Monster Factory Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: It’s from Monster Heavy Industry

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Yang Chenjie loved to do research, especially into excavator techniques that others deemed impossible.

When excavating, Yang Chenjie always kept a 90° angle between the arm and the bucket, and when the bucket entered the earth, it would always enter at a 35° angle.

Because at this angle, the excavator would be able to maximize its strength as well as lower the amount of resistance faced by the bucket as it entered the earth.

Stretch, enter, and retract were always completed in one step. His personal ride, a Komatsu 220, could easily outperform two domestic excavators in its best form.

There were many in the construction site who enjoyed using their phones to record down everything about the Mechanical Colossus, except no one uploaded anything.

Yang Chenjie had already forgotten how many times he went into drooling day dreams thinking about the Mechanical Colossus since entering the site yesterday.

Because he felt this equipment was even more beautiful than his imagination of a G.o.ddess.

At least the G.o.ddess wasn’t drool worthy!

Which was why today he made a post on the excavator operators forum to shock and awe those peers.

«c.r.a.p ~ From now on all excavators are a thing of the past, everyone can go and find other jobs.»

But I’ll only tell everyone why when there’s 1000 replies.

He was already a frequent poster of operational technique videos on the forum, which was why as soon as the post was made, many replies immediately came flying in.

However, most of the replies all called him a hypocrite and how excavators, even given a century, would still be in use.

But replies were replies after all, so the 1000 replies mark was quickly met. Soon after, Yang Chenjie, just like showing off a jewel, posted a single picture.

It was a picture of the Mechanical Colossus at still with its arms folded and tucked to the side, and with the giant tools in the toolbox at the back.

On the forum were mostly people who had experience operating excavators, which was why as soon as they saw the picture, they quickly began to imagine the efficiency of the two arms with the tools at the back at work.

However after imagining, Yang Chenjie was utterly ridiculed.

Countless number of people ridiculed him for being an idiot, saying how excavators needed to control at least two different control sticks before the arm could move properly.

In total, four control sticks were needed for the entire arm, so this machine of his must be made for Asura, because only he has eight arms.

"I agree that this machine looks super cool, but it’s totally impractical."

"You say it can replace excavators? This thing is clearly almost the same size as an excavator and it needs to control two different arms, so what’s the difference between it and two separate excavators?"

"It definitely needs two drivers, and they must be twins who can communicate telepathically."

"666 ~ This reminded me of the Crimson Hurricane from Pacific Rim which was piloted by a pair of twins."

When this round of message were posted, Yang Chenjie was stunned.

Right ~ He was completely drawn in by just how advanced and how efficient it was and didn’t even bother to consider how it was controlled.

Now that he thought about it, stick controls were immediately eliminated. When the Mechanical Colossus was working, its mechanical arms were as nimble as they could get. However, there was just a muscle head operator who never smiled.

As for asking the peon, well, he doesn’t have the guts to do so.

Ever since he entered the site, the workers hated not being able to leave at least a kilometer between them. The peon also never spoke, which resulted in more people believing that he was mute.

But these highly cla.s.sified secrets definitely wouldn’t appear on in public no matter how he asked. Yang Chenjie, seeing the ever growing number of posts calling him a hypocrite, an attention seeker, and some even called the picture photoshopped.

Yang Chenjie finally got angry. Since these people were cursing and calling names, then they should witness the true strength of this Mechanical Colossus.

Half an hour later, a five minute long video was uploaded by Yang Chenjie.

When many people opened the video full of confidence and looking to nitpick all the faults, they were completely dumbstruck in front of their screens as the video played out.

This was an edited video of the Mechanical Colossus in operation, as it speedly dug out a wide and long trench.

The speed at which its two mechanical arms worked had everyone watching hate it for not being able to slow down.

A single grab resulted in the removal of two cubic feet of earth. In the first ten some seconds of the video, the Mechanical Colossus had already dug up for than thirty cubic feet.

And this was only digging. When the video reached the one minute mark, the machine swiftly swapped out its tools.

Having changed into two iron like pieces of square metal, it then ran over to a place with soft earth and with multiple booms, compacted and flattened the land.

At this point the video was also shaking, clearly showing just how much force this machine could put out.

Everyone that was watching the video was frozen as they just didn’t know how to reply anymore. Previously, they were still thinking about how complicated it would be to operate the machine, thinking about how it would be both slow and clumbersome, and how there might even be more than ten control sticks.

Yet, they were mercilessly trampled over by the effectiveness and efficiency of this machine.

This machine was basically quick and nimble beyond belief.

Near the end of the video was the Mechanical Colossus installing the pipelines.

Pipelines were, one after another, securely held in place by the timber claw, and with no need for a spotter, connected to the channel opening perfectly.

Ten seconds to connect a section; most of the time here was wasted on aiming the ends.

Having finished the video, all of those who have watched it all had a terrible time trying to express their current feelings.

"My G.o.d, what the h.e.l.l is that thing?"

"Terrifying. Completely and utterly terrifying. Its efficiency is even better than that of ten excavators put together. Add on the ability to swap tools, if it was give a pair of hands, would it not be able to become an aircraft hunter?"

"OP, hurry up and tell me, what is this thing called and where is it from?"

"Was this researched by Komatsu?"

"Impossible, I’ve already gone on their site, there was no mention of this thing."

"I think it’s by Germany’s Krupp Corporation, the one who created the Bagger excavator series. They’ve already created the world’s largest mechanical excavator decades ago. The 15,000 ton giant land beast that’s spreading across the internet like wildfire recently was made by them."

"I think it’s more likely to be from the United States of America. Haven’t you guys noticed the artificial mechanical arms on it yet? I heard that the Adept Technology was really really ahead in the field of industrial robots, so it's very likely for these arms to be produced by them."

"j.a.pan is also another possible candidate. j.a.panese robotic technologies are well known worldwide. It’s also the same for computer guided lathes, and many of them are even rumored to be more precise than German ones."

At the moment, Yang Chenjie was holding his phone, sitting outside, and laughing like an idiot.

"Hahahahahaha ~"

Seeing all these users shocked beyond belief, and even making these exaggerated guesses, Yang Chenjie felt like he was as excited as when he got his first paycheck.

Hehe, even if you guys guess a life time, you still won’t be able to find out who is the maker of this machine.

With enormous fulfillment, it nearly made Yang Chenjie feel like he was on cloud nine. Though, soon after, a brand new post appeared.

«Beg me, beg me to tell you.»

Normally, these kinds of posts would definitely be immediately deleted by the mods, and he would even be silenced for a couple of days.

But right now, even two of the many forum mods joined in the begging army.

What Grandpa Yang, Big brother Yang, Boss Yang, and what not, all flew in like a hive of bees. But they all had one goal in mind, to ask, to beg, Yang Chenjie to tell them just who created this revolutionary machine.

"Alright ~ Each and everyone of you clear out your ears and listen up." Yang Chenjie posted a sound clip.

"Big brother hurry up and tell us, we're all listening." Immediately someone replied with a sound message.

"This machine's name is the Mechanical Colossus!"

Yang Chenjie posted word by word: "It's from our country, completely and utterly domestically made."

"And it comes from [Monster Heavy Industry]!"

Monster Factory Chapter 157

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