Monster Factory Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: Professor, guess who!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Having planned the human resources structure of the company all the way until 11 PM, Ye Qing headed straight for the Blue Sky Tower the next morning.

While registering for an account on the local online job board, Ye Qing gave his dad a call to get him to help out with the hiring process.​

Premium members could pay a set amount of fees and see everyone’s logged work history. If they were interested in anyone, then they could get in contact directly.

When the call connected with his father, Ye Qing had him hire a bunch of experienced workers, and even asked him to ask the workers whether or not their wives were looking for a job.

"Um…… uh……" Hearing that Ye Qing needed to hire a bunch of experienced workers, Ye Jiangning would’ve done it before without​ a second thought, but now he was stuttering all over the place.

"Son, this…… I think you know as well. Our old factory has been ever growing with these scooters, but now I’m basically calling the parks resources center at least three times a day for them to send people over to interview."

"And then?"

"Then I got a loan from the bank for a hundred million……" Ye Jiangning went on embarra.s.singly: "Although you're succeeding, I also can’t lag behind too much, right?"

"Currently the park management has been thinking of all kinds of ways to give me advantages. Not mentioning the 500 hectares of industrial complex, they even gave me a loan of 150 million at a low interest. The solar panel manufacturer beside us, due to low sales, filed for bankruptcy a couple of weeks back, and their land was also taken over by me. Now I have a total of more than 20,000 square meters ready for manufacturing."

"And because of this, I've basically already emptied out the park office of experienced workers. Out of the 3000 some slots I need to fill, I've only filled in around a third of that this past week……"

"So how many do you actually need?"

"Two…… two hundred-is.h.!.+" Ye Qing, who was still browsing through potential candidates, was already mindblown.

The expansion speed of the old factory was just too outrageous, it was almost like a dream come true. After arranging a master artisan to take care of the worker's training, equipment improvement, and providing the needed equipment, Ye Qing basically forgot about them.

Ye Qing also transferred every process of scooter manufacturing over to the old factory. How long ago was that? Yet his father had already expanded it to such a stage?

Hearing that Ye Qing only needed 200 some experienced workers, Ye Jiangning let out a sigh of relief: "That's not…… a lot. I thought you were in need of a couple thousand people, then how about I transfer some over?"

"Um… let's transfer 100 some for now, I'll leave the rest for later. Also, help me find ten reliable truck drivers. If any of the workers there have any family that's looking for a job, you can send them my way. I need roughly 50 of them."

"I've also got two people that need drivers license. Can you stick them into the nearest testing cla.s.s you can find?"

"I'll get that done for you immediately." Ye Jiangning confidently said: "Alright son, enough chit chat, the park management director is calling, probably looking to invite me out for lunch."

Hanging up the phone, Ye Qing continuously rubbed his nose. If this expansion speed from his dad continues, then in another half a year would he be addressed as Heir Ye, Prince Ye, or the likes?

Throwing out those ridiculous thoughts, Ye Qing went back to candidate browsing.

Premium members also got the ability to post positions. Having gone through the majority of the list, Ye Qing left messages for 20 some people, then used his privileges to post a front page hiring post.

All the way from department directors and secretary, to the no skill required front desk clerk, Ye Qing posted 250 – 300 open positions which all had salaries that were at least double that of the average.

As to further raise interest in his company, Ye Qing also described all the products the company was making. As long as people do a search for them on the internet, then it would be quite clear just how terrifying Monster Heavy Industry could become.

Thus, Ye Qing naturally also raised the bar for all the positions.

Especially for that last presidential secretary position. Ye Qing’s​ minimum requirement was fluent in at least three foreign languages, at least a master’s student from a university on the top 211 list, needed to have good looks, no criminal record, and be a female between the ages of 22 and 28.

Ye Qing didn’t dare to add on long legs, 36f and what not as that would just tarnish Monster Heavy Industry’s image. Those will all be left to be taken care of on interview day.

After clicking ‘Post', a pop up of posting options appeared. In addition to all kinds of charging criteria, there was also front page rotating display, ma.s.s emails to all members, and what not.

All choices together cost 8000. Ye Qing, without any further thought, selected them all.

The Blue Sky Tower was a common business office tower, which meant it also had an LED display showing open positions, so Ye Qing asked the tower manager to help get his open positions out to people.

The number left on all the job postings were all the company’s, so all the calls would be picked up by the customer service girls. Not long after posting, the customer service QQ chat and phones all began to ring non-stop.

