Monster Factory Chapter 115

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Chapter 115: By Gree Electric

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

"Where’s Xu Xiaohu?" Ye Qing calmly asked.

Although Xu Xiaohu and Xu XiaoYun only had a character's difference, Ye Qing still had a good impression of her.

"Uh… He went to find the people in charge, and told me to… to call you."

Ye Qing could clearly tell how nervous and afraid she was from her voice.

What Xu XiaoYun said first also let Ye Qing relax a little as it was about the booth getting destroyed instead of who got hurt.

That meant that the three of them didn’t get hurt at all.

In comparison to the booth getting destroyed, the damages to the 50,000 rapid metal engravers, and 88,800 mechanical engineered chairs were all small things.

"Don’t be scare, slowly tell me everything that happened. For now, forget about the damaged products." Ye Qing’s calmness let the girl who had just turned 20 and entered the workforce focus and calm down.

"It’s not just our booth that got destroyed, there's many others as well." Xu XiaoYun calmed down, and slowly explained everything that happened to Ye Qing.

"It was all by Gree Electric."

"What?" Ye Qing’s complete shock cut right into Xu XiaoYun’s explanation.

Holy …., Who doesn’t know of Gree Electric?

Gree Electric was ranked within the Top 500 corporations in the country as they were the leading expert in everything air conditioning. This time they even put up ads on the front cover of the brochure, so how could they go destroying all those booths?

That was just too shocking, as Gree Electric had always kept a pretty good reputation.

"The…… The air conditioners they put up dropped on our booths." Xu XiaoYun’s single sentence almost had Ye Qing choke to death.

"From what Xu Xiaohu said, the central air conditioner they installed for the gallery, just then, for some unknown reason, started collapsing from the other end of the gallery like dropping dumplings. Our booths were all held up by plastic casings, so the line literally destroyed all of the booths in its path, and our products as well."

"Boss, 4 of our chairs are broken, that’s more than 350,000 gone. Me and Liu Jiedu were both scared to death by all of this. Good thing that when it started collapsing, Gree Electric workers also started to yell, so no one actually got hurt."

"Right now the whole gallery is a mess, many companies' products are destroyed, even Changwei TV's booth lost several dozen TVs.

"I……" Ye Qing felt like his head had been literally beaten into a plup.

Why couldn’t you just get to the point! Before Ye Qing was still wondering who would be so stupid as to deliberately destroy other people’s display booths.

But no matter how he thought, he still wouldn’t have thought that it would be the collapsing of Gree Electric’s air conditioning units. Gree Electric had great experience with large scale central air conditioners. They even had products overseas, and this time they had even put up ads on the brochure's cover.

They even put up a friendly reminder for the viewing populace to watch out for the cold.

Watch out for the cold in the middle of summer, that was domineering right?

It was just……

Gree Electric wanted to show off for once, but in the end they tripped and fell face first.

Ye Qing felt that mistake was seriously too low. Though, the real reason hadn’t been found yet, so Ye Qing couldn’t really say if their skills weren't up to par or if it was actually an accident.

"Boss, what we do now?" Xu XiaoYun anxiously asked: "Right now the entire Gree Electric booth is surrounded with people. We can’t get through at all."

"I’ll come now. I’ll call when I get to the gallery." Her explanation had Ye Qing recognize just how big the incident really was. He knew how large scale central air conditioners work. There were temperature coverings for the pipelines, and there was also an extension at set intervals.

It was just that no matter how Ye Qing thought, he still couldn’t get around how the entire thing came cras.h.i.+ng down. By convention, the pipeline should be secured to a hanging frame on the ceiling, which should have a support strut every meter.

"Boss you gotta come quick. Oh and bring some more products with you, our products……"

Hanging up the call, Ye Qing's head hurt too much to even bother thinking.

Quickly getting dressed and washed, he called the company office to s.h.i.+p another 8 chairs, then had the peons bring out another 2 engravers from storage.

Ye Qing left everything in the factory to the master artisans, and left without waiting for the truck driver to arrive

There was very little traffic in the morning, so Ye Qing was able to get away with driving 140 on the highway.

Entering the metropolitan limits after an hour and a half, the speed suddenly came to a crawl. Ye Qing following the traffic and spent another hour before arrive at Loupu Bridge.

