Monster Factory Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Right

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

"Alright people! Stop blocking the doorway and let others through!" Song Feijun yelled: "There’s still around 30 trees inside! And they all look better than these two!"

Upon hearing that there were more inside, the visiting crowd immediately exploded as everyone rushed to be the first ones inside.

Saying goodbye to Song Feijun, Ye Qing also followed everyone inside.

Hanging from his neck was a regular professional camera, in his hands was the 3D camera, and just like every other guest, he took pictures of whatever interested him.

Using the normal camera to take a couple pictures of several pretty show girls, Ye Qing casually walked into Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.’s display booth.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. was one of the top tier internet and telecommunications providers domestically. Their mobile phone manufacturing subsidiary was always expanding successfully.

This was Ye Qing’s first stop. This year Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. came out with 7 different new products, which included one that piqued Ye Qing’s interests.

To be completely fair, for domestic top tier companies like Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., their display booths generally were packed with people. However, it was also due to the large display booth size that two aluminum t.i.tanium alloy trees were placed there, which was surrounded by people right now.

The attraction of the trees were the same everywhere. As for inside the large Huawei display booth, there were only a couple visitors walking around. Even the receptionists were discussing which company created those marvelous trees that stole all the attention.

Upon entering the display booth, a standing female receptionist in Huawei uniform bowed 90 degrees and said with no expression: "Good afternoon mister, and welcome to Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.."

This gave Ye Qing quite the scare, but after careful examination, it was actually a robot……

"Wow ~ such a high-tech robot." Ye Qing superficially exclaimed, and immediately took a picture of it with the 3D camera in his hand.

The robot wasn’t in Ye Qing’s plans, but with the unlimited storage inside the 3D camera, he really didn’t care.

What interested Ye Qing was the row of cats in all colors on the display table. This was a new kidrobot product by Huawei, which is intended to teach kids English and stories for children.

Its eyes contained camera capabilities, so it was able to follow along with children, as well allow parents to monitor their kids through Huawei cell phones. Of course, without major breakthrough in battery technology, the cats could only be used at home, as their battery life was just too short for an outing.

Being able to run meant involving mechanical movements, so Ye Qing's interests were in its inner mechanical movement systems.

Sadly these cats hadn't been finalized as a marketable product yet, as it was still a R&D project. Taking advantage of this rare chance, Ye Qing naturally needed to take a souvenir picture of it.

Having finished with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Ye Qing headed to his next target, Komatsu Limited.

Within the mechanical sector, everyone knew about Komatsu Limited. They were the world's second largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, and even possessed more shares of the domestic market than Caterpillar.

Komatsu Limited possessed multiple factories and branch offices in China, hence their appearance in this exhibition.

Ye Qing's target was one of their newest excavators.

Komatsu excavators were pretty famous worldwide, and this time they came with a brand new either human driven or remote controlled excavator. It even came in seven different options like dig bucket, jack hammer, hydraulic shear, grasping claw, and so on.

Finished with Komatsu, next was XCMG Group. As long as the products had something to do with the mechanical sector, Ye Qing didn't let even one slip off the hook.

An hour and a half later, having gone through more than half of the products on his list of must sees, Ye Qing strolled into his own display area.

This year's exhibition was split into four major regions: R&D region, everyday living region, industrial region, and medical region. Monster Heavy Industry's display booth was in the everyday living region. Although it was situated in a terrible spot, when Ye Qing strolled back, he was finally taught what quality goods need no advertising truly meant.

Because all the surrounding companies were devoid of people, yet there were more than twenty people at his booth.

Of course, Ye Qing didn't know that right now there were advertis.e.m.e.nts for his mechanical engineered chairs being broadcasted on the electronic advertising boards outside.

This was a gift from the park manager. When the central activity center opened, he would even publicly advertise the Monster Heavy Industry products on the giant 3D display.

Four of the mechanical engineered chairs were damaged yesterday, so Ye Qing sent another batch over. Now there were two people standing curiously around the rapid metal engravers, while the eight chairs were filled with people with expressions of happiness and pleasure.

Beside the chairs, Ye Qing even went out of the way to place two computers, so that any guests could immediately place an order if were interested in the chairs.

"How’s the sales this morning?" Ye Qing asked the nearby Xu Xiaohu, as he looked on at the visitor on the last mechanical engineered chair.

It was very well 'proportioned' blond foreigner. Her body was beyond sizzling, and she had a reporter tag hanging from her neck.

It was just that she wasn’t being professional at all, as her camera crew were all sitting around chewing away at their lunches, while she just laid there letting out yells of “Ahhh ~ oh my gos.h.!.+" “Ahhh ~ oh my gos.h.!.+" non-stop.

"No good at all……" Xu Xiaohu whispered back: "We've only managed to sell seven chairs this entire morning."

Although the chairs were targeted towards those with upper middle cla.s.s incomes, those sales numbers were still quite the shock to Ye Qing. Since he could still sell out 300 a day on Tmall, it couldn’t be that he couldn't even achieve 10% of that at the exhibition, right?

