Monster Factory Chapter 164

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Chapter 164: Roadside watermelons

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Thank you Monkoto for the support.

In today's day and age, scenes that required virtual editing and sci-fi effects would all compete in their technical skills, and their abilities to display both on the industrial and electronic displays.

When Hollywood wanted to film a zero gravity scene, they could always invite astronaut trainers and equipment from NASA to specifically film a realistic, zero gravity scene.

Domestically, even if there were people who were willing to invest so much, there still weren’t any zero gravity chambers to film in, as all of the country’s astronauts had to go to neighboring Russia to rent their zero gravity chambers to train.

Additionally, as for why domestic sci-fi films were so terrible, well that was because the electronic and industrial side couldn’t keep up.

This wasn’t a problem solvable with money. It was just like how no matter how wealthy you were, you still couldn’t be able to purchase a F-22. Hollywood, which possessed the world’s most advanced filming technologies, also wouldn't sell or even rent out their rice bowls to others.

Under these terrible circ.u.mstances, the domestically made fantasy and sci-fi films naturally couldn’t keep up. It got to the point now that instead of showing off their technical prowess, they were showing off their bulls.h.i.+ting abilities, such that a 5 cent effects scene was the result of a hundred million investment.

Of course, Ding Yin wasn’t one of those.

He was the only one within the entire film scene that wouldn’t get yelled at for his effects.

Of course, don’t think about how good these effects were, as they were barely able to meet the standards of the paying audience.

Avoiding a display of weakness was always a good way to see just how good a director is.

Now that Ding Yin had gotten his hands on two camera movement systems that were more advanced than anything Hollywood had, he would naturally take this chance to brainstorm all the diving scenes he was going to shoot.

Since there was no way to make great visual effect scenes, then he must replace them with high quality, minding numbing shots.

With this thought in mind, Ding Yin just couldn’t wait any longer to discuss pricing with Ye Qing.

Ye Qing gave him a very very friendly price; only 10 million.

Of course, this price was several folds more expensive than traditional film arms, but Ding Yin was still willing to pay up wholeheartedly.

At the same time, he couldn’t help but admire Ye Qing's money making abilities. Just look at how many millions he just pocketed with two no difficulty, casually made equipment.

This money making ability, don’t mention a nationally famous director, even if the top 10 nationally famous directors were put together, they still couldn’t compete.

Before leaving, Ye Qing called out to Xue Ninggong saying that he had got a gift for her.

"A gift?" Xue Ninggong, with a full body suit of plastic armor, looked at Ye Qing with shrinking eyes.

"A suit of armor." Ye Qing took out his 3D camera from the Benz, and waved at her: "Alright, stand still. I feel sick seeing this s.p.a.ce suit of yours, so I’m going to make a new one for you."

"Wait, you can make one? Oh right, that’s what those big shots at the Sheraton wanted from you the last time."

After striking a pose, Xue Ninggong jokingly said: "Just a picture is enough? You sure you don’t need my height, waist size, and stuff?"

"Hehe ~" Ye Qing smiled: "Of course I need it. Text me those later, oh, and don’t forget the other parts of your three sizes."

"No!" Xue Ninggong screamed.

"Kay, well peace then." Ye Qing waved, and stepped into the driver’s sat with a smile: "I'll have someone bring the full metal suit over tomorrow. Of course, this will only be the outer armor, as for the inner clothing, I don’t have that kind of skill."

"I'm so going to tell your girlfriend about this." Xue Ninggong bitterly commented: "I'm definitely going to get her to treat your petty little mouth."

Although Ye Qing had already said that DouDou wasn’t his girlfriend, Xue Ninggong believed that this was pretty much set in stone. As no matter how one saw then, they didn’t look like normal friends whatsoever.

Having turned the car around, Ye Qing left laughing.

The two trailer beds also left through the way they came, by the giant gap in the south.

Having left the dried up lake, Ye Qing drove with his data

As for the two trailer beds, Ye Qing didn’t bother waiting as he roared off.

The land here was all governed by a towns.h.i.+p, hence why there were farm fields as far as the eye could see. If it wasn’t for just how d.a.m.n hot it was outside, Ye Qing would’ve definitely rolled down his windows and enjoyed the peaceful views.

Having exited the twists and turns of the village, just as Ye Qing was about to get on the highway and head for Zhongyun, a roadside stall made him stop suddenly.

