Monster Factory Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: The note…

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The one who sat beside Ye Qing really was Xu Ninggong.

When the interview ended, Xu Ninggong quietly entered the theater with her manager to view this movie as a member of the audience.

According to tradition, during the premiere, the actors and producers should all sit in the last row, finish the movie in peace, then go down to the stage and express their thanks to all the fans for their support.

Xu Ninggong on the other hand, wanted to experience what it felt like to be a member of the audience, hence the seat, yet who would've known that she would run into Ye Qing.

Of course she remembered the love letter Ye Qing wrote during elementary school.

That was also included in the part of the movie where the letter was left in her desk, which was entirely based off of what Ye Qing did back then.

Even if Ye Qing broke his head thinking about it, he still wouldn't believe that Xu Ninggong was right beside him.

Exiting the theater, Ye Qing and his bodyguards headed right for the parking lot with DouDou for dinner, while the picture was handed to the driver to line up for a signature.

As soon as he started the Lagonda, Ye Qing immediately pulled out the in-memory sound system and deleted every single song in there.

"Big brother Ye, don't you think that girl beside us was very strange? Say, could she really have been Xu Ninggong?" DouDou continued to twist her hair with her fingers in deep thought.

"My G.o.d ~ " Ye Qing almost crashed into the lane guard upon hearing this: "How would that be possible. My guess is that that girl has a cold, hence the mouth cover. Why would Xu Ninggong watch her own movie in the audience?"

"It might've really been one of her old cla.s.smates, I remember that back then Xu Ninggong had great relations with everyone, especially all the girls."

"That might also be a possibility." DouDou felt like she was thinking too much into it, but she was already beginning to hate Xu Ninggong, so a library purge was definitely going happen when she got back.

Big brother Ye, in her eyes, was literally a living G.o.d. Every time she was out with Ye QIng, DouDou would never have the stream on or play with her phone.

As for Xu Ninggong?

She was only a deceiving witch, so delete, erase, and purge them all.

As long as it involved food, DouDou would always have somewhere in mind. Tonight, Ye Qing had a spare driver with him, and his mood was bad, so he was thinking of taking DouDou out for a drink.

Although DouDou wasn't good with alcohol, she can at least still drink some.

The place of choice for dinner ended up being some formal Spanish restaurant, which definitely meant no beer, so Ye Qing had the waitress open a bottle of Hennessy Paradis for him.

Xu Ninggong was at the signing event in the premiere theater in light shaded, giving out signatures to all her fans.

Originally her manager, seeing her bad mood, was going to cancel the event. However, that idea was rejected by Xu Ninggong because she overheard that Ye Qing was going to send someone to get her signature.

Right now she was in deep regret for not telling Ye Qing the truth during the movie. Originally she wanted to get Ye Qing's number so they could talk privately, yet who knew Ye Qing would be so ruthless reject by say that he lost his phone, making her suffer for the rest of the movie.

Well, since Ye Qing didn't give her a way to contact him, then the signing event became the only other way because she clearly remember the picture in Ye Qing's hand.

Having signed for more than 200 individuals, her hands were sore to the point of hate not being able to get a stamp to do this instead.

One guest after another, just as Xu Ninggong was about to draw some undecipherable calligraphy scribbling, the gold marker in her hands suddenly stopped.

A familiar picture appeared in front of her eyes. Seeing this, she immediately looked up.

Old Li's face turned completely red with the stare. Originally he would listen to many of Xu Ninggong's songs while driving long distances. Who knew that today he would be lucky enough to see this superstar in person, and that look from Xu Ninggong immediately sent him sky high in happiness.

"This uncle, what would you like me to sign?" Xu Ninggong guessed that this man must be one of Ye Qing's colleagues who came here together with Ye Qing.

"Wait, I can ask?" Old Li scratched his head.

"Of course." Xu Ninggong sweetly smiled: "That's your son in the picture right? Pretty good looking."

Xu Ninggon was deliberately stalling for time. The one in the picture was Ye Qing's nephew, which she had already found out about during the movie.

"No no, this was a task from the boss."

"Then that's definitely your boss, he's seriously young." The bodyguards behind Xu Ninggong and the rest of the lined up fans all stared on in disbelief, as she was actually chit chatting with this uncle.

