Monster Factory Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: RIP

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Maybe it was because everyone was too nice, or maybe it was because the reporter was completely tired out from all the walking, but under the manager's warm welcome, she half willing half unwillingly sat down on the ma.s.sage chair.

The manager quickly entered in the necessary data, and commented on how all her wariness would be ma.s.saged away in under two minutes.

The reporter thanked the manager as she enjoyed the ma.s.sage. Her camera crew squared down to the ground just to film her.

Having a reporter try out any product during an exhibition would bring in all kinds of sales raising effects.

Well, the saying 'extreme joy turns to sorrow' was created to describe a certain period of time.

For example, right now.

Before even a minute pa.s.sed, this reporter, while holding a cup of tea, felt parts of her back becoming sore and painful; it was just like receiving needle p.r.i.c.ks.

The reporter’s facial expression changed somewhat, but thought this might be something like acupuncture. In addition, acupuncture was very popular in traditional Chinese medicine, and when she was just strolling through the medical area of the exhibition before, she also saw a bunch acupuncture related products.

Before she could even bear the pain for five seconds, the NBC reporter suddenly felt like someone took a bat to her lower back. She then jumped up and the tea in her hands went flying.

"Oh ~ my G.o.d, oh ~ my G.o.d!" The reporter was crying as she just couldn’t handle all the pain. Not only was her back hurting, but everywhere that was wetted by the tea also hurt.

This moment was one of action for any gentleman wannabes. So, when the two foreigners stood up and walked to help out the reporter, only one of them made it. As the other immediately did a face plant when he stood up.

As he laid there, only then did he feel his numbing legs.

All the other guests in the booth panicked. Piercing screams and howls could be heard from all over the crowd.

The chaos here also attracted the attention of the nearby security guards. Two quickly ran over and immediately found two injured foreigners, and one of them was actually a reporter from NBC.

How could this go any further?

"Don’t move!" The two security guards used their police batons to point at the rest of the guests. Without getting a clear picture of things, the guards though there was a riot happening.

"Calling dispatch, calling dispatch, we've got two injured guests that need immediate medical attention at 412."

Having finished calling dispatch, the guests who saw everything that happened step by step carefully explained everything to the security guards.

The two security guards then immediately turned their anger away from the crowd and turned it to face Kangyuan’s stunned workers.

"Our…… our…… our product is flawless."

The continued string of accidents, and not all from the same machine, had the manager in charge extremely nervous, but he still tried to contain his shaking sense of anxiety: "Our products are guaranteed to have pa.s.sed strict testing, and they even have the license to prove it."

"This is definitely a misunderstanding."

"A misunderstanding?" The guards looked at him with serious eyes: "Then are you saying that these foreign guests are all acting just to smear your image?"

"No no……" The manager was sweating cold bullets: "I don’t know the details of what happened, but it definitely isn’t related to our products."

"Alright you can stop explaining now." The guards shook their batons around some more: "Immediately call your boss over, and have him explain everything to us."

"And, your booth is now shut down pending our investigation's results."

The guards, having given our the verdict, turned around to address the onlookers: "Alright everyone be off now. Stop blocking others from getting around."

Four medical personnels in white and each with an emergency case hurriedly arrived on scene.

Right now the guest with numbed legs could somewhat stand up, but the reporter was still complaining about the pain, saying how it felt like someone literally took a bat to her back.

The preliminary examination showed no major damage, but a further detailed examination was needed from the hospital. While all this was happening, the angry camera crew from NBC loyally recorded everything down.

As the crowd slowly dissipated, the sightseeing master artisan and the peon also stood up.

It was just that when the peon stood up, the ma.s.sage chair he was sitting in immediately cracked and collapsed in half.

Seeing this, the suited up peon could only shake his head in bewilderment.

"What happened? What’s going on now?" The master artisan innocently walked up: "Wow…… My bodyguard only weighs around 300 pounds. Didn’t you guys brag that your chairs could bear 500 pounds of weight?"

"You…… you……" if it weren’t for the presence of other people nearby, the two security guards would’ve definitely given the manager a harsh thras.h.i.+ng.

In total, three guests received accidental injuries while trying out Kangyuan's display products at the exhibition, while another one suffered severe damage.

This was seriously a series of disturbing events, and the PR nightmare from this was already a handful. Now with the NBC crew onsite, there was no way they were going let such an explosively shocking piece of news slide.

When the master artisan followed everyone out, he gave Ye Qing a look.

And it was quite clear just how much joy they were experiencing from all of Kangyuan’s sufferings.

Leaving the clean up to the exhibition party, Ye Qing headed directly back to his display booth, while the master artisan and the peon took a ride back to Zhongyun.

An hour later, Ye Qing took another stroll around Kangyuan’s booth, and found it completely shut down. Even their products were all cleared out.

On the other hand, all the nearby companies were discussing how screwed Kangyuan Inc. was this time. Not only were they kicked from the exhibition, they were even rumored to have angered the district chief and park manager, who was said to be looking to revoke all the licenses and certifications for this series of Kangyuan products.

Medical licensing could be said to be one of the hardest to get for civilian products, and if they were to be suddenly revoked then you might as well as say goodbye to the products, as they were now nothing more than sc.r.a.p.

Having finished with Kangyuan Inc., Ye Qing left happy and satisfied.

While Kangyuan Inc. got booted, Ye Qing’s Monster Heavy Industry actually got an influx of attention.

When Ye Qing got back to his own display booth, there were already a bunch of dealers.h.i.+p representatives in suits as well as some foreign clients looking to see whether or not they would be able to get the exclusive sales rights for their own countries.

Both the mechanical engineered chairs as well as the rapid metal engravers all opened these people’s horizons and showed off their marvelousness.

While discussing dealer sales, Ye Qing unforgivingly raised the price of the rapid metal engravers threefold……

To 1,500,000 each……

The price of the mechanical engineered chairs couldn't change much, after all, they were also available online. So even if Ye Qing were to raise its price, these foreigners would most likely say screw it, and just order them online

Having finished sorting through this mess, Ye Qing felt like there was no need for him to remain any longer.

The exhibition still needed to go on for another couple of days, so might as well as head back for now and sort through all these 'hijacked' blueprints to see whether or not he could get any inspiration from them.

Monster Factory Chapter 126

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