Monster Factory Chapter 156

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Chapter 156: A master of pen and sword

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

When Ye Qing found Liang Wenjing after searching through each table one by one like an internet friend, he waved.

Liang Wenjing wasn't too attractive, mediocre at best, but she surely looked capable and experienced in professional attire and with her hair tied up.

While Ye Qing was sizing her up, she was also doing the same to him.

Because this man who was smiling at her might not only be her new boss, but was also her cousin's 'good' friend.

In this brief moment, Liang Wenjing found him to be 'not bad whatsoever'; nothing to nitpick about his looks or style.

"h.e.l.lo, President Ye." Liang Wenjing stood up and was first to greet him.

"Hi, Ms. Liang." Ye Qing first shook hands with her, then was politely asked by Liang Wenjing if he wanted something to drink.

Ye Qing ordered a cup of scented flower tea, while Liang Wenjing handed over her company's prepared tender doc.u.ments in a timely manner.

Although Ye Qing told Liang Wenjing that she could simplify it a bit, when he received it, its thickness was more than enough to inform Ye Qing that its contents weren't simple at all.

After flipping through a couple of pages, Ye Qing now basically understood what her plan and standards were for the construction project.

Ye Qing, while sipping his tea and sitting there under the sunlight, caused Liang Wenjing to notice some very peculiar details.

This young man looked particularly clean and tidy. His neat and modern hair style clearly displayed his essence of time.

It has always been said that the first impression was important, however, the first impression Ye Qing gave Liang Wenjing could be said to be something similar to those gentlemen with imposing appearances.

"President Ye?" Liang Wenjing, while sorting out her thoughts, quietly asked: "Has Tianhui Construction……"

"According to conventions, we still need to partake in a handover event with them. I’m afraid of their endless hara.s.sment when the time comes."

"There’s no need for a hand over." Ye Qing smiled: "You can head in directly. As for Tianhui, you don’t need to care about them."

"But President Ye, isn’t that against customs? What if there's a problem with their work after the exchange period?"

"There won't be any problems. Tianhui only built one workshop which possess sound structural integrity, but the materials used on the sides were all subpar." Ye Qing put down his cup: "They've also already swapped out all of those materials, so there's no problem with the building."

"Then what about after……" Liang Wenjing had already made the final decision of accepting the task, but as soon as she thought of Tianhui’s history, she suddenly had second thoughts.

"There won’t be any after." Ye Qing knew what she was worried about, and looked her in the eyes: "Ms. Liang, Tianhui’s owner, Fu Weiyu, no longer has a chance to mess with anyone anymore."

"Because he has sank deep into a sea of his own legal mess, with no possibility of escaping. Haven’t you been following the news within the sector?"


That sentence from Ye Qing left Liang Wenjing dumbstruck.

Tianhui was in deep legal problems? No foreseeable future left?

It wasn’t that Liang Wenjing didn’t follow the news in the sector, it was just that the evilness a.s.sociated with Tianhui never had her care to begin with.

She had heard about the company’s att.i.tude many years back.

Except now, this young man here was telling her that Tianhui Construction had just become history, with no need to care at all.

How was this possible?

Liang Wenjing wasn’t stupid. She was naturally able to guess that Ye Qing did something major, and made Tianhui history.

Tianhui being idiots and using imitation materials was the root cause of their construction license getting revoked. It was just that according to their character, there was no way they would let go so easily.

Last time on the phone, this young man had told her that Tianhui wasn’t a problem. And who would’ve thought that in less than two days, Tianhui had already become history.

Just what kind of background did her cousin's friend have?

After formally signing the contract, Ye Qing thought that that would be the end of this matter with the construction site.

Except it wasn't.

Because Ye Qing left the prototype Mechanical Colossus at the construction site. With the backing of the giant tools and a peon as the operator, it was responsible for the 'safety' as well as some construction work within the site.

As a result, it basically left the 20 excavators rented by Liang Wenjing in complete shame.

After signing the contract in the morning, Liang Wenjing and her team of contract workers entered the site in the afternoon.

The Colossus at the time was speedly digging the foundations of the to be constructed buildings.

The earth here had good hardness, which meant a foundation depth of only 2 meters.

A foundation of 1.3 meters wide and 2 meters deep required the excavator to dip its bucket at least twice to reach a width of 1.3 meters. As for the Mechanical Colossus?

It used its two hands and arms like a shovel, quickly and speedily. As for when it met rocks, old building foundations, and whatnot, it straight up turned the arms around and swapped out for other tools.


Under their disbelieving eyes of these veteran excavator drivers, the Colossus disa.s.sembled a giant boulder that they believed to need at least half a day to clear, in under a minute.

As for the heavy pipes transported over, there was no need for any crane towers whatsoever.

All the Mechanical Colossus needed to do was rumble its way there, swap out for some lumber claws, and the pipe sections weighing in over dozens of tons were cleared away in less than 2 minutes just like that.

The new factory workshops was also designed to have a several hundred ton gantry crane outside, which not only needed a foundation, but also support pillars.

The holes for the pillars had already been dug by Tianhui before, it was just that Liang Wenjing wanted to use a machine specifically designed for hammering in pillars to do this. Yet the Mechanical Colossus accepted this challenge, and in less than 5 minutes with the a.s.sault mode on, the pillar was driven in.

Most importantly, there was no need to waste time and effort to disa.s.semble, move, and rea.s.semble the c.u.mbersome pillar driver.

Seriously, what kind of high-tech construction equipment was this?

The workers on the site, as soon as they were free, were guaranteed to run over and watch the Mechanical Colossus work its magic.

Seeing it at work was just like watching a magician at work on the streets. Not only were there construction workers, even workers from nearby factories and random pa.s.serbys gathered together to watch this high-tech equipment do its awe inspiring magic.

It wasn't that there wasn’t anyone who went up to ask what this was.

It was just that the unsmiling and unspeaking ice cold face of the peon basically scared the wits out of everyone present.

What kind of joke was this? With all the muscles on this guy’s body, even MMA t.i.tle holders were worthless in front of him.

Finally, some workers from Hurricane Technicals let out pieces of information.

This new large scale construction vehicle was the research result of their Little Boss's personal company. Right now, the machine was performing mechanical testing and data gathering onsite.

This was called the Mechanical Colossus, an omnipotent high-end construction vehicle.

Yang Chenjie, an excavator driver born in '95, came from a village governed by the munic.i.p.ality of Zhongyun. Due to bad grades, he immediately enrolled in excavator training at Lanxiang technical school after finis.h.i.+ng middle school. After graduating and going back home, he joined in one of his cousin’s construction teams as an excavator operator.

Within the entire construction team, he was the youngest, but also the one with the best operating skills.

Which was purely because he graduated from Lanxiang and had a habit of going on his phone to watch how others operated as well as filming himself operating.

Monster Factory Chapter 156

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