Monster Factory Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: True effects

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

"This isn’t possible! This doesn’t match the data at all!"

"The wind should be gusting towards a vortex and should twist the structure. Additionally, at different heights, there’ll be different wind speeds, which should hit the arm with different amounts of force."

"Yet how can it just so simply ignore such complicated physics."

The people from the weather station, even after having time to think, still couldn’t figure it out.

"Guys, quick, look. The feeds aren't shaking at all." The director, who had been forgotten until now, couldn’t contain his excitement anymore as he yelled for the camera team a bit too loud, making everyone hear him.

Like a wave, everyone gathered around him. Although they were standing more than 100 meters away, they could still see just how still the camera was. But no matter how good the eyes were, it still can’t compare to mechanical differentiation.

Ding Yin was squeezed pretty tight by everyone, but he didn’t even have time to say anything as spreading the joy was key right now.

The camera was pointed right at the ground. This Sony F-55 4K camera was able to capture every blade of gra.s.s on the ground with crystal clear quality. Yet. while the blades of gra.s.s moved with the wind, the pictures still remained motionless, as if it was still placed on the ground.

"The wind has definitely toned down, the wind must have toned down." The two specialist now gave up on looking elsewhere as they both focused on the dancing arm, and waited for the wind to pick up so that they could be right.

Without disappointment, a couple of minutes later, the wind clearly picked up again.

But following it was the nimble movements of the automated joints that looked just like that of a master dancer. No matter how big or complex the wind, it would be able to immediately recover with its joints through its powerful stepper motors.

The feeling was just like that of a hunting python. No matter how and where it moved, its head would always point towards the prey.

The difference here was that snakes use their muscles, while the foldable film arm used its stepper motors and angle sensors.

*Woooo Woooo*

As the wind grew larger, everyone watching stared on with shocked, beyond belief faces, not at the monitoring system, but at that moving arm in the sky.

Yes. No matter how big the wind, how could it break a ‘snake'?

As for getting picked up from the base, well, that was even more impossible. Most of the forces brought forth by the wind were all exhausted by the motors, and the heavily weighted base.

Before long, 20 minutes had pa.s.sed, and everyone from the film crew was visibly smiling. Even Ding Yin was laughing out loud and slapping his leg while watching the monitor feed.

Now that the shaking problem had been perfectly fixed, he could now finally start doing some serious filming.

Fu Xiangqing from the camera team whispered to himself: How can this be? How was the cable supported arms not stable, yet this one without cable support was completely fine.

"How do you do it?" The two specialist asked, bright red.

"Was this really so hard?" Ye Qing strangely asked back: "Those that can be blown over or blown broken are just equipment that lack force discharge abilities. These arms of mine can not only discharges incoming forces, they can even automatically return back to their original position through their motors.

"This is just a simple automated correction functionality, it shouldn’t possess any difficulty to create, so I really don’t understand your reactions."

"Hahahaha ~ President Ye, there’s no need to explain these details to these meteorologist. They only understand wind vortexes." The drivers of the two trailer beds all joined in on the 'fun'. They were all Monster Heavy Industry truck drivers who drive around with M.E.C.s and other kinds of strange components all day long.

After hearing and seeing these strange things, and with how much they understood of their employing company, they naturally knew more than the average person.

"If it was as easy as you said it was, then how come other companies can’t make them?" The two specialist still couldn’t and wouldn’t accept just how wrong they were about those film arms.

The two drivers almost burst out laughing right then and there, even Ye Qing was barely able to refrain from laughing.

"Alright, alright. Since there’s no problems with it straightening, then I still need to test its rotating abilities." Ye Qing couldn’t wait any longer, because he’s afraid of bursting out laughing in front of these unknowing ones.

Hearing that Ye Qing wanted to test the arm's rotating abilities, half of the onlookers quickly followed. There were even a couple of beautiful little super stars present.

After all, this never before seen high tech equipment just made it too easy to raise people’s curiosity.

The control system of the film arm was pretty similar to that of an excavator. It might seem complex, but people just needed to play with it a bit and they would completely understand how it worked.

With a bunch of people behind him, Ye Qing coolly smiled, then pushed the control stick directly forward.

*En En En En*

The motors responsible for the movement of the arms suddenly went into full power as it emitted *En En En* sounds.

With the camera attached, just like sky diving, it plummeted straight for the ground.


The guys and gals behind Ye Qing were all scared pale. Just seconds before the arm was still standing straight at 80 meters, yet who would’ve thought that it would plummet so suddenly.

Of course, calling it sudden was a bit too much, as if the arms fell too fast, its braking system wouldn’t be able to catch up at all. However, after having gotten used to the snail pace speed of winding cables, and then seeing this, of course everyone would be shocked. What’s more, previously the snail only knew how to go straight, with no knowledge of how to bend and turn.

Additionally, this speed was only slightly slower than terminal velocity.

Ding Yin, who was crouching and entirely focused on the monitoring feed, nearly had a heart attack.

The feeds which moments before were perfectly stable and stationary, suddenly dropped to the ground. Naturally that would scare the living daylight out of most people.

"Oh my G.o.d! This sudden drop nearly scared me to death!" Ding Yin continued to pat his beating heart, and looked quite pale: "I almost thought that our ten plus thousand camera fell off……"

Wait wait……

Sudden drops……

Before he even had the chance to calm down and clear his thoughts, the film arm, once again like a snake, slithered right back up into the sky.

Ding Yin’s view was immediately brought back to above the clouds, and split into two. Half of it the sky, while the rest was the ground. Just like riding a terrifying rollercoaster.

Just when he wanted to yell, the feeds actually stopped and went back to being still. Almost yelling, yet having to stuff it back down, was just like the camera floating in the wind, and carrying him over a sea of green.

If this set of monitoring system was a VR system, then the nearby hospital would be guaranteed to receive a new patients suffering from heart attack right now.

Shocked, stunned, in uproar, and horrified.

The casts and crew, who originally thought they've seen it all, right now showed just on wrong they were on their faces.

They originally thought that the automated correction motors that provide wind resistance were already high-tech enough.

But only now did they realized just how childish their imagination was.

So the unrestricted movement that was just like flying, was these film arms' true ability.

The people from the weather station just didn’t know where to hide anymore.

Which was why they all completely forgot about their ridiculous ‘scientific' conclusions, and full heartedly delved into this free, special, appreciative, and stimulating experience.


The heck are those.

Ding Yin had a breath stuck in his throat which he wanted to yell out, but how could Ye Qing give him the chance?

When the foldable film arm ultimately bend to a point where it couldn't bend further and the camera stopped moving, it had pretty much bent into a complete circle.

Now Ding Yin finally had the chance to explode.

"Hold on a minute!" Ding Yin, with bloodshot eyes, yelled as if he had lost some of his mind: "Quick, do that ground drop for me again!"

"Quick, President Ye, do that again for me!" Loud yells which have never been heard, once again came from Ding Yin. It's quite hard to believe that this old man was still capable of such high pitch screams.

Ye Qing satisfied the request and let Ding Yin again experience the thrill of the sky high plunge.

"Yes, Yes!" Ding Yin this time jumped right up and shouted: "This! Exactly this! This is something even Hollywood wouldn't be able to recreate!"

"Hahaha, the landing of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, with this shot, it'll definitely make the audience nervous to the point of forgetting to breathe."

"What do you call visual effects? Hahaha, this piece of equipment is the visual effects!"

"100% real shots, the shaking, falling, and hovering of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p can all be recreated."

"As long as I've got these two arms, I can definitely create something truly unforgettable!"

Monster Factory Chapter 163

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