Monster Factory Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Giant robotic arms

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

There were two laboratories, one was the [New Alloy Materials Laboratory], while the other was the [Mechanical Movement Laboratory].

As soon as the licence for the two laboratories was approved, all Ye Qing had to do was reposition some warehouses, place some equipment, hang a plaque, and voilà, a new laboratory.

As for others that wanted to steal new technologies or secrets from there, then all that could be said was 'good luck'.

To the public, Ye Qing only hired regular people for regular positions. As for within the Dragon Creek Beach factory, there were only monsters. As long as this point was kept in order, then even if aliens were to try to infiltrate, then they were what you call 'royally screwed'.

On the way to the agency, Ye Qing decided to play a couple of relaxing songs to kill time, sadly he couldn’t find any songs in the system.

"This……" Ye Qing just then recalled that he deleted all his songs yesterday.

Now, thinking back, he was caring about this matter way too much. Waiting for more than a decade, wanting to ask for a signature and chat a bit, yet in the end all he got was a bucket of cold water on his head.

Although this was very disappointing, but that’s that, now all the songs are gone.

"*Sigh* Still not mature enough." Ye Qing, seeing the barren song list, regretfully said to himself.

When Ye Qing arrived in Zhongyun to sign the doc.u.ments, Xu Ninggong had already waited for 40 minutes outside of the school.

There was no way there would be a traffic jam this early in the morning, there also shouldn’t be anything urgent, so Xu Ninggong now knew that there was no need for her to remain there any longer.

"Was he deliberate, or did he not see the note……" Xu Ninggong couldn’t put a finger on it, though by her guess the note probably wasn’t read.

Xu Ninggong was pretty p.i.s.sed inside, to the point where her hate for Ye Qing even caused her teeth to hurt.

It was hard enough trying to squeeze out some time to apologize in person, yet she was left completely hanging.

That was a whole 40 minutes. Xu Ninggong was pretty p.i.s.sed because her personal time was already miniscule to begin with. She was finally free for once, yet she accomplished nothing. Even finis.h.i.+ng a placement match would be better than this.

If Ye Qing knew that Xu Ninggong left a message for him in the note to meet in front of the elementary school, then he would have definitely gone.

Sadly, Ye Qing didn’t know about it, which was why after he signed all the doc.u.ments at the agency, he headed to the park management office for more signing.

The doc.u.ments for Ye Qing’s request for more industrial land usage had already been approved. After they had been signed and paid for, the National Land and Resources Bureau would mark out the piece of barren wasteland for Ye Qing to do ma.s.sive development.

The park office would complete the rest of the doc.u.ments. In recent times investments were just too d.a.m.n hard to come by. There was finally a big project, which focused on those worthless pieces of barren land, so naturally it would be green lights all the way.

Being an official and wanting to climb up the ranks naturally meant providing worthwhile results.

If selling barren wasteland doesn’t count as worthwhile results, then what does?

Hence, when Ye Qing was signing the doc.u.ments, the warm and welcoming park management director Dong An informed that as long as the land usage fees were meet, then he could immediately start building, as he had the rest of the doc.u.ments covered.

The barren wasteland of the Dragon Creek Beach, including the reef filled sea region, cost 30 million. When Ye Qing finished signing, he got the receipt from the National Tax Bureau for the land with the director’s a.s.sistant's a.s.sistance.

The entire Dragon Creek Beach, from today forth, belonged to Ye Qing.

*Beep beep beep*

Ye Qing’s Monster Factory cell phone suddenly beeped with new message sounds.

Ye Qing was current having a constructive conversation about future developments with the park director. Out of politeness, Ye Qing held onto the urge to take a look.

Dong An also had a bunch of things to sort through, so when he saw that Ye Qing had some urgent business to attend to, he quickly smiled and said that they could talk next time when they meet, business was always more important.

Having said goodbye to the director, Ye Qing immediately jumped into his Lagonda to see what the notification was.

"Congratulations, under your constant hard work, the Monster Factory's industrial index has just reached the 13th place. All you need to do now is to surpa.s.s the next 3 compet.i.tors, then the Monster Factory will be able to rank up to rank 4."

"What a stingy notification……" Ye Qing shook his head as he put the Monster Factory cell phone back into his pocket.

The purchase of that ma.s.sive stretch of land let the Monster Factory rise two places in the ranking, which left Ye Qing extremely delighted. However, now with big plot of land in hand, Ye Qing still didn’t possess the ability to ma.s.s develop it.

Investing in an industry is a bottomless pit. Currently, after the Mechanical Engineers Chairs experienced the exhibition, its sales nearly doubled. Even the rapid metal engraver had surpa.s.sed daily sales of 20 million.