All the regular worker position seekers were told to come for face to face interview. The manager and secretary position seekers were all forwarded to Ye Qing for a quick phone screening.

So, Ye Qing's office phone started to ring before long.


"Hi, is this President Ye? My name is Kong Tao, a graduate from Shanghai University’s school of economics. I’m looking to apply for the presidential secretary position. I fluent in English, j.a.panese, and German. I’ve also worked at Shanghai’s Dahua Group for two years."

"It’s just that the housing prices in Shanghai are just too high……"

"Wait hold up, hold up!" Ye Qing quickly interrupted him: "It’s true that I’m looking for a presidential secretary, but where did I say I was going to hire guys?"

"Ah? I saw the requirements for the position matched so well with my skills, hence this immediate phone call." Kong Tao hurriedly explained: "Sorry about this President Ye, it’s just that the future prospects of the mechanical engineered chairs are just too d.a.m.n terrifying, hence my immediate call as soon as I saw your job postings."

"Alright~ Your skills are quite good, if you find any other suitable positions, then just come for an interview."

Before three seconds after the call even pa.s.sed, the phone rang again.

This person introduced himself as a representative from a headhunting company which was willing to help Ye Qing in finding suitable managers and directors.

Headhunting companies were basically the upgraded version of job posting boards, however Ye Qing wasn’t going to collaborate with this self introducing headhunting company at all. Rather, he directly asked Huaxing Heavy Industry if they had any headhunting recommendations.

"What recommendations are there? I got trucked by them a couple times when the ones in Zhongyun just started. However, there are a couple of good ones in Shanghai, but they only cover financial businesses." Li Huaxing transferred Ye Qing some trade secrets: "True talent is always within your enemies' companies. Find which company is giving you a hard time, and go dig out their entire upper echelon. It's guaranteed to benefit you and screw over them."

That made quite a bit of sense. The last time Ye Qing had a hard time was from Kangyuan Inc., but now after they had been mercilessly made fools of by Ye Qing's high tech, whether or not they could still pick themselves up was still a question.

Anyways, since there were no good headhunting companies in Zhongyun, then might as well forget about them.

In any case, the key people in Monster Heavy Industry were the monsters. What Ye Qing actually needed was a complete business team to take care of all logistic related issues.

And very quickly the phone rang once again.

The one who called this time was a middle aged man, who sounded to be wanting to cury as many favours as possible: "h.e.l.lo President Ye."

"En?" Why did Ye Qing feel like the voice sounded familiar? It's almost like he had heard it somewhere before.

The voice from the call was still fawning: "President Ye, your Monster Heavy Industry, right now in Zhongyun, is practically known everywhere."

The more Ye Qing heard the more he felt the familiarity, it was just that he couldn't connect it to a name, so he asked him which position he was applying to.

"I'm a professor at the University of Zhongyun. President Ye, you've mistaken. It’s not me wanting to switch careers, rather it's like this……"

"You see President Ye, you have lots of openings at your company, and us at the university have many outstanding graduates who can't find a job. So may I boldly ask of you to give these graduates a chance to come to your company for an interview?"

"Uhh……" Ye Qing was completely speechless.

Now Ye Qing understood who this was. This was the a.s.sociate Professor for the Mechanical Engineering Department. Ye Qing graduated from the University of Zhongyun, hence while he was in school, he actually attended many of his lectures.

No wonder he sounded so familiar, but why was he so modest, to introduce himself just as a professor.

What a coincidence, but this wasn't completely unexpected. In the pop culture of this day and age, many university students post their work and education histories on job boards. The high paying positions posted by Ye Qing naturally caused quite the stir with these juniors.

The powers of the Monster Heavy Industry was right there for all to see. With a single product alone they were able to, in less than a month, rack up more than hundreds of millions in sales.

At the tech and science exhibition, they ruthlessly shattered the eyes of the world with their outrageously marvelous metal alloy trees.

Their rapid metal engraver, without any advertis.e.m.e.nts, silently became a revolution that outstripped all other compet.i.tion.

This was a company capable of performing miracles! Zero lies, all truth.

When these type of companies open 250 – 300 positions, who wouldn't want to join?

Hearing Ye Qing 'uh', a.s.sociate Professor Cai Chenning nervously continued: "I know, I know, your company has some beyond imaginary strength, thus the bar you've set for these position are also quite high."

"However, we, the university, will definitely send our brightest and smartest graduates for these interviews."

"So President Ye, can you give us this chance?"

"Professor Cai, guess who……."

Monster Factory Chapter 128

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