"Uncle, something doesn't feel right here." Xu Xiaohu pulled Ye Qing aside and pointed towards the visitors on the chairs: "Six of the guests have been there since 9:20. A single seating is half an hour, and only then did I ask them to let others try."

"Yet they don’t listen at all. After having been annoyed completely be me, they left and came back 5 minutes later."

"The heck?" Ye Qing looked over and there were five young men and a middle aged auntie.

"Go print a sign for me in both Chinese and English saying that every guest can only experience the chairs for 15 minutes."

After the sign had been printed and placed, Ye Qing patiently waited.

After the pa.s.sing of 15 minutes, the other two chair had already switched hands three times, while those six remained still and even pulled out a battery pack as they started to play mobile games.

"Hi there ~" Xu Xiaohu once again came forward and politely said: "Can you be so kind as to give others a try? You’ve already been here all morning."

"Yo ~ didn’t you people place out the chairs for people to sit on?" The auntie started to go on a rant: "So what if I took a seat? You think I’m too poor or something?"

The other young men didn't even bother to lift their heads, as they continued to game on.

"Even so, you still can’t sit there for an entire morning. Aren’t you just making a ruckus like this?" Xu Xiaohu got angry: "The chairs are our products. We have to right to set the amount of time it is available for each guests."

"Hey everyone, help out here will ya!" The auntie suddenly started yelling towards all the wondering guests outside: "This company is bullying their clients! My legs are sore and I came here for a seat, yet they see me wear all this broken attire and are immediately kicking me out because of it."

The response for the crowd was pretty much nothing. Although they liked watching ruckuses, but clearly this auntie wasn’t as good looking as all those metal trees and all the products on display from all the other companies.

"I say, are you r.e.t.a.r.ded?" Xu Xiaohu’s eyes had already turned red. If he wasn’t worried about the image of the company, then he would definitely go forth and throw out this auntie.

"Guards, guards!" This auntie, seeing no sentiment coming from the guests outside, immediately turned to seek the help from two nearby security guards: "Guards come quick!"

Two suited security guards nonchalantly came over: "This guest, what do you need help with?"

"Them!" The auntie pointed at Xu Xiaohu and Ye Qing, while her eyes were full of wickedness​, and continued to spew her lies: "They’re kicking me out, saying these chairs aren’t for the poor like me."

"Come on and help me out here. I'm tired from all the walking, plus the fact that I’ve got a bad hip, so I just sat down for a couple of minutes, yet they’re already kicking me out."

The other five youngsters who hadn’t said a single word yet all joined in now: "Yeah, this company has att.i.tude problems."

"Aren’t these chairs placed out for people to try? Well this company, seeing that we can’t afford them, straight up started to kick people out."

"Bulls.h.i.+t!" The other two girls were angry to the point of trembling: "You guys have clearly been here for an entire morning, and haven't even given others a chance to try."

"You kids. How can you say such things?" The auntie started to clearly take short breaths, as if she was completely being wronged here: "My hips have problems, so why can’t I take a seat on these chairs?"

"Alright we understand the situation." The two security guards cut in to stop the escalating fight.

"Then can you guys quickly sort this out." The auntie smiled. These security guards definitely weren’t ordinary people, as these were all individuals who had been a.s.signed from all kinds of police stations.

Right now there were many foreigners present at the exhibition, so for their image, the rights of visitors will and must be held to the letter.

"Of course we’ll sort this out." The security guards cooly replied.

"You six, please leave immediately." The security guards' words were even cooler now: "Because you have violated this company’s right of law, hence we are formally warning you to leave now. If you do not comply, we will take forceful measures."

This auntie’s smile froze, as her shock was just as complex and just as shocking as having suddenly eaten a fly.

What the heck?

This was an international exhibition, at least half of the guests were foreigners.

Weren’t times like these when the government loved to boast about their image, and cared the most about the rights of the guests?"

"Forceful measures?" The auntie was shocked for sure, but she firmly believed that the security guards were only saying this for show.

"Where is the law here! No, I will not leave, what are you going to do about it?"

The other five youngsters, all had a 'what chu gonna do about it, we’re guests, we’re always right' kind of expressions.

"Hehehehe ~" The guards looked at each other and both gave out an eerie smile.

"211, we have six guests making a ruckus. Please inform the stationed police to take them away." The security guards called in the dispatcher, and specifically mentioned: "The ruckus is happening in the Monster Heavy Industry display booth. It’s exactly the company belonging to Mr.Ye."

What kind of freaking joke was this!

If it weren’t for the Monster Heavy Industry, then this exhibition would have become an international joke.

Currently this exhibition had already been confirmed to be the headliner for many domestic media outlets, which had called it the most successful, and the most technologically innovating exhibition ever.

Don’t mention an auntie and several youngsters, even if a super star were to come, they would still have to obey the d.a.m.n rules.

Monster Factory Chapter 122

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