Monster Factory Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: Ye, Ye Qing

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

For a movie, box office sales were only a part of the revenue.

Currently everyone was...o...b..ard the product placement train to maximize profits, which is why generally all urban films included so much advertising.

Xu Ninggong’s next film was also going to be an urban one, or rather, it was going to be a sci-fi urban one.

But regardless of whether there were business investments, since her next movie was going to use Zhongyun as its main filming area, then it was a must for her to establish good relations with the party in charge and potential local investors.

There was no need for Xu Ninggong to care about the relations with the party in charge. As for potential investors, she could only make the trip personally.

"President Ye is quite easy to talk to, as he’s always polite to everyone." When all three of them got into the hallway, Zhang Mei smiled: "In a bit, I’ll try my best to help."

There was only a twenty meter gap between the halls. Walking on the carpet, Xu Ninggong was just like a cat as she gracefully walked toward the entrance of the banquet hall.

There were only two waitresses standing guard outside of the banquet hall, and upon seeing the approaching Xu Ninggong, they both covered their mouths as to suppress their surprise.

The wooden door was also opened by the waitresses to reveal the unknown world inside.

A world filled with all kinds of business elites and high ranking officials. From as far as the eyes could see, the level of the banquet here was on a different level when compared to the one next door. Of course, this didn’t really account to much as Xu Ninggong had seen much grander and much more extravagant displays. What truly left her speechless were that the eight tables in front of her all had some kind of boss level figure being surrounded from both sides.

These people all clearly had the atmosphere of the upper echelon of society, as what kind of normal business would spend this much money just to buy some super expensive metal constructs?

And the real leader was the group at the bar.

On the left side of the bar was Ye Qing, while across from him was Mister Neville. Beside Mister Neville was his entourage of drivers and lawyers.

Kong Tao was on the side, in fluent English, discussing the finer details of the contract.

When Xu Ninggong walked in, there wasn’t too much change in the hall. Most of the people here were all foreigners, so everyone was too busy drinking and chatting to pay attention to the super star that was entering.

Neville was the first to take notice of Xu Ninggong. Since he sat right across from Ye Qing, which meant a clear view of the entrance of the hall.

When Neville saw Xu Ninggong, she also saw him, as well as Kong Tao who was talking from behind him in fluent English.

Kong Tao was quickly rejected by Xu Ninggong as 'not President Ye'. Therefore, the one who was sitting across from Neville and had his back to her must be President Ye.

Although Neville had forgotten about Huang Ranxia, he definitely still remembered Xu Ninggong. Disney was the world’s biggest entertainment company, a giant in motion pictures, and they had even released exclusive cartoons in China where some of the characters were voiced by Xu Ninggong.

Seeing Xu Ninggong, Neville stood up in shock: "Who would’ve thought I would be able to meet you here, Ms. Gong."

Xu Ninggong, with a plastered smile, was just about to walk up to shake hands with Neville.

Then that young man who was in the bar stool also stood up and turned around to look at the newcomers with doubt.

This was a very successful young man, however this wasn’t important, the important thing was his looks.

The moment their eyes met……

Xu Ninggong immediately recognized who he was: the elementary cla.s.smate that sat beside her at the movie.

Xu Ninggong’s elegant face immediately turned to utter shock, which had never before appeared on her face, ever.

Maybe if she were to attend the Oscars, yet in the end she was told that the best motion pictures, the best leading actress, and the best music all went to the movie she acted in, only then would her shock be comparable to right now.

This moment, Xu Ninggong felt like she had been trampled over by a ma.s.sive herd of cows.

My Gosh ~ didn’t Zhang Mei say how incredible this young man was? Even being treated as a VIP by the chairman of Huaxing Heavy Industry.

How could it be Ye Qing?

The same last name, but people who have the same last name in the country can line up all the way to the sea. Yet why was the one here talking to Mister Neville, with all the att.i.tude, Ye Qing?

This old cla.s.smate, no matter how Xu Ninggong thought, she still wasn’t able to guess that he would this successful.

From the moment she received the love letter, she had already shoved Ye Qing under 'the big kids, keep away' category. Anyway, in that hazy memory of hers, nothing Ye Qing did was worthy of any praise.

Now this cla.s.smate in stood front of her and could no longer be called gifted, as he had already become divine.

Last night she was still worrying whether or not this cla.s.smate of hers was doing well. He even dressed up in a set of expensive attire just to meet her.

She was going to help him a bit to be more successful. This way, he could still safe guard that pretty girlfriend that even she found beautiful.

Yet, with a blink of an eye, everything changed. Not only was his att.i.tude different, he was even wearing Hermes’s newest summer edition wears, and even Disney’s vice president of Asia had to sit down beside him and chat as friends.

To be completely honest, a meeting like this wasn’t something that Xu Ninggong ever thought of.

She didn’t think Neville standing up and greeting her was of any importance, that was all due to seeing a familiar face on foreign soil, which naturally required a greeting. However, after the greeting, at most he would say a couple lines before excusing himself with and 'it’s really nice to meet you again, let us talk next time'.

All this impossibility really became true.

Because Ye Qing just stood there, with an expression that clearly said everything.

Compared to Xu Ninggong, Ye Qing’s​ surprise was comparatively a little better. Because he knew she was staying at the hotel, as he was even going to find her to explain that he didn’t get the chance to see the note and whatnot after.

However, this surprise wasn’t that much better. As no matter how Ye Qing thought, he still wouldn’t come to the conclusion that Xu Ninggong would be this forthcoming.

That full body creamy white dress had Ye Qing feel like his eyes were going blind.

Too d.a.m.n beautiful!

Her beauty was on par with those silver screen princesses.

At this moment, those juniors who were spouting nonsense at the tables, had all discovered the awkward situation at the bar.

Even if they only caught a glimpse of it through the corner of their eyes, but as long as they saw any part of Xu Ninggong, then they would have the perfect excuse to turn their sight.

Then all the juniors here exploded, because who didn't know Xu Ninggong?

Her appearance in Zhongyun had already maxed out their friend group, however what meaning does personally seeing her mean?

More dazzling and even more beautiful than princesses, yet why would Xu Ninggong appear in their banquet, and even use those grudgeful eyes to look at their senior?

Having been eye locked for so long, Xu Ninggong finally raised a thumbs up for the awesome and impressive President Ye. Once combined together with that love letter writing boy, Xu Ninggong couldn't help but hold up her thumb in admiration.

"President Ye ~ I need an explanation!"

Xu Ninggong continued to groan: "President Ye, explain, why did you leave me waiting for an entire hour this morning?"

Ye Qing's juniors all had their jaws drop to the max, just like a bunch of hippopotamuses.

Did their senior go save the world in the morning? To actually leave the empress Xu Ninggong hanging for an entire hour?

"AHHHH, why didn't I take hold of the chance when he was still in school?!" A girl with said with her hands next to her heart.

"I'm guessing that our President Ye is going to stay the night here."

"I got 100 bucks that it's a no. Xu Ninggong has never had any scandals of s.e.xual nature. She is my G.o.ddess, and she isn't that kind of person."

"It's no use, our senior has already left her hanging. Who has the guts to do that? Xu Ninggong has definitely been tainted."

The bunch of juniors were all discussing in whispers, but in the end they came to one conclusion: Our senior president is too mighty.

Monster Factory Chapter 143

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