Monster Factory Chapter 152

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Chapter 152: We won’t leave so easily

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Luxury cars were a topic of much discussion for millennials.

Especially when there was a chance to examine it closely, or even interact with its owner.

After Ye Qing finished his meal, the audience all got excited as they all wanted to see him and DouDou go for a spin.

Ye Qing agreed to their request, yet the audience all screamed​ and shouted like a thunderstorm, as they all felt like they were the ones taking DouDou for a spin.

Ye Qing also found this quite amusing, as he continued to connect with the audience.

Having completed the spin, Ye Qing conveniently drove DouDou home, and while on the way, in front of a million plus viewers, he called the company to send a driver over.

When the Lagonda finally arrived at her place, a Benz G-65 was already there waiting.

A suited Old Li and another employee stood beside the car and hurriedly greeted when they saw Ye Qing appearing.

Ye Qing handed over DouDou’s scooter keys and told them to bring it back.

Seeing a Benz G-65 wait there specifically just to retrieving DouDou’s scooter, the million plus members of the audience sank into despair; especially when someone filled them in on the fact that that Benz G-65 cost more than 4 million.

"Alright, I’m done. I’m going to cut my internet and focus on studying just for the chance to join this bro's company."

"I’m an honorary graduate of the New Oriental University. I also want to drive a Benz to go grocery shopping."

"Can I still switch my university application? I want to go to the University of Zhongyun……"

Ye Qing happily excused himself​ in front of everyone saying that he still had things to take care of, so he couldn’t play with everyone anymore.

DouDou was still blus.h.i.+ng. Big brother Ye being able to squeeze out some spare time in his busy schedule to be with her meant that Big brother Ye cared for her. Seeing the shadow of the leaving Ye Qing, DouDou's heart was skipping beats as she had the urge to run up and hug him.

Ye Qing drove directly to the old factory within the industrial park. Currently,​ the old factory had already been rebranded to Hurricane Technicals, which clearly sounded a lot more high tech.

While on the way, Ye Qing still felt that interacting with the audience was something enjoyable, however, when he got to the old factory, he immediately found it to be a pain.

The land given to the old factory by the park for further expansion was right behind it.

Right now, on this piece of land, already existed a brand new factory workshop. Originally, the construction site should be lights blazing with people pulling overtime to complete the buildings, but now that Ye Jiangning decided to swap construction companies, the entire site thoroughly came to a halt.

The construction site still had lights on, but it was mainly over at the simple construction office area.

It was nothing big for a construction site to halt constructing, especially when the ones responsible for building had already been swapped out, so there was really no need for them to continue helping out.


The tractor flatbed trailer that Ye Qing asked for previously, moved the prototype Mechanical Colossus here to attend the construction process.

Yet, now the prototype was blocked at the entrance. Two excavators sat in the middle of the road had denied it access.

The two excavators should’ve just arrived, as their engines were still rumbling. The truck driver was just about to make a call, but after seeing Ye Qing’s car, he immediately waved.

Ye Qing was pretty mad upon seeing this, which was why he pulled out the Monster Factory and summoned Hulk One and Hulk Two into the back seats. He then got out of the car and asked the driver what the problem was.

"President Ye, they say that they’re responsible for the site, and this machine of ours isn’t allowed in." The driver, seeing the arrival of the backbone of the company, hurriedly stood off to the side.

The two drivers of the excavators jumped out and, with ungrateful eyes, stared at Ye Qing.

"Which construction company are you from? You want to bring in your equipment without our approval?" The two drivers spat out these questions out like machine gun fire.

"And the equipment on your truck, why does it look like a d.a.m.n tank?"

Under the blazing front headlights, they couldn’t clearly make out the situation, especially not the two iron tower like figures standing behind Ye Qing.

"Doesn’t this site…… belong to [Hurricane Technicals]?" Ye Qing was somewhat taken back. Since when did they become the masters of this place?

This company’s att.i.tude……

Was seriously irritating.

Ye Qing doesn’t know the culture of construction companies, but from the perspective of the law, he was the owner of this place, which meant he had the final say on everything here.

There was really no point in talking to these bottom tier goons, which was why Ye Qing directly told them to call over someone in charge.

The person in charge of the site quickly swaggered over, obviously drunk, and blurbed: "I’m the one responsible for this construction site, which construction company are you with?"

"Let’s see…… I'm with the contract providers, which makes me your boss." Ye Qing didn’t show the peons just yet.

"Oh ~ look at my eyes." This man with his Montague purse slapped his head: "So, it’s the little boss. Ah hum, sorry, sorry for the impoliteness."

"My name is Zhang Jun, the manager of a team of construction workers for Tianhui Construction." Zhang Jun pulled a pack of cigarettes and was going to offer a couple to Ye Qing: "Little boss, let me tell you, it’s also very difficult for all of us."

"Look at all the 300 some hands here, we alone have 20 excavators, 6 tower cranes, 2 compaction machines, cement mixer, benders and the likes."

"These pieces of equipment just sitting there cost money, yet you want me to pack them up and move out?"

"In the workhouse behind me lives 300 plus soul, and we just finished building that place."

"How about this." Ye Qing basically told Zhang Jun to stop finding excuses: "If you and everyone here packs up and leaves by tomorrow, I won’t chase you for compensations for using fakes."

"Fakes?" Zhang Jun again began to make a big deal out of small things: "Little boss, you can’t fire people like this. We were also deceived! We've already swapped out those materials after discovering then."

"We're all honest business folks, so how could we use fake materials, right? From now on, I guarantee that there will be no more of such instances, as long as you add in a bit more outside funding to the contract."

"You say you are honest people, yet you still have two excavators blocking the road. This clearly means no to my piece of equipment entering the site." Ye Qing smiled: "If you leave tomorrow, I’ll forget about everything."

"Little boss, let me put it this way."

Zhang Jun also smiled: "If you let us continue on with our merry constructions, then go ahead and move as much equipment as you like. But, if you're going to take away our rice bowl, then how can we just leave so ingloriously?"

"This kind of thing has never happened before, and will never happen again. Otherwise, if word got out, then wouldn't people just think that Tianhui Construction was made out of only mud?"

"Alright, I get your point." Ye Qing patted his shoulder: "Well since you've said all of this, then I'll tell you my opinion. I'm going to switch contractors in two days."

Having finished, Ye Qing waved at the truck driver on the side to park the truck at the old factory for now.

8 AM the next day, Ye Qing had already given the chief of the Bureau of and Rural Construction, Le Zhendong, a call.

Since Tianhui Construction was still living on the construction site, then the Bureau of and Rural Construction would naturally act as an unmovable mountain over them.

8:30 AM, Tianhui Construction's owner, Fu Weiyu, personally came over to look for Ye Qing to say how they would leave and would pack up immediately.

"Why didn't you say earlier that you're friends with Chief Le." Fu Weiyu acting as if he was a veteran wanderer: "If you said so earlier, then there was no need for this entire mess."

"We'll have everything gone by 5PM."

"But President Ye, although our Tianhui construction won't be working here anymore, then how come the company you are about to sign with is so scared to come?"

"Of course, if you are going to sign on the China Railway Construction Group, then don't mind what I just said what so ever."

"Really?" Ye Qing picked his ear: "I plan on contracting a small time company. Then according to what you just said, this entire construction project of mine will be forever stalled here?"

"How could that be possible? If you ask me back, then of course everything would go on as usual."

Having said his piece, Tianhui Construction's owner Fu Weiyu walked away chuckling.

Monster Factory Chapter 152

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