Monster Factory Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Outside of Tianranju

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

The girls also stood up. They’ve already been instructed on how to entertain the guest by Sang Qing.

When the beautiful attendant opened the wooden doors to this private room, Sang Qing is there waiting for the esteemed guest.

Ye Qing with his hands behind his back, appeared in front of them.

“Em?” This guest is so young! This is the girls’ first thought.

He looks so ordinary. The club girls tried to size up Ye Qing, but couldn’t find any brand names on the clothes he’s wearing at all.


Just as Ye Qing entered, Sang Qing who was beside the door and full of smiles, changed expressions just like a transformer.

Shock, fear, puzzle, doubt.

How can he not know of Ye Qing? A couple of days ago, he was so ruthless that he tore up that cutting machine contract, and refused to pay the remaining fees for the delivered machines.

There were many reasons to rip up the contract. For one, he wanted to stand up for his workers. Two, he didn’t want to accept the purchase and he just didn’t like Ye Qing at all.

A youth with no power nor money. If he gets bullied then so be it. Sang Qing could care less about this.

It’s just……

Even if Sang Qing has 10 heads, he still wouldn’t have thought that the boss of the high tech company he is yearning to meet, would be Ye Qing.

That factory of his, doesn’t it only make shoddy cutting machines?

Shocked inside, Sang Qing with a look similar to seeing a real life ghost, immediately asked: “Why is it you, and what you doing here?”

“So, Mr. Sang, you guys know each other?” Liu Fengjin had a look full of amazement, and introduced the two to each other: “Well this just got easier. Alright you two come on over and have a drink. Mr. Sang, you can produce curbstones, and Mr. Ye here can process it. Now you guys can cooperate and mutually benefit. Isn’t it just wonderful?”

“What am I here for?” Ye Qing seeing Sang Qing’s looks of having eaten s.h.i.+t, is just simply jolly inside: “Weren’t you the one who asked director Liu to invite me over?”


“I invited you?” Sang Qing almost flipped the table: “I invited the boss who can make high tech machines. I invited you? You drunk?”

“*Cough ~ cough*” Liu Fengjin looked innocently at Sang Qing: “This is the one who the chief personally accepted. So there shouldn’t be anything wrong here.”

Right now Sang Qing is like a donkey who suddenly won the Oscars, completely dumbstruck.

A couple of days ago, Ye Qing was still struggling to fix his machines. After the deal for the other 6 machines were cancelled, his looks were worse than losing a million yuan.

So then why can he, in just a couple of days, jack his 10,000,000 yuan deal, and release such age defying technology?


“You really possess those high tech carving machines?” Sang Qing after much effort, suppressed his shock and anger, just barely.

“Why do you care if I have it or not?” Ye Qing cold heartedly annihilated Sang Qing’s dreams: “Even if I do, with your att.i.tude, you think I’ll sell it to you?”

“Of course!” Sang Qing widened his eyes: “Business is all about cooperation. I’m worried that you don’t have the ability to digest the whole thing by yourself.”

“Yes yes, everyone wants to make money.” Liu Fengjin seeing the atmosphere heading in the wrong direction, hurriedly gave the girls several looks.

The 3 hot and s.e.xy girls on the side, hurriedly got up and smilingly hugged the guys’ elbows, saying what is there that’s more important than drinking?

Come on over mister, let us ladies accompany you for a few drinks.

These clubhouse girls clearly know how to grab hold of a guy’s attention. Using their personal advantages, had all the guys focus on them.

The one beside Ye Qing, has a very pure face and charming smile. Under her care, Ye Qing sat down and she informed the waiting waitress to serve the dishes.

With beautiful girls accompanying them, Ye Qing is invigorated. This is a feeling that he has never experienced before, and is able to make his heart beat like crazy.

It’s just with Sang Qing and Liu Fengjin in the room, Ye Qing has no appet.i.te to do anything.

Maybe it’s because the shock was just too much. But as soon as Sang Qing sat down again, he immediately chugged a few shoots of baiju.

As the 2 ounces of baiju went down, Sang Qing breathed out his alcohol breath towards the girl beside him.

As for Liu Fengjin, he also raised his shot gla.s.s, but before he could drink, he noticed the atmosphere becoming increasingly sour.

“Director Liu, Mr. Sang. Let’s stop playing games and get to the point.” Taking a deep breath, Ye Qing stated.

Right now, not only is Sang Qing’s eyes red, but so is his face.

A big business naturally means a high upkeep. Before, for this deal, Sang Qing already invested too much. He already bought 8 large scale excavators. If those just lie there, then that’s a huge loss every day.

As matters stands, regardless of whether or not Ye Qing possess those high tech carving skills, he must cough up some blood.

