Monster Factory Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: What a meeting

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Zhang Mei and Huang Ranxia were both sh.e.l.lshocked out of their thought bubble.

They said they were here to meet President Ye, yet in the end Xu Ninggong was actually familiar with this President Ye, and even had some unspeakable history together.

Neville was completely cast to the side, but he was enjoying the show with a sly smile.

Clearly they knew each other and even had some unspeakable history together.

Huang Ranxia was the quickest to recover as she quickly approached Neville and greeted him saying how she saw him in the hallway before and was uncertain.

"d.a.m.n it, outside, outside. We'll talk about it outside." Ye Qing couldn’t stand those fiery stares from his juniors, especially those from the females, who were looking at him like a panda, a colored panda.

Ye Qing made a please gesture and took the lead in heading out. Xu Ninggong first greeted Mister Neville, then followed out with a 'humph'.

The restaurant outside also had a small bar, which at the moment was only partially filled with foreigners. Ye Qing brought Xu Ninggong here and even ordered two martinis; shaken, not stirred.

"Nicely done, 'President' Ye." Xu Ninggong sat down and raised her gla.s.s, but was obviously still p.i.s.sed: "Last night I was still worried about your career, yet you gave me quite the surprise."

"Since you were sitting next to me last night, then why didn’t you come forth?" Ye Qing didn’t answer, rather, he asked another question.

"Back then my brain was in a complete mess, who would’ve thought that I would meet you there? Plus, with you girlfriend nearby, you think I would admit it?" Xu Ninggong chewed her lips: "Didn’t your employee say that you drive a Ford Mondeo? Are you looking to learn how to be low key?"

"Mondeo?" Ye Qing found this quite strange: "Have you ever seen a carbon fiber cased, 12 piston, 558 horsepower Mondeo?"

"…………" Xu Ninggong felt like this was just too damaging for her self esteem, as that Lagonda she saw previously was definitely his ride of choice.

In the morning she specifically borrowed her advertising manager's Land Rover to flaunt in front of this previous cla.s.smate of hers. Yet, why the h.e.l.l was he driving a even better car than her?

"So then why weren’t you there in the morning?" Xu Ninggong was still hanging on to this topic: "I even waited an entire hour!"

"You don’t even remember me, so why do I need your signature?" Ye Qing rolled up his sleeves and chugged half the cup: "I didn’t even take a look at it before giving it to my nephew, who only told me about it after he came back."

"Of course I need to apologise for making you wait an entire hour for nothing."

"I also need to apologise. I lied once and you left me hanging once, so now we’re even." Xu Ninggong rubbed her eyebrows​.

"Oh right. You really have guts to bring your girlfriend to watch your first love's premiere, and even confess in front of her that you wrote her a love letter once."

Xu Ninggong kept on coming back to this, clearly meaning to say that he already had a girlfriend​, so the two of us could still be friends, but definitely not like what it was back during fourth grade.

"We’re good friends, so of course she’s got feelings for me, and I also feel great about her." Ye Qing scratched his head: "So much focus on this, what, are you afraid of me chasing after you?"

"Yeah right ~ " Xu Ninggong gave Ye Qing a free eye roll and then started to check him out.

"I still can’t believe it. Just before, Zhang Mei was going to introduce to me some incredible young man, yet I would’ve never thought that after more than a decade, you would be so different."

"I used to always watch you on the TV and on the web. You didn’t change one bit."

"How you were back then, I don’t really remember, but all I can recall was your puppy love." Xu Ninggong chuckled and again toasted.

"d.a.m.n that puppy love. Back then you were always the one playing the piano during music cla.s.s, always the one singing in the theaters during children’s day. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what activities got the most attention, you were always there. I still remember that out of ten guys at school, nine of them would say they like you, yet none of them had the guts to confess."

Ye Qing withdrew his wallet, pulled out a piece of paper and placed it in front of Xu Ninggong, still bitter. "Alright, sign it please, for before."

Xu Ninggong patted herself, the meaning was quite clear, 'do you see me dressed like this? Where the heck would I keep a pen?'

