Monster Factory Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Sudden fortunes

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The name of DouDou’s cousin was Liang Wenjing, 26 this year.

After the downturn within the construction sector for the past few years, many construction companies all faced the reality of bankruptcy.

The companies with connections could accept government contracts to stay afloat.

However, the small companies, especially those without connections, all had to face hard times. When they were finally able to get work, they finished it to their best, yet in the end the final payment would basically never come.

Liang Wenjing’s construction company was facing such a situation.

They were finally able to get a project, completed to their best, and were looking forward to get past this year with the final payment, yet the other party, with all kinds of excuses, continued to drag on with delays, saying how they would pay once everything was completed.

Liang Wenjing’s dad, DouDou’s uncle, left the company in her hands due to health problems.

When she received her cousin's call, Liang Wenjing was in her office, on the phone, begging and pleading for funding.

Her cousin told her that she had a big project on hand from one of her friend who was looking for a relative's company to take on.

Liang Wenjing's first thought was that her cousin got deceived. Her cousin was much more beautiful than her, but her brains were comparatively worse about as much.

These years, where could you not find a construction company that was dying to get work?

Right now, even if someone asked her to make some pig pens, then Liang Wenjing would gladly make a hundred of them and add on another fifty for free. Therefore, the big project her cousin was talking about, was clearly a made up on the spot project by some guy interested in her beauty.

These years, guys were truly willing to do anything to get into a girl's pants.

However, when Liang Wenjing told her cousin her thoughts that, she actually burst out laughing uncontrollably.

She replied: "Cuz, you really know how to joke. You really think that Big brother Ye needs to pretend to be a boss to get me?"

"Cuz relax, Big brother Ye isn't like those guys at all. I've sent the project details to your mail account. Take a look and you'll be able to tell whether or not this is true. If you find that it's true after reading through it, then hurry up and accept it. I don't want to lie to Big brother Ye."

"I need to go stream soon, so can't talk anymore, bye cuz."

After hanging up the call, Liang Wenjing still felt like it was a lie, a fake.

Of course, although she had doubts, Liang Wenjing still earnestly read through all the doc.u.ments related to the project. If it was real, then her company would finally be able to last for a bit. If it was a lie, then she could still help her cousin see through it.

First, this building schedule had no problems at all. In her professional eyes, there weren't any problems with the listed time schedule, quality, and choice of materials.

The building blueprints also came from the familiar park design inst.i.tution. The stamped seal and date confirmed that this was a newly announced design, not one of those previously used second-hand ones.

Of course, the blueprints she had were only the planning blueprints. Real construction blueprints were priced by every square meters, which meant that even the simple looking factory blueprints still cost several millions.

Those two were completely real. Liang Wenjing was already believing that this entire project was just missing a construction company to carry it out.

Because there was no one that would be willing to spend millions just for a one night stand.

This was a project with tens of millions lying on it. If she accepted this, then not only could her company break free from the struggle, it could even earn a bunch.

Liang Wenjing felt that her construction company completely possessed the abilities to complete the details within this building schedule. The skills necessary to build a factory weren't high at all, and equipment could always be rented and extra manpower could be hired on the spot.

It was also because of all of this that Liang Wenjing felt like this fortune came too sudden., making her doubt that Ye Qing was a worker who was actually responsible for drafting such details.

Which was why when she called Ye Qing, she was completely apprehensive. Although she harboured some hopes, but she still hoped that this was a fake.

Before answering this unknown number, Ye Qing first released the controls of the Mechanical Colossus, then asked: "h.e.l.lo ~ who are you looking for?"

"Is this…… Mr. Ye? I’m Bai Dou’r’s cousin, Liang Wenjing."

"Hi there." Ye Qing politely greeted: "I’m Ye Qing, DouDou has already sent you the building schedule, correct?"

"Yes, and my company does have the ability to take on the task." Liang Wenjing nervously asked: "But does your side……"

"I got no problems."

"Well since you guys can build it, then let’s sign the contract. Just follow what is said in the contract for everything else. So Miss. Liang, when are you free to sign it?"

"Ah ~" Liang Wenjing was seriously shocked, the other party was asking her when to sign the contract.

They were actually asking when they could sign the contract!

"I’ve got time right now." Liang Wenjing was completely speechless after getting smashed by this surprise. It was​ currently 7 PM, but without a tender doc.u.ment, how could she sign?

"Sorry, so sorry, Mr. Ye. I'm just too excited." Liang Wenjing hurriedly apologized: "I haven’t even prepared a tender doc.u.ment yet, I'll get on it right away."

"If you think that the requirements on the schedule are of no problems, then the doc.u.ment can be as simple as possible, a couple of pages is more than enough." Ye Qing had seen his share of construction doc.u.ments. Thick as all heck, completely filled with bulls.h.i.+t construction terminologies.

This was literally just a step in the process. Previously the other company made a great doc.u.ment, yet in the end they still went with all the tricks.

"However, Miss. Liang." Ye Qing needed to make this clear: "Previously we had contracted another construction company, but their style and att.i.tude was filled with problems, which was why we decided to terminate the contract."

"After the signing of the contract, I must request Miss. Liang, you, to please follow the requirements set in the contract." This was DouDou's cousin, so naturally Ye Qing was a lot nicer in terms of words.

"Mr.…… Mr. Ye, be a.s.sured. As long as there is a contract to sign, then we will guarantee that we will try 110% to achieve everything without a need for you to worry."

The way Liang Wenjing said this clearly showed just how excited she was. This contract, if signed, basically meant that her construction company could finally shake off the shackles of hards.h.i.+p and struggles. That was clearly all thanks to her beautiful cousin and this Mr. Ye.

"Oh right, Mr. Ye, can I inquire just what the previous company you hired was called? Switching construction teams in the middle means that I need to do work transfers with them."

"I think it was call Tianhui Construction Company."


When Ye Qing said this name, the shock that Liang Wenjing felt could be said to be so much more than what she felt when Ye Qing said that they could sign the contract at anytime.

However, this shock contained many traces of fear and dread.

On the call, Liang Wenjing stayed silent for a full ten seconds. Finally, in a disappointed and heavy voice, she said: "Mr. Ye, did you even bother to check out or research this company before contracting?"

"This company…… Their background is somewhat…… We……"

Liang Wenjing didn't continue on with the sentence, but Ye Qing was still perfectly able to understand what she meant.

It was basically that this construction company was going to be super hard to kick out. Additionally, Liang Wenjing didn't dare to go have a 'chat' with the company.

Right at this moment, Ye Qing was really admiring his dad.

Contracting a construction company naturally meant some research needed to be done before the actual contracting.

"Since I've already said it, then that means we can sign at anytime." Ye Qing's voice on the call was still calm and collected: "Which obviously means that our prior contracts will not contain any barrier or hindrance."

"Ms. Liang, when can you finish the tender doc.u.ments?"

"I…… I……" Now where was Liang Wenjing going to find her backbone? She really, really, really didn't want to 'chat' with that company.

However, Ye Qing's unmoving confidence had Liang Wenjing believe what she thought to be an enormous headache, in front of Ye Qing was basically nothing.

"The day after. At the latest the day after."

"Then the day after it is." Ye Qing smiled: "Then I'll stop bothering you Ms. Liang."

Monster Factory Chapter 150

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