Monster Factory Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: So many juniors

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

"Professor Cai, guess who this is……"

Cai Chenning, upon hearing that line, immediately had a fright, which then turned to happiness.

This President Ye being able to correctly guess his name and profession meant that he at least knew him.

"Acquaintance, yes!" Cai Chenning couldn’t help but be happy, however then came the next question, he couldn’t remember who this President Ye was at all.

President Ye’s voice sounded very young, yet all the young people Cai Chenning knew of were all students. Within the students he remembered, there was only a guy and a gal with the last name Ye. However, if any of his students were able to reach the position similar to this President Ye, then he would be able to brag about this for the rest of his life.

What a perfect dream this was, was what Cai Chenning was telling himself.

Trying his hardest, Cai Chenning still couldn’t come up with a name. When he called, the customer service only said to call their boss, President Ye, and directly gave him his number.

"President…… President Ye, you see I’ve been having head problems lately, I'm sorry that I can’t remember you, but would you mind reminding me?" Cai Chenning was anxious to the point of pulling his hair, as he couldn't actually remember such an important person.

"Professor Cai, I was in many of your" Ye Qing quit playing games with this old teacher of his: "Do you remember a student called Ye Qing that was still in your cla.s.s last year?"

"Ye…… Qing?" Cai Chenning was clearly getting excited: "President Ye, you say you were my student, and I truly did have a student named Ye Qing, it’s just this……"

"Haha ~ yeah that’s me alright." Ye Qing glanced at the time: "Professor Cai, since you asked, then of course I’m happy to support these juniors. How about this, why don’t you guys drop by the Blue Sky Tower at around 3 PM, I have a branch office there."

"President Ye, you're the role model of all us Zhongyun graduates. Who would’ve thought, who would’ve truly thought." Cai Chenning was delighted to the point of being like he ate some forbidden honey and got away with it. Hahaha, look at the student I taught. Just graduated and he has already created a company with monthly sales already in the hundreds of millions.

"Be a.s.sured, I’ll contact all the other teachers to send over their best and brightest as well."

Hanging up the call, Cai Chenning immediately went to call over all the teaching professors and the of the University. A golden dragon was let loose by the University of Zhongyun, so naturally they needed to make a big deal about it.

When the new school year starts, they would have more than enough material to brag about. Look at how your senior is doing, look how successful he is, and what not.

The other teachers, while picking out their best and brightest in accordance to the positions posted, were actually quite curious as to who this Ye Qing really was. As for the ones who had taught Ye Qing before, they all expressed how steady he was while at school, yet showed no signs of astonis.h.i.+ng learning gifts.

However, that wasn't important anymore, the most important part was Ye Qing's personal guarantee, and those 250 to 300 job openings.

Right now it was just too d.a.m.n hard for a graduate looking for work! All the hiring companies were scrutinizing the little stuff to above and beyond, to the point where it had become easier to find a wife than a job! Why else would so many graduates actually go start up their own companies and businesses?

One, a job was just too hard to come by, and two, if they actually did succeed, then they would also be able to take care of some juniors.

The first to arrive for interviews was actually the first one who called, Kong Tao.

The guy was basically a cool guy wannabe with his s.h.i.+ny head of hair and

Well, since he couldn't become a male secretary, he chose to become the sales manager. He introduced himself as having been working in the financial sales area while he worked for the Dahua Group, and even pulled out a pile of certifications from his bag.

"Put them away, put them away." Ye Qing skimmed over a couple of them and immediately gave them all back.

Professional level English certification, j.a.panese certification, German certification, Master's degree from the University of Shanghai. What a guy, he even had a winning certification from the Olympic math contest during junior high.

This basically made Ye Qing's average grades look terrible.

"Alright, since you've actually got work experience, then help me out with the incoming interviews." Ye Qing waved: "There's no point in just showing me all these certifications, what I'm looking for is your work ability. Later, during the interviews, I'll decide according to your performance whether or not you have the abilities to fulfill this sales position."

"President, be a.s.sured, I'll definitely do my best." Kong Tao was pumped to the point where he would do anything Ye Qing asked.

There was still a lot of free office s.p.a.ce and rooms on the floor, so Ye Qing moved everything to one of the big meeting rooms, and told the receptionists to bring all the interviewees that show up over.

Not long after Ye Qing and Kong Tao set things up for further interviews, a long haired woman followed one of the receptionists in stride.

She didn't look bad, but clearly had heavy make up under the eyes. Kong Tao asked for a copy of her resume, and which position she wanted to apply for.

"h.e.l.lo interviewers, I'm here for the presidential secretary position." This Ai Li girl introduced herself as having graduated from Southeast University, having previously worked as a presidential secretary a couple of times before at some large corporations, and speaking fluent English, French and Italian.

Ye Qing didn't explicitly say anything, and shook his hand at Kong Tao below the table. Kang Tao, getting the signal, asked her a couple of questions, and asked her to leave behind her resume to await a further decision.

Her background was flawless. She wasn't old either, only 26 this year. However, there wasn't anything outstanding in her resume, and Ye Qing didn't have a good impression of her either.

This secretary position, to Ye Qing, holds a lot of value, so everything related to it must also be very strict.

After lunch, the line outside of the meeting room slowly kept on growing. The simple, no skill related positions were all taken care of by Kong Tao. Only when someone came looking for a manager or director position did Ye Qing join in.

During the entire process, three people, whom Ye Qing felt were great, were kept behind to take care of the remaining interviews.

2:40 PM, a group of clearly inexperienced, yet still holding onto much antic.i.p.ation, interviewees grandiosely entered the company.

Oh boy. Apart from Professor Cai, Ye Qing found three other professors that had taught him before, and even found a in the group.

"President Ye, nice to see you again." Professor Cai familiarly shook hands with Ye Qing and left all the other teachers aside.

Ye Qing hurriedly greeted the teachers and, asked them to sit, and asked his employees to bring tea.

As for the dense ma.s.s of juniors in the office, when Ye Qing glanced over them, they all showed looks of admiration.

Ye Qing even recognized some of the more famous juniors. For example, the president of the computer science club, Ji Ke, left a deep impression when Ye Qing was still in school.

Because Ji Ke was an extraordinary master in the field, as he was unrivaled with in all of the nearby schools.

There was one more who drew Ye Qing's attention. She was Yang Baihe, the president of the dance club.

So many smart and bright juniors had Ye Qing feeling extreme pride. It almost felt like he was the hero of the world.

Monster Factory Chapter 129

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