When he finally got off the bridge and arrived at the expo place, Ye Qing saw the entire parking lot filled with all kinds of luxury cars, and cargo container trucks. Many workers in uniforms were carrying different sized tools as they headed towards that humongous gallery made up of reinforced gla.s.s and steel supports.

The main entrance was filled with hanging banners, and the most eye catching of them was from Gree Electric.

[All new water cycling technique will let you experience an all new winter's embrace. Remember to bring your jackets!]

When Ye Qing crossed the triangular shaped gla.s.s doorway and exited the long display hallway, he felt as if he had entered a futuristic moshpit.

This largest support-free gallery, just to welcome the exhibition, used all kinds of coloured fabric to create a large irregular diamond shaped ceiling art.

This diamond shaped piece of artwork was also one of this exhibition’s display products, and according to the signs out front, it wasn’t rare at all. However, the paint used on the fabric was isolated from UV rays, a technique that came from current s.p.a.ce technologies, which was suppose to combat aging exteriors, as it was suppose to be able to block out 99% of UV rays.

As for the display areas below the hanging piece of art, it was a complete mess……

Ye Qing made a call to Xu Xiaohu, and several minutes later, he arrived in front of Ye Qing gasping for breath.

An image was worth a thousand words, so without an explanation, Ye Qing followed through twist and turns and finally arrived in front of his display booth.

A white plastic cased, rectangular shaped pipeline, perfectly laid right down the center of this entire row of booths.

The separators on these booths were all completed with light plastic materials. With this kind of material, anyone with some strength could punch a hole right through it, so how could it prevent collapsing pipes from a twenty meter drop?

As a result, the entire row of display booths looked as if it had just got ran over by a tank, as the degree of destruction was just utterly complete.

Four chairs, which were set up for tourists, were crushed right under the pipes, a metal engraver also got damaged, with this kind of precision equipment, a hit of this degree basically meant goodbye.

Xu XiaoYun and the other girl were currently sitting in the pathway in complete confusion. However, as soon as they saw Ye Qing, they immediately found a support to lean on, and hurriedly​ gathered up and began to explain what had happened with lingering fears.

Ye Qing calmly comforted them as he looked up.

The ceiling art work acted as an insulator, while the steel framework that the art hung on, apart from supporting the weight of the art work, also needed to carry the weight of all kinds of circuitry, lighting equipment, and the expansive central air conditioner unit.

The pipeline being able to fall meant something was wrong with the metal support structure.

Looking up, Ye Qing found that the black cylinder steel supports that supported the weight of the air conditioning pipe lines had utterly changed to look like pieces of twisted fried dough.

"The heck……" Ye Qing questioningly scratched his chin.

The steel structure was light steel which had pa.s.sed through hot galvanization and flash cooling.

This kind of material was very popular in construction these days, as they were always the first material used when designing. The government definitely invited a very experienced planning group to design the decorations for the exhibition.

Ye Qing didn’t know whether or not the light steel itself pa.s.sed computer calculated stress testing, but the entire framework structure must have pa.s.sed weight testing, and the weight of the central air conditioning unit must have also been considered.

Ye Qing stepped on this fallen air conditioning piping, yet the a.s.sociated feeling wasn’t like the feeling of regular pipes, rather it felt seriously heavy and dense.

Following along the destruction created by the falling pipeline, Ye Qing found that the damages were much worse than originally thought. In total, more than 40 companies' display booths had suffered damages.

However, no one got hurt, and the dropping dumplings effect described by Xu XiaoYun wasn’t exactly accurate. Rather, it was more of a domino effect.

In addition, when the first section came cras.h.i.+ng down, everyone was warned ahead of time, and had already dispersed.

Arriving at the Gree Electric display area, the place had basically become a farmers' market. Ma.s.sive amounts of young people in all kinds of logoed uniforms surrounded Gree Electric’s entire display area, stared at them with killing intent, and questioned them in a beyond raging tone.

However right now there was no one talking about related compensations. Tomorrow would be the opening day of this year’s annual science and technology exhibition, yet right now one of the corners of the gallery laid in complete waste.

So then were they going use these scenes of destruction to welcome international VIPs and news teams tomorrow?

In addition, Ye Qing also wanted to know from these people what was the real cause of this incident.

Monster Factory Chapter 115

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