Monster Factory Chapter 149

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Chapter 149: Time to switch

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The new workshops that the old factory wanted were those standard single story steel structures.

Those kind of buildings were quick to build because there was no need to dig too deep to to create a foundation, and the a.s.sembly was even quicker. If the more expensive pre-a.s.sembled steel frameworks were used, then it would​ take even less time to build.

Ye Jiangning said that the company was doing a good job in construction, but the construction materials they bought were dodgy and their att.i.tude was that of a complete d.i.c.k.

Ye Jiangning was the client, while the construction company was responsible for providing the service.

Because the planning department of the park was responsible for the designs of the buildings, there definitely weren’t any problems with their quality. Plus, the construction company even had to provide the inspection department models of the building as well as the materials to be used in the construction.

That's why Ye Jiangning didn’t bother to doubt the quality of the materials purchased. Additionally, if you don’t have connections, it would be much more expensive to buy materials from the market instead of getting them directly from the plant. Moreover, it was highly likely that those bought from the market were fakes.

In the end, out of the materials ordered, there were no problems with the steel and concrete. However, there was just too many problems with easily ignored materials

For example, the new factory building was going to use some carborundum tiles for the floors. These tiles first began being used in those developed countries, then slowly flowed into China. Now all the newly designed factories liked to use these kind of tiles due to their strong resistance to wear and tear and their anti slip properties.

The construction company played a very stealthy game here by using high end fakes. Although they could all be used, but using the price for a Jordan to buy a J0rdan. Who would actually be happy about it?

Since the construction company dared to play like this, it naturally meant that they had ways to get past the inspections.

First, the steel and concrete all pa.s.sed set standards to guarantee quality and quant.i.ty, so the building’s entire structure was guaranteed to pa.s.s no matter what.

The layer of carborundum on the tiles just needed to pa.s.s standards after having been cast.

The standards only questioned the size of the grains and their resistance strength. As for whether or not the tiles would pa.s.s the safety inspection, have cracks, or become slippery in a couple of years, who gives a d.a.m.n?

Unless the inspectors were like the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, only then would they find that the producer of these materials were all imitation factories.

Ye Jiangning was able to find this out of pure coincidence. Due to the ma.s.sive hiring he was still doing, one of the new hires used to work at a carborundum factory for a couple of years. Coincidentally, the first piece of tile laid by the construction company was packaged under that company’s logos.

Naturally, the worker immediately found out that the carborundum tiles were made out of mineral particles, and although it had the same packaging as the factory he use to work for, the actual materials used were full of problems.

He also gave one of his previous colleges a call to ask about them. After confirming that they were fakes, he quietly told Ye Jiangning.

If it was just this, then the construction company might've been able to get away by explaining that they also got deceived.

It was just that when the constructors finished a.s.sembling the first factory building, while putting in the pipings, lighting, and wiring, many problems was found out by the doubting Ye Jiangning.

All had the same kind of trick, all were high end imitations. So much so that many of Ye Jiangning new hires, that used to be in these businesses, all couldn’t come to an immediate conclusion.

The new hires once again called all their connections just to get a clearer picture of the problem.

Ye Jiangning told the construction company to sort out this mess, yet they made a major deal out of it saying how they were​ also a victim here, and that they were completely deceived by those oh so similar counterfeits.

They said they would immediately switch them, but the agreed upon price in the end needed to be raised a bit.

The price was set in stone for all mishaps within the contract, however, they never would’ve thought that they would also get deceived by fakes. Afterwards, the construction company came up with a bunch of similar situations. For example, when they were doing the plumbing for a tap water company, they originally planned on using sand and soil for the base, but when they meet with areas of soft earth, they had to use concrete for stability.

Those price increases resulted from out of contract reasons, so it was completely reasonable.

Even if Ye Jiangning had great anger management, he would still be p.i.s.sed by this construction company to beyond G.o.d like.

So, naturally, Ye Jiangning decided that even if time and money were wasted, he would still switch companies. Additionally, he was also going to demand compensation for loss according to the terms set in the contract.

Hanging up the call, Ye Qing thought of everyone he knew, yet still couldn’t think of anyone who was actually in the construction business.

