Monster Factory Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: Stress Ball

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Without any procedures, nor any explanation, the two security guards swiftly and decisively dragged away the malicious visitors.

As for the two girls sent over as receptionists, they looked at Ye Qing with stars in their eyes as they completely wors.h.i.+pped him.

Xu Xiaohu's reaction wasn't too far off either. In his mind, Ye Qing had already become a legend, his new idol.

And what followed was a question: who was behind sending these people over to cause trouble?

"I know who's behind this." Ye Qing patted Xu Xiaohu's shoulder: "I'll personally sort this out, go take care of the booth. As long as the guests aren't here to cause trouble, then it's fine if them stay longer."

Ye Qing then left his display area, and headed out.

Being able to think of such a disgusting move to interrupt the exhibit of the mechanical engineered chairs, no matter how far and wide Ye Qing thought, he could only come up with one name; Kangyuan Inc..

They made their entire business model around high-end ma.s.sage chairs, and now the mechanical engineered chairs came like a storm. Add on the fact that they had done stuff like this already, so who else could it be?

Ahh whatever ~

In any case, Ye Qing never expected Kangyuan to suddenly have a change of heart, so he just had to return the favour when the time came.

Heading into the R&D area, and seeing how busy Illusion Corporation was, Ye Qing gave a master artisan a call and told him to bring the 'thing'.

Although it might be more convenient to directly summon them from the cell phone, this was an international exhibition after all. Plus, with how much publicity he was getting, Ye Qing had his father send them over with a driver to avoid any inconveniences.

Right now the old factory, under Ye Qing's technical support, was ever prospering under his father's management as it continued to grow.

It was a sub-factory of the Monster Factory. Although it had a low bonus in terms of precision and quality, it just couldn't compare when Ye Qing was providing all the high precision equipment. Add on the fact that a master artisan was stationed there for guidance, naturally, even if it was a screw, it would still be able to be sold for a high price.

Walking halfway across the area, Ye Qing received a call from Song Feijun asking him where he was, as he had some good news for him.

"I was going to head to the Technical area for a look, er… I think I'm close to the activity center, want me to wait for you there?"

Song Feijun immediately replied: "Sure sure sure, I'll be right there."

The activity center was in a semi-closed state. The first two days would be exclusively for product launches and publicity event by all kinds of attending companies. On the last day, the activity center would host official events, as well as the awards ceremony for the annual most innovative product.

Ye Qing waited for Song Feijun outside of the activity center, which was currently booked by Xiaomi Inc. for their summer product release.

Due to limited s.p.a.ce in the activity center, Xiaomi only invited loyal customers and famous media outlets, which right now were lining up to enter.

Ye Qing waited for roughly two minutes before Song Feijun hurried over: "Mr. Ye, those trees are just too good! Too d.a.m.n good!"

"Just before two separate companies came asking me whether or not more of these trees could be ordered as they wanted a couple for their own building." Song Feijun continued: "So, Mr. Ye, are these trees hard to make?"

"If not, then you can completely ma.s.s market them, especially for parks."

"Orders are naturally great, it’s just I’m afraid that the price will scare away all those potential customers." Ye Qing explained: "I believe you understand the production costs for these trees. Expensive metals were used not due to costs, but rather because the circ.u.mstances forced so. If it were regular steel, then you would need to constantly maintain it, otherwise it would be completely​ corroded in less than two months."

"I know, once it’s painted it’s not longer an alloy tree." Song Feijun completely understood, these metals trees cost 2 million each. Half of that was coming from material costs, but the wealthy exhibition park had already decided to buy a couple to keep as remembrance in the park.

Other companies or parks who were willing to pay 2 million for a tree definitely existed, but there just weren’t many.

However, there were those foreign clients who possessed stronger buying powers.

While chatting with Song Feijun, Ye Qing coincidentally found two familiar girls near the center's entrance.

"They…… look like for Zhongyun TV Station." Last time when Ye Qing went to pick up DouDou, he remembered talking to them, but just couldn’t recall what their names were.

They were Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya, who were looking to record down Xiaomi's product release event.

Xiaomi Inc. was a leader in the domestic consumer electronics market. This summer they released their brand new series of 10" touch pads, though it wasn't really a real piece of news, but being able to report on it from first hand experience still had its uses.

However they were blocked out from entering, the excuse being that they weren’t on the invitation list.

Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya were hesitant to leave, and they just so happened to find Ye Qing.

They forcefully brought forth their energeticness, and warmly greeted Ye Qing.

"What a coincidence Big brother Ye. I heard from Bai Dou’r that you were going to partic.i.p.ate in this exhibition, so could you give us an opportunity to interview?" Behind Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya were their dejected cameramen. After arriving at Shanghai, they had literally became the stress b.a.l.l.s that got tossed around the most.

Don’t mention how their films studder everywhere, they weren’t even allowed to climb in many public areas.

"Hey. I heard from Bai Dou’r that Zhongyun TV Station was coming to attend this exhibition. As for interviews, forget it as I’m personally afraid of appearing on TV." Ye Qing shook hands with the two beautiful hostesses: "You…… are looking to attend Xiaomi’s summer product release?"

Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya embarra.s.singly smiled, as they wanted to attend. It was just that they weren’t even allowed to pa.s.s the door, no matter if they entered as guests, because they just weren’t on the list.

"We want to, but it’s just that we weren’t invited." Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya truthfully replied, then immediately after they both blushed, as the reply was just simply too shameful.

"You're from Zhongyun TV Station?" Song Feijun asked.

"Yes. Sir you are……"Although Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya attended this morning's press release, they sat at the very back, so with all the obstructions at the time, how could they link this friend of Ye Qing’s with the park manager that answered all the reporter's questions?

"Xiao Ma ~ Come here for a sec." Song Feijun waved at one of the workers by the activity center’s door.

The worker who previously told Yu Fei and Wu Xiaoya that they weren’t invited obediently ran over.

"Park manager you called?"

"Is there any s.p.a.ce left in the front row media section?" Song Feijun asked with hands behind his back.

"The first row was filled in long ago." This worker politely replied.

Song Feijun then smiled at the two speechless girls: "Then go add another seat for a media team and lead these two in."

Monster Factory Chapter 123

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