20 million a day, if Ye Qing saved it all, then that was 600 million in a month.

That much money was definitely more than enough to remove and pave a brand new path leading to the Dragon Creek Beach. You have to understand, the Dragon Creek Beach contained no development value whatsoever because of all the boulders on the ground. To pave a road, you had to dig up the boulders. To build warehouses, you had to dig up boulders. Add on how close it was to the sea, flooding and wave surge prevention also needed to be considered.

Apart from Ye Qing, there was no way any capitalist would burn their cash like this.

Slowly and steadily wins the race. Ye Qing could guarantee that with the help of the monsters, he would be easily able to recreate the Dragon Creek Beach into one of the world’s most advanced and revolutionary factories.

In addition, Ye Qing could guarantee that in less than half a month he would be able to bring the Monster Factory into the top 10s for the next rank up.

Of course, fixing the road first was the worst idea ever. Currently a single gravel road was more than enough, so Ye Qing definitely wouldn’t spend his limited capital there.

Arriving back at the Dragon Creek Beach, Ye Qing first produced two metal plaques with the rapid metal engraver, then had the peons tidy up two spare warehouses, and bought some advanced processing equipment from the App's tool store.

With the hanging of the plagues, two laboratories were thereby ‘established'.

Those were level laboratories, which many factories had. Currently, due to capital limitations, he could only make do with them.

After finis.h.i.+ng with the labs, Ye Qing, with his 3D camera from the top of the barren hills, photographed the entire Dragon Creek Beach region for a 3D model.

Completing the photographs, and using the metal smelting center, Ye Qing created a metal topographic model that was even more precise and clear than satellite imagery.

If those military officials who were in charge of military planning were to see this 1:1000 metal 3D model, then their eyes would definitely pop out at its preciseness.

No longer was this a model, this was clearly a magically shrunken real life terrain topography.

Not knowing before was one thing, but now Ye Qing was able to examine it, he can conclude that the area surrounding the Dragon Creek Beach seriously sucked. Apart from this pieces of land in the middle of the hills, there was no single place that was flat; they were all filled with all kinds of large boulders.

"First, I need some construction equipment to fill up the index to quickly for rank 4." Ye Qing examined the map as he began to plan everything out.

When the time came, all of the equipment will be able to be used to expand the factory, saving both money and time.

Regular construction equipment……

Regular construction equipment, such as the crane towers, cement trucks, excavators, and the likes, were all pretty much useless at the the Dragon Creek Beach.

Ye Qing wanted to mainly use metals to construct the new factory warehouses at the Dragon Creek Beach. Because with the metal smelting center in hand, there was a way to quickly and efficiently produce large quant.i.ties of metal materials of any shape and size.

What Ye Qing needed were those metal machines that possessed ma.s.sive strength, able to open mountains, move heavy objects, and be nimble enough to play with Legos.

Many functionalities, ma.s.sive strength……

A literal facepalm. He possessed this world's most advanced robotic arms technologies, now following the acc.u.mulated strength of the Monster Heavy Industry, he could actually create some really nice and big mechanical arms as a fill in for the industrial index.

The only reason it wasn't made earlier was because Ye Qing lacked the necessary skills and technology to create large metal constructs.

Now with the metal smelting center, even the process of forging, pressing, and cutting the large scale metals could be skipped.

Add on this world's most advanced robotic arms technology, and Ye Qing was completely able to create some highly advanced large scale mechanical arms. Since one, it could be used to fill in the industrial index, and two, it was a necessity for the factory expansion later on.

"Right right right!" Ye Qing continued to face palm, as there were no obstacles blocking the technology. Because one of the black technologies available for purchase at rank 3 was the Artificial Mechanical Limb.

Now with the the upgrade of the Mechanical Engineered Chairs' a.s.sembly line, almost all of the monsters would be freed.

So why couldn't he get a bunch of giant mechanical arms to help construct the Dragon Creek Beach?

Give it a st.u.r.dy upper body, then have it controlled remotely!

But how do you get it run around……

Regular excavators all used hydraulics, but the mechanical limb used a hybrid of hydraulics and electricity, so it was going to need lots of power to make it move, hence those regular excavator bases definitely wouldn't work.

"Oh right!" Ye Qing face palmed again. Although the excavator base wouldn't do, but there were still the currently popular and suitable mining dump truck bases.

Ultra cla.s.s dump trucks all used diesel as their source of power to power their motors for movement. This way, not only was the structure easy to design, it was also comparatively cheap to make and much easier to maintain. Especially with no load, it was even more economical.

Those things could even fly around with several hundred tons of rocks, so being electric powered and have to carry around a couple of mechanical arms was practically a walk in the park for them.

Monster Factory Chapter 137

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