Monster Factory Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: The plan

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

While driving back to Zhongyun in the Lagonda, Ye Qing was tallying up all the winnings on the trip.

It could be said that the profits were extreme!

Not only did he get to retaliate back at Kangyuan Inc. for their shenanigans, he also got the chance to learn from all the other industrial giants just how far he still had to go in terms of management and planning.

Take Ye Qing's familiar Huaxing Heavy Industries for example. If it was just money earning potential, then Ye Qing was convinced that he would be able to surpa.s.s them in less than half a year.

However, what Huaxing Heavy Industries felt like to Ye Qing was like a well oiled machine where each and every single component was perfectly made.

In comparison, Monster Heavy Industry was more like an invincible sword, loads of military power, but lacking in every single other aspects.

For instance, all of those big corporations all had their own team of legal advisors, and a complete logistical system.

Currently, what Ye Qing had was only ten customer service girls and Xu Xiaohu.

In addition, Ye Qing didn't even have a personal driver. Although the Lagonda was convenient when taking spins around the city, but if he were to make a long distance trip, then he really shouldn't be personally driving the entire time.

Not only was it tiring, but it also wasted too much time that could be put towards other things.

Of course, for the professional driver, Ye Qing felt like a peon would fit here the best because they could act both as a driver and as a bodyguard.

Cool looking and extremely buff. Add on a black suit and a pair of, and they definitely "wouldn't" be eye-catching at all.

"Oh right!" Ye Qing just remembered that Xu Xiaohu was still taking driving lessons, so he might as well as throw Hulk One and Hulk Two into the mix to get licensed.

As long as it was mechanical, there was nothing that would trouble the monsters.

They were even able to make 5 axis CNC machines fly, so how hard could driving a car be?

The only downsides to the peons was that one they don’t really know how to speak, and two they lacked emotions, hence why they appeared to be like r.e.t.a.r.ded kids to most people. However, that didn’t mean that they were dumb. They possessed unrivaled strength, unmistaken agility, and in-depth knowledge of everything mechanical.

Speaking the ugly truth, even if Ye Qing were to forget about eating and sleeping and only focus on studying, even if he were to do this for another couple of lifetimes, he still couldn’t compete with the peons. Thus, if they were told to drive straight, then they would guarantee straightness to the letter.

If he asked his dad to pull some strings to stick these two into the closest graduating cla.s.s, then soon Ye Qing would have his own team of professional drivers.

Now that the driver problem had been solved, the company still needed a bunch more people.

For example, legal advisor, more managers, a big a.s.s logistics team, and a pretty secretary who knew multiple languages……

When he got back he really needed to hire all kinds of management people, so that he could actually get the structure of a large corporations set up.

Oh, and there was the need to go car shopping. At the parking lot just now, Ye Qing’s found a bunch of boss level individuals in all kinds of GMC minibuses and coaches.

Ye Qing also wanted to buy one of those for fun. From now on, on all those long distance trips, they could have the Lagonda at the front opening the way, while Ye Qing would be​ inside the coach at the back completely indulging himself.

Those cars perfectly suit what a business on the move needed, and they were also quite popular with many superstars and entrepreneurs.


Ye Qing felt that those cars were just too d.a.m.n cheap; only coming in at a million and a bit. Generally at many movie premieres, there were always dozens of those with all kinds of wacky paint jobs and decors.

Thus he needed one that suited his status.

Counting all his a.s.sets, the alloy trees that were brought by the exhibition park for permanent sightseeing purposes, increased Ye Qing’s bank balance to nearly 100 million.

This number had Ye Qing excited to the point where he was looking to wait a couple days for the mechanical engineered chair sales to come in, so that the balance would actually reach 100 million before he showed it off to all his friends.

Of course, this was only what Ye Qing wanted to do, but no matter what, hiring people, and buying land and cars was still the most effective.

When he finally got back to Zhongyun, it was already 7 PM, which basically meant there was no one to hire, so he had to wait until tomorrow.

Arriving back at Dragon Creek Beach, Ye Qing first uploaded all the blueprint pictures from the 3D camera, then slowly matched them with the realistic pictures from the regular camera.

A proud praise must be given to this computer. Its high processing power and 1000 TB hard drive was practically designed for handling all the images from the 3D camera.

These were almost all of the highlights from this year’s exhibition. With these pictures, Ye Qing was able to familiarize himself with most of the technical abilities of almost all large scale domestic industries.

The pictures were separated into two parts, one was for mechanical pictures that could be of immediate use to Ye Qing, while the other was for those that weren’t.

Some of the drawings were seriously huge. Take the excavator from Komatsu for example. If they were taken apart to include every screw, then it had over 9000 individual parts.

And the upside to these big drawings was that Ye Qing could now produce his own exact same excavator based on the drawings.

This was what you call technical preparation. If Ye Qing was to actually think about producing similar products, then at least he had something to reference.

Having separated all the pictures and drawings, Ye Qing once again pulled out the old pen and paper and jotted down everything he witnessed about Huaxing Heavy Industry’s management structure. This way, he could now see where he needed to hire critical individuals and where he needed to add additional equipment.

Currently, the sales of the mechanical engineered chairs had pretty much stabilized. However, if you add on the fact that many foreign dealers were quite interested in the chairs, then their sales would definitely increase ma.s.sively in the foreseeable future.

There was no problem with that. The automated a.s.sembly line for the mechanical engineered chairs had already been designed. It was capable of producing 500 of these chairs daily. If one wasn’t enough, then Ye Qing could build another one.

The rapid metal engravers also required an immediate automated a.s.sembly line.

Additionally were the people required for the logistical operations for the company.

Ye Qing planned on hiring ten more professional truck drivers and buy ten large cargo trucks and forklifts.

Ten individuals for the purchasing department, five additional business related coaches, which would probably be ones from Buick.

Four experienced designers, five IT engineers, ten experienced CAD graphic artists, and five front desk clerks. The customer service department also needed expanding now that products were going to be s.h.i.+pped overseas, at least ten fluent English speaking customer service representatives were going to be needed.

The factory workers required for installing the outer layer of the mechanical engineered chairs were also going to be increased by a hundred. The workers required to package the rapid metal engravers and s.h.i.+p them were going to increase by fifty as well.

With the increase in personnel meant an immediate need for a ten man human resources department. Which also meant a need for a cafeteria……

Five chefs, and at least twenty aunties were needed to cover the cleanliness and order of the cafeteria as well as the rest of the company.

Which also meant a twenty person team of security guards responsible for the peace and order of the company and its employees.

The old factory was also under his name, yet his dad still took care of all the taxes and billings for both factories.

However, with this many people now in the company, the accounting team was going to need to be independent from the old factory to become the accounting department.

There was the need for at least five certified accountants, and another five accountants needed for all the other odd jobs.

Not knowing before was one thing, but what a scare this was. With all of the basic labourers added in, Ye Qing estimated that he would need to hire at least 400 personnel, where the rest was made up of all those managers and directors.

The basic level workers were easy to fill, drivers and labourers his dad can help out with. The rest of the designers, desk clerks, artists, customer service and what not could all be hired from head hunting companies, and all those universities and colleges.

As for those managers, general managers, and directors, they all need to be personally interviewed by Ye Qing to strictly weed them out.

And then there was the female secretary that could speak multiple languages!

Monster Factory Chapter 127

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