started, only then would the brochure be updated again for all the guests to see.

Because the exhibition's main goal was to let domestic products enter the international stage, the the more detailed the descriptions, the more international deals they would be able to attract.

So, of course, Kangyuan Inc.'s newest product also got a detailed description.

With the detailed description in hand, Ye QIng could now take measured steps to create a 'great' gift for them.

3 PM, Xu Xiaohu called to report that he had arrived at the expo gallery. Ye Qing had him look around and take note of how other booths were decorated, and to go ask Huaxing Heavy Industry for help that if he ever encountered problems.

Ye Qing was intentionally grooming Xu Xiaohu to be more mature and hold more responsibilities.

Now that he had made fortunes, he couldn't just leave his family hanging. All of Ye Qing's relatives were quite nice to them, and Xu Xiaohu wasn't one of those all take and no give kind of kids, so naturally Ye Qing was going to groom him a bit.

Having explained everything that needed to be taken care of over there, Ye Qing swung into the newly built steel workshops.

Right now the Dragon Creek Beach factory had in total four modern standard factory buildings. Among them two had already stopped production. As for the one that was filled with the twenty imported 5 axis CNC lathes, Ye Qing was planning on making it a fully automated production workshop.

The target: make enough chairs to cover the work of fifteen monsters daily.

An a.s.sembly line easily cost hundreds of millions, which Ye Qing didn't have. However, the monsters' creative abilities were just truly overpowered, because no matter if it was the ma.s.sive plate chain structure of an a.s.sembly line, or if it was all those automated tools, they could all be hand made by the monster.

Now that Ye Qing had imported twenty 5 axis fully automated CNC lathes, with them making the necessary parts for the chairs, when an a.s.sembly line was actually a.s.sembled, then there would be enough parts to go around for a.s.sembly.

Ye Qing had already bought a bunch of parts needed to a.s.semble an a.s.sembly line. In the workshop, on top of a building blueprint, Ye Qing was planning out the every detail of the a.s.sembly line, and discussing with the master artisans as to what to put where.

First step, the base. Before the aluminum base was completed by the rapid metal engravers, but now Ye Qing decided to forge it directly at the metal smelting center.

A pot of melted alloy could be cast directly into 1500 base units. The whole process only took two hours, and since it was pa.s.sed through the forging press, it’s structural strength became even greater than before.

Next came a.s.sembling the main support arm. Before, all the drilling was done by the peons with press drills. Now, after Ye Qing and the master artisans' discussion, they had decided to buy several uncommon grade drills from the tools shopping center, and make some drilling arms out of them.

Drilling arms could only move up and down, but Ye Qing could use high precision ball screws to fix the precision problem of the drill arms.

Slowly replacing everything done by the monsters with automation was the basics of automated a.s.sembly.

That was also why a single a.s.sembly line was priced at at least a couple hundred millions.

High precision production was a must when replacing hand productions. As such, a machine's price would crazily increase several folds as soon precision became a necessity.

Bit by bit, all kinds of a.s.sembling equipment were added to the a.s.sembly line.

A bunch of designs were drawn on top of the building blueprint, and thank G.o.d for the master artisans being present to consult with. All Ye Qing needed to do was to come up with a rough idea, then the master artisans would swiftly come up with a legitimate solution. If these were regular engineers, then Ye Qing reckoned that just planning out the a.s.sembly line alone would take at least half a month.

Busying himself all the way till 8, Ye Qing didn’t even bother to take a break as he finally completed planning out the a.s.sembly line.

The master artisans guaranteed that everything could be done in two days. When it was completed, all the fine tuning could be done in accordance to market needs.

Stretching his sore and cramped muscles, Ye Qing felt that if he continued like this with the master artisans, then pa.s.sing the master engineer exam just became as easy as stealing candy from a baby. After another two years, it was even possible from him to partic.i.p.ate in national level research projects.

After having filled his stomach with some random stuff, Ye Qing got back to his office and chatted with DouDou while carefully flipping through the international exhibition.

Ye Qing needed to sort through which technologies could be of actual use, and which ones were there just for show.

When the time came, he would take detailed photographs of the ones that he had put down as need to sees.

Within this brochure were two of Ye Qing's acquaintances.

One of them was Huaxing Heavy Industry’s Chairman Li Huaxing, while the other was the CEO of Illusion Corporation Yan Zhaoge.

The newest product of Huaxing Heavy Industry was an 8 wheel hybrid powered all terrain sight seeing vehicle. From Ye Qing’s point of view, the vehicle was purely for nature sightseers, especially for places like Africa with their ma.s.sive open stretches of land, but no real usage value.

Although its seating designs looked quite comfortable, its underlying structure was just disappointing as it was filled with traces of mining trucks.

As for why it didn’t have much real usage value, it was because the vehicle didn’t include any new advances in technology. If Huaxing Heavy Industry could make it, then any other truck making heavy industries could also do it.

Illusion Corporation was mainly promoting their VR and a.s.sociated accessories. In addition, they were also promoting the software they had developed for the mechanical engineered chairs.​

Since Ye Qing wasn’t really proficient in the software side of things, he couldn't really value how good the VR software was, but the higher their sales were, the higher the chair sales would be.

Having detailed which ones to watch on a laptop, Ye Qing found that more than 70% of the partic.i.p.ants were international groups with outsourced factories in the country.

*Sigh ~ " Ye Qing let out a ma.s.sive sigh. It seemed like he would have to personally represent the country's entire industrial sector.

Then let the Monster Factory carry out the mission of defeating every single international partic.i.p.ants!

Closing up the laptop, Ye Qing and DouDou were already discussing the exhibition in two days time. DouDou said that her station would send over a reporting team, but she couldn’t make it as she still needed to host the radio show.

Ye Qing sent a dancing monkey and said that it was too bad, as she was missing out on seeing his company fly high over all the compet.i.tors.

DouDou sent a rolling on the ground rabbit emoji.

"Haha~" Ye Qing couldn’t help but laugh at it, as the emoji just had too many meanings.

Another 10 minutes of chatting, they both called it a night.

Ye Qing then took a stroll around the dock, and give the raging miners and peons some a.s.signments for the night .

There still remained 15 chase boats that needed memory alloy hull upgrades, but that could all be done in one night if the monsters worked over time.

In the morning of the next day, just as Ye Qing was in his beauty dreams, he was woken up with an urgent call.

Taking a look at the number, it was actually from one of the customer service girls that was sent to the exhibition gallery with Xu Xiaohu to do the booth decorations.

"Hey ~ Xiao Yun, what’s the matter" Ye Qing took a look at the time, 7 AM.

In the call, Xu XiaoYun sounded half anxious and half choking, as she tried to give a full report: "Boss…… Not good, our display booth got destroyed, more than half of the products that we brought over are broken."

Ye Qing immediately woke up, and sat straight.

His first reaction was, an attack from people hired by Kangyuan Inc.

However as soon as the thought rose, it was immediately snuffed.

The Shanghai International Science and Technologies Exhibition wasn’t some private exhibition that is filled with bribes, Rather it wouldn't allow any random shady things to happen.

The annual Shanghai International Science and Technologies Exhibition had already been hosted by the Shanghai government 19 times.

Just the exhibition location being at the permanently preserved largest support free gallery in Asia, already said a lot about the degree of strictness for the exhibition.

Kangyuan doing some small shady things to trip him up was bound to happen, but they straight up won’t dare to destroy his display booth.

So then who actually destroyed his display booth?

Monster Factory Chapter 114

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