Ye Qing asked the bartender for a pen and Xu Ninggong exquisitely filled in her signature and her contact number.

Ye Qing pulled out his cell phone and make a quick call with the written down number: "Remember to save it, it’s my number."

"Yes, President Ye, and please take care of me in the future." Xu Ninggong bowed out of courtesy.

"Sis, sis, when did you run here?" Xu Ninggong’s personal a.s.sistant hurriedly ran over, completely anxious: "I looked for you everywhere. The banquet is still waiting on you, and your personal cell just rang."

"Alright ~ I’ll be right there." Xu Ninggong took back her cell from her a.s.sistant and added in Ye Qing’s number.

Ye Qing stood up: "Alright, my party is also waiting for me, we've got all the time in the world to catch up later."

"Ok then cla.s.smate Ye, next time don’t leave me hanging." Xu Ninggong, after getting up, walked back with Ye Qing.

Stepping into the banquet hall once again, Ye Qing found that all his employees looked at him with different eyes, eyes that seemed to include admiration and wors.h.i.+p.

Ah whatever, it wasn't like Ye Qing was going to explain everything to them. Let them think whatever they like.

Right now it just so happened to be 8 PM, so Ye Qing waved everyone into the nearby already prepared meeting room.

Two miniature alloy trees were placed right next to the entrance and on the big screen were also scenes related to the alloy trees.

At 9 PM, Xu Ninggong’s banquet ended.

Returning back to her suite, according to her original plan, she was going to play some League, but in end curiosity took over, and after changing quickly, she stealthly arrived outside of the meeting room, and slightly opened the door​ to see just what kind of high-end meeting this old cla.s.smate of hers was hosting.

Inside the meeting room, Ye Qing sat right in the middle of the circular meeting table, and with a powerful voice announced lines one after another which Xu Ninggong couldn’t understand at all.

"Everyone here, I can guess, really wants to know just how detailed we can get, well here's our answer." Ye Qing pointed to the giant screen behind him and it began to to display a pure white 3D blueprint.

It was a mighty, yet strangely shaped tree, which would appear to be a work of art in anyone’s eyes.

When the 3D blueprint was slowly enlarged, the pure white tree also grew bigger.

Then came cries of surprise from the audience because the trunk of the enlarged tree was actually made entirely out of countless coordinates.

The countless coordinates were all interconnected by dotted line like the stars in the galaxy to form a living branch. Even if there was a scar on the branch, it would still be drawn out.

This was no longer a blueprint. This was clearly a pure white industrial picture made up of coordinates.

Don't mention those representatives, even Xu Ninggong who was just seeing this for the first time was feeling how high-end it was, how technical it looked.

Then she sh.e.l.l shockingly stood there completely confused for half an hour, then witnessed Ye Qing and those familiar sounding international corporations sign the contracts and finally ending the meeting before running back to her room.

Opening up League of Legends, after having entered, Xu Ninggong felt like all she was seeing was coordinate points.

After the meeting, Ye Qing immediately returned back to the Dragon Creek Beach to oversee the immediate works.

My G.o.d. The contracts brought in a total of 500 million, and half of that would be immediately transferred over tomorrow.

500 million, how astronomical was that number. That kind of astronomical number which was always used for sperm counts, now became bills entering his pockets.

Out of this entire 500 million, naturally the most difficult naturally were those dragons.

However, since Ye Qing agreed to it, then naturally he had ways.

The Dragon Creek Beach was completely surrounded by barren hills. Here, traces of bats could be found near all those small caverns, especially during dawn and dusk.

Ye Qing had the peons go to those small caves to capture a couple of them, and then he headed into the underground cave with his 3D camera.

Four raging miners were currently all coiled up there. Their curved yet sharp horns, paired with that savage looking face, definitely looked more sinister than all those dinosaurs in the movies.

Ye Qing picked out the most good looking one and had it squat on top of a giant boulder to pose.

As for all the dresses for all those Disney princesses, he could only rely on the omnipotent T-Mall.

Monster Factory Chapter 144

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