This roadside stall was placed right under a blooming tree, with a bed of dried gra.s.s and a poster board showing its wares.

Family farm watermelons, 1.50/lb.

Watermelons in Zhongyun right now were sold at 2-3/lb, but this wasn’t the reason why Ye Qing stopped.

Beside the pile of delicious looking watermelons, was a girl in Zhongyun University uniform, sitting there with a hand fan.

Seeing this junior sitting there selling watermelons, Ye Qing couldn't not support her.

Which was why Ye Qing turned on the emergency lights, parked on the edge of the road, and went out with the wallet DouDou bought for him.

"Are you looking to buy watermelons?" The girl in her fading uniform, seeing a masculine Benz stop by, hurriedly stood up and asked with smiles.

Ye Qing smiled back. This girl looked to be in her early 20s and seemed quite gentle.

"Are these all from your family farm?" Ye Qing patted a watermelon and the echo was very crisp.

"Yes sir. Right now is the perfect time for watermelons, and I guarantee that they’re all sweet."

Ye Qing randomly picked one up and handed it to her: "Cut it open and I’ll give it a try."

"Um…… will you be able to finish it all?" The girl asked hesitantly.

"I’ll take it to go if I can’t finish it. Go weigh it. If it’s good, I’m probably going to buy more."

Coming in at 7 Lbs, Ye Qing tried two pieces, and they truly weren’t bad.

Coincidentally, the two tailer beds also arrived at this time. Ye Qing waved for them to stop and invited the drivers to enjoy some refres.h.i.+ng melons with him.

Ye Qing knelt down beside the road as he continued to eat his watermelon and chat with her. However, this girl always kept an eye out, only when Ye Qing mentioned that he was a graduate from the University of Zhongyun did she finally realize.

And with this connection, the words came flowing out like a flooding river.

From the small talk, this girl was called Yu Sisi, who just finished her first year. These watermelons were all from her farm, as universities were now promoting startups, hence this stall of hers.

Yu Sisi never spoke a word about her family’s situation, but from what she was wearing alone, Ye Qing was able to easily guess that it wasn't so good.

Ye Qing then asked her how many watermelons her family farmed, and got the reply that it was only 2 hectares of these seeded watermelons. The watermelons brokers considered it too unprofitable to drive to their farm and pick it all up, which was why she would pick some out and sell it here for a couple hundred a day.

Only 2 hectares……

Ye Qing didn’t know just how many watermelons a hectare contained, but it was probably not a lot.

"How about this. I just so happen to have two trucks here, so I want all of your family’s watermelons. It's a good thing that I can treat all my employees on such a humid day."

"Errr…… that’s more than ten thousand pounds." Yu Sisi shockingly looked at this senior of hers: "There’s no way you can finish all of this. Senior, you don’t have to be so kind to me."

"I'll buy no matter who it’s from. Plus, if it weren’t for these watermelons, I would’ve totally forgotten to treat my employees." Ye Qing pulled out 5000 in cash from his wallet and handed it to her: "This is the down payment, so go find people to pick for you. If you’ve got family who still has some, I want it too. You can also take this chance to be an dealer agent, and you can fill these two trucks as much as you like."

"As for the price, keep it at 1.50. I've got many employees, so there's many ways for me to split them."

Ye Qing did some quick calculations. He had several hundred workers at the office and the old factory had even more. The monsters at the factory, although could be unsummoned to rest, they could still eat. Just the appet.i.te of the Raging Miners alone was enough to exterminate all of these watermelons.

"But but, if it’s the watermelon dealers were to come, the price would be even cheaper." Yu Sisi found all of this quite hard to believe.

Just as Ye Qing thought, Yu Sisi family’s situation wasn’t fine whatsoever. But no matter how she thought, she still wasn’t able to understand why this unfamiliar senior was this willing.

"No buts, just this price. If I were to buy in Zhongyun, it'll definitely be higher."

Having finished, Ye Qing called over the two drivers and had them go with her to collect the watermelons. When the final price had been calculated, they would give him a call and he would wire everything over.

The two drivers promptly pledged that they would only leave when the trucks were completely full.

"Senior, thank you. Thank you so much." Sparkling tears twinkled down Yu Sisi's face, who hurriedly tried to wipe them away with her sleeve.

Monster Factory Chapter 164

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