Monster Factory Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: Two different calls

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

After hanging up the call, Ye Qing called his dad to inform him of Liang Wenjing’s worries.

"Geez ~ I saw that a new nearby factory was also built by them. It's almost complete, and the quality of the works wasn’t bad." Ye Jiangning naturally wouldn’t doubt what Ye Qing said, but he was still p.i.s.sed: "Now I know that the concrete and steel are perfectly fine, but there’s tricks and schemes all over the place with those decoration materials."

"I know some people at the Bureau of and Rural Construction. If they really don't leave, I'll think of ways."

After hanging up the call, Ye Qing then gave DouDou a call.

DouDou was currently streaming. Now, her days were normally spent working at the TV station, while finally being free at night.

She was currently at an old restaurant, whose specialty was their golden fried rice with dried shrimp, crab roe, salted duck yolk, and a bowl of chicken soup……

In the end, many of the countless viewer on the stream were already dripping drool. Good thing it happened to be dinner time right now, which was why many of them were eating while watching.

The first call she answered was from her cousin, Liang Wenjing.

Because Ye Qing confirmed on signing the contract with her, Liang Wenjing naturally wanted to share this news with her cousin as, after all, this was quite a large project requiring tens of millions in funding.

DouDou always had two cellphone on her, one for streaming, and the other for contacting. She nodded along for a bit, then excused herself saying that she was streaming and many people were watching, so she couldn’t talk much and they could talk later tonight.

"Such kindness!"

"DouDou is my favorite streamer, ever since I’ve watched her stream, I’ve already gained three Kilos."

"Yes yes, DouDou won’t even answer her phone just for us."

"DouDou is our's. Hehe ~ how important is a call when compared to us?!"

Coincidentally, right at that moment, DouDou’s phone rang again. The streaming phone was right across the table so the viewers could clearly see DouDou.

"Hi ~ Big brother Ye." The att.i.tude and tone DouDou used to answer the call was completely different from the call with her cousin, it was soft and gentle.

Ye Qing told her about how he just confirmed everything about the contract with her cousin, and then asked what she was doing and whether she had eaten and the likes.

"En ~ I'm currently at [A Work of Rice] here tasting their golden fried rice." DouDou asked Big brother Ye if he had eaten yet, and whether he wanted to come here to enjoy this great tasting fried rice with her.

Ye Qing just so happened to need to make a trip to the old factory, and now that DouDou mentioned food, he actually felt hungry and told her that he would be there in twenty.

While DouDou and Ye Qing were having a nice 'constructive' conversation, the countless viewers of the stream exploded into a riot.

"Who is this? DouDou hurry up and hang up, you're a professional streamer!"

"Big brother Ye, who's this Big brother Ye? AHH, What is this?! DouDou's actually having a conversation with a man called Big brother Ye?"

"Where's the d.a.m.n law! DouDou, hurry up and hang up!"

The floating banners on the cell phone were naturally seen by DouDou. Then, almost all of the viewers saw some faint traces of blush, just like a drop of dye in clear water, rendering on her immaculate cheeks.

However, the call still kept on going. DouDou embarra.s.singly stuck out her tongue at everyone, then went back to ask what Ye Qing wanted to eat, as there were just too many different combinations.

"I think I know who this Big brother Ye is……"

"I remember a couple episodes back when DouDou mentioned that Big brother Ye was that bro. Look at the first one on the donations chart, the one that exceeds even the sum of the next twenty people after him. That's the bro we're talking about."

"Oooo ~ so it’s that bro."

"If DouDou's cousin found out about this, then she would definitely be in the washroom crying right now."

"Alright everyone, time to leave. DouDou's definitely going to shut down the stream later."

"If it's that bro, then I can forgive DouDou."

"Don't shut it down, please don't shut it down, I want to see that bro."

After hanging up the call, DouDou actually did want to shut down the stream, but the audience threatened to unsubscribe in ma.s.s.

Even the chat was filled with craziness as many of the audience all vowed to immediately stop following if she closed it. DouDou was made completely helpless by the audience, which was why she came up with the idea of asking Big brother Ye to greet everyone later.

On the Dragon Creek Beach side, Ye Qing was calling the company for a couple of drivers to come with a tractor flatbed trailer.

The prototype of the Mechanical Colossus had finally finished receiving all of its modifications, which meant it was ready for real testing at the old factory.

With this piece of equipment, Ye Qing believed that the time wasted in switching construction companies by the old factory could be quickly recovered in a couple of days, and they could even firmly surpa.s.s the estimated timeline set in the contract.

DouDou was still waiting for him to join, which was why Ye Qing left the loading of the machine to the master artisan and ran off first.

Arriving at [A Work of Rice], DouDou had already ordered the most expensive golden fried rice for him, even with double crab roe.

DouDou choose a pretty secluded corner to sit in, but when Ye Qing arrived, he found it with just one glance. Who let her possess that attention seeking halo for all men?

"Streaming?" Ye Qing waved at DouDou.

"Big brother Ye!" DouDou also stood up and waved, in the chat, people were already saying how a gourmet food stream had now become a romance show.

"Big brother Ye, want to greet everybody? I wanted to turn down the stream before, but they all disagreed saying they wanted to see you." DouDou didn’t turn the cell phone around, but the audience could still hear everything.

"They want to see me?" Ye Qing sat down, full of curiosity, and adjusted the position of the phone: "Since you guys wanted to see me, here I am. h.e.l.lo everyone!"

As soon as Ye Qing enter the stream picture, the chat exploded again with ‘Hi Bro!', and ‘Bro you’re too awesome'.

"Bro did you come alone? How come I didn’t see a driver?"

"Most definitely, when would you bring a driver to a date? Isn't that just asking to be dumped?"

"Bro, you came before in a Bentley, what kind of car is it now?"

"Yeah yeah ~ bro show us your car later ok?"

The majority of the viewers were all millennials. Getting the rare chance to meet with a millionaire in their generation was naturally a horizon opening experience.

And very clearly, DouDou had already been cast aside by them.

"Not everyone might be familiar with the car brand, but its performance is impeccable." Ye Qing felt like this type of interaction with the audience was pretty fun, as he happily pulled out the car keys to show everyone.

Then, very quickly, some car fanatics had already identified the car maker, while everyone else was calling for Ye Qing to leave the keys on the table so they could take a screenshot.

After taking a screenshot, the people then all begged for Ye Qing to show them the interior of the car.

"I'll let DouDou show you guys around, I need to eat something first." The fragrant smell of the golden fried rice was just too stimulating for Ye Qing to ignore.

"If bro didn’t mention it, I almost forgot about DouDou……"

"Me too……"

"Yes yes ~ DouDou is the most important in my heart. DouDou, hurry up and show us the super expensive car."

Monster Factory Chapter 151

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