Previously, the factory buildings at the Dragon Creek Beach were all built by hand by the monsters. Originally, everything here was decrepit and fenced off to begin with, and everything that could be sold was sold off as sc.r.a.p metal, which was why Ye Qing literally had the monster build those super high walls, and two new factory workshops.

During the transition period of the factory, Ye Qing had already applied for a construction permit from the Bureau of Planning and Construction. The director there was one of Ye Qing’s acquaintances due to the now famous court lady curb stones. The factory added on two workshops during the renovations, so as long as he didn't build on other people’s land, he was fine with building as much as he liked.

The peons were all currently working on the Mechanical Colossus, so they were completely unable to help out with the construction since a dozen or so of them were completely not enough to do anything.

He himself couldn’t think of anyone directly, which was why he first asked DouDou whether or not she had​ any relatives in the construction business since he had a big endeavor for them to take on.

This question was met with a completely coincidental answer. DouDou informed him that her cousin was actually in the construction business, it was just that they weren’t that big, as all they did before was carry out the construction of a couple residential buildings. Recently, due to the downturn in housing, her cousin’s company was facing some hard times as they just couldn’t land any work, so they were having trouble paying all their workers.

Being able to build residential buildings naturally meant being able to build factory workshops. Ye Qing firstly had DouDou inquire with her cousin whether or not they were willing to accept a factory construction project.

"Big brother Ye, my cousin’s construction company is quite small, so will she truly be able to meet your needs?" Hearing Ye Qing asking to offer her relative work, DouDou was delighted and moved. However, at the same time she was quite worried that her cousin didn’t have the ability to finish Ye Qing’s project.

Although Ye Qing didn’t mention just how big the project was, but DouDou didn’t need to ask to know that it wasn’t anything small.

"The difficulties involved in building standard factory workshops are much fewer than those in building residential buildings." Ye Qing knew what she was worried about, but there was really nothing to be worried about here.

"Factory workshops mainly need lots of hands onsite. Even if they don’t possess the exact equipment, there are many available for rent on the market. In regards to the needed hands, many construction companies cooperate with their own familiar team of construction workers. Additionally, there aren’t many construction companies that are actually able to support a giant team of workers. Most of the time, the company first gets a project before trying to find familiar worker teams to cooperate with."

"I’ll send the necessary requirements to your QQ account in a bit. All you need to do is ask whether or not she’s willing to accept it. Since these buildings need to be built anyways, might as well as give your family a shot."

Ye Qing mentioning family, immediately had DouDou feel warm and fuzzy inside, and she told him that she would ask right away.

After sending the requirements, they needed to read through it before coming to a decision, which was why Ye Qing delved into the comfort improvements for the Colossus.

Ye Qing’s plan for this prototype was to, after the improvements, file for patent protection, then register for the manufacturing licence for engineering vehicles, which meant that after the licence got approved, he would be able to sell the product.

Of course, after the improvements, it would need to first make a trip to the old factory to partic.i.p.ate in the factory workshop construction. This way, it would be possible to thoroughly verify the machine’s entire set of abilities.

The first part to be completed was the clothing style control system, which was based off of the body structure of a regular person.

This thing was super cool. After the changes, it had the same skeleton as the Iron Man suit. Of course, currently it was only for the upper body, and it was unable to act independently, however, the amount of mechanics it controlled was way way way more than the battle suit.

The new control system was made completely with light weight alloys, while the inductors and wiring were all hidden inside the system. Ye Qing, after putting it on, found that he didn't feel any extra weight on him.

The places that were adjusted to rest on the waist and shoulders had employed the use of memory foam to act as a cus.h.i.+on, so that no awkwardness could be felt when operating.

After connecting to the control system within the c.o.c.kpit, Ye Qing immediately activated the machine and drove it outside for a spin.

Simply perfection!

The problems were all completely fixed from the bottom up.

Relying on the strength of his waist, Ye Qing didn't feel must extra weight on his arms while controlling the colossus. In addition, the controls were simplified by several magnitudes. In the end, even the tool switching b.u.t.ton was moved onto the suit.

However, while Ye Qing was high on testing, an unknown number called.

Monster Factory Chapter 149

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