"No no no, this isn't my boss, but he also likes your songs." Old Li laughed: "This is my boss's relative, but my boss is truly young and good looking. Um…… you regular signature is fine."

Wow, he actually became a boss, who knew.

Xu Ninggong admitted that after having not meet for so long she still remembered Ye Qing, but his appearance was pretty vague.

"Then I'll also give your boss one as well to thank him for his support." After Xu Ninggong signed the picture, she pulled out another piece of paper from the side and quickly wrote a couple words.

The three characters written were 'Xu Ninggong', while the rest was already prepared ahead of the signing event.

Ye Qing, I'm sorry, tomorrow meet me in front of the elementary school at 7.

The characters in that sentence were really tiny. After quickly signing it, Xu Ninggong folded it and told Old Li to hand it to his boss.

"Good good good, my boss will definitely be happy. He's got all of your songs in his car." Last time Ye Qing went drinking, it was Old Li who drove him back, so naturally he remembered what songs Ye Qing played along the way.

"What car does your boss drive?" Out of pure coincidence, Xu Ninggong actually asked this.

Not knowing why, she actually wanted to know how Ye Qing was doing right now.

It has always been said that the car is a man's mistress, which was a sign of how well they were doing.

"A Mondeo."

Old Li also didn't understand why this superstar was asking this. Before he only use to drive big trucks, so how could he tell the difference between a common Mondeo and a rare Lagonda?

Of course, he knew about Benz, which his boss just bought one today for his two iron tower like bodyguards, thus he knew his boss was ultra rich, that Mondeo was probably also imported in, otherwise how could its interior look even more pretty than the Benz?

Of course, even if it was pretty, Old Li still thought that it was a Mondeo, hence he couldn't go about boasting about it.

He also couldn't really, just to prove that his boss is rich, go explain to this superstar that although his boss was driving a Mondeo, yet he just picked out a Benz worth a couple million, right?

"Mondeo……" Xu Ninggong felt in her heart that this elementary lover of hers didn't seem to be doing so well.

A Mondeo only cost around a hundred thousand, yet that set of good looking clothes he was wearing, was probably to put up a good image of himself in front of her.

Who knew she would break him this bad.

She was really just too terrible!

Good thing she was going to be in Zhongyun for a while to film the new movie, hence she decided to help him out a bit, to be more successful.

Xu Ninggong was about to ask for more details, but her manager behind her couldn't help but remind her that her behaviour right now was very abnormal, and right now there were lots of reporters and fans present.

Anyway, the note already said tomorrow 7 AM, that she would wait for him in front of the elementary school.

It would also be fine if this uncle were to look at the note, as that would remind Ye Qing of the meeting.

Getting the signature, Old Li immediately ran off to find Ye Qing. As for that folded note, he didn't take a look. It was only a signature, it was fine as long as there was one on the picture, so where was the need for him to peek at that folded up signature?

Ye Qing was just having dinner with DouDou when Old Li caught up. Old Li excitingly told him that Xu Ninggong signed two signatures, and one of them was for him.

"Xue Xiaohu will be back tomorrow afternoon, give it to him then." Ye Qing waved his hand, telling Old Li that he can go back now with the care.

"Seriously, he even got me one." Ye Qing already deleted all his songs, so what need was there for the signature.

"He was only doing it with good intentions." Having drank a bit, even DouDou's ears were red, bright red, and super cute.

Looking at the time, it was already very late. Normally, at this time, DouDou would already be asleep, so Ye Qing called the waitress for the bill.

Having driven DouDou back, Ye Qing immediately hit the sheets when he got back, still a bit heartbroken.

Sleeping early naturally meant getting up early.

The next day at 6:50, an out of the province plated Land Rover Aurora stopped in front of the front gates of Ye Qing's former school, Zhongyun Experimental Elementary School.

Xu Ninggong, alone, wearing a pair of, nervously stood there waiting.

7:20, Ye Qing just got washed up and ready to leave. Of course, it wasn't to go to the school to cherish old memories. [ED: Knew it]

Because just a moment ago the agency called to inform him that the two laboratories for Monster Heavy Industry had been reviewed and they were just missing his signatures now.

Monster Factory Chapter 136

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