“I’ll give you 37 a piece for the curbstones, and 20% extra for those carving machines.*

Sang Qing gave an, in his mind, unrefusable offer.

“I’m very sorry Mr. Sang, but I’ve already found a provider and signed a contract for the the curbstones.” Ye Qing regretfully sighed: “As for the carving machines, don’t even think about it.”

“We’re all business men, you can’t be like this!” Sang Qing’s face immediately turned gloomy.

“Haha ~” Ye Qing mockingly laughed: “Since we’re already here, then Mr. Sang should know who’s more thorough.”

“So who was the one that ripped up the orders and had me sue him? Now you come begging?”

“That’s right, I specifically targeted your curbstone deal.” Ye Qing stood up and removed the jade like hands from his arm: “Mr. Sang, go ahead, sue me, see if I’m scared.”

Ye Qing’s choice is really difficult for those shady businessmen to understand. It’s only money, Sang Qing is already offering 37 for each curbstone and large sums of money for the machines.

So what’s the anger from before for? Endure it and easily earn a couple hundred thousand.

It’s just, no matter what, Ye Qing can’t swallow this anger. When the 6 machine order was ripped up, it let Ye Qing experience humiliation and powerlessness. If you need to swallow anger to earn some money, then he had already swallowed too much.

To Ye Qing, this isn’t about earning money anymore, it’s more about finding back his pride.

Although Sang Qing has connections and whether or not this problem will continue to grow like a s...o...b..ll, then that’s for a later time. That’s when Hulk One and Hulk Two’s fists do the talking.

Sang Qing is almost p.i.s.sed to death. Not only did his deal get jacked, but his original words were returned back to him unchanged. And he can’t do anything about it.

This kind of powerlessness let Sang Qing bath in his own anger.

Who do you think you are? You really think you can bully me around with just a couple of high tech machines?

Sang Qing, from the bottom of his heart, will never look up to Ye Qing. With robust strength and his knowledge of the streets, Sang Qing never put Ye Qing, a youth with no power and no money, in his eye.

“Just you wait, when the time comes, you’ll pay for your choices.” Sang Qing spitted each word.

“Don’t wait for later, come right now.” Ye Qing courageously sat down again: “I know you got connections on the streets and have a bunch of lunatics on call.

“I dare to jack your deal is because I already thought of the consequences. But I don’t believe in promises, especially when they come from you.”

The room is suddenly filled with an eery silence. The 3 club girls, were like deer who heard gunshots and immediately ran away.

They were paid to accompany them for drinks, not to watch these people fight.

Their views on men is even more accurate than fortune tellers. This mister, who paid large sums to invite them over, is definitely a shady businessman.

As for Ye Qing, he is an impulsive youth who was injected with chicken’s blood. There isn’t anyone else in the room right now. If they were to fight, then it definitely isn’t as simple as drawing blood.

Liu Fengjin’s gaping mouth is even bigger than a hippo’s.

He, who has lived lavishly for the the past few years, has never experienced this kind of intense situation. What is there for him to care about anymore, if he doesn’t get beaten to a pulp then he would consider himself lucky.

“Awww! My stomach is hurting, I need to use the bathroom.” Liu Fengjin didn’t use the bathroom inbuilt in the room, but hurriedly ran out the door.

Sang Qing also stood up, but the rough movement caused the delicate utensils and dishes to tumble onto the floor. This also scared away the rest of the waiters and waitresses in the room.

His ferocious looks, the popping veins on his head.

“Dong, dingdongling dingdongling dingdongling; dong, dingdongling dingdongling dingdongling……”

A ringtone broke the eerie silence in the room.

The phone in Ye QIng’s pocket rang.

“Let me answer the phone.” Ye Qing stiffly pulled out the phone and saw an unfamiliar local number.

Old iphone 4, and it’s an iphone 4 with a broken screen. This nearly made the girls still in the room laugh their a.s.s off.

“Who is it?” Ye Qing asked as he tried to adjust his tone.

The caller was silent for a bit before, a hoa.r.s.e but gentle voice came through: “Is this Ye Qing? I’m Zhang Zhitong.”

If it wasn’t because the current situation is too serious and too intense, Ye Qing would definitely take the time to have a nice chat with Zhang Zhitong.

Too bad ~

“How did you get my number?” Ye Qing asked a rhetorical question.

“I just got back to Zhongyun. If you have some time tonight, wanna meet up with some of our middle school cla.s.smates?” Zhang Zhitong asked sincerely.

“Sorry, I probably won’t have time tonight.” Although Ye Qing still remembered what happened back then, but after so many years have pa.s.sed, it’s about time to make up.

“How about this, I’ll host a gathering again with everyone tomorrow.”

“Wow, you still care about what happened back then.” Zhang Zhitong said bitterly: “Since then, you haven’t spoken a word to me for 8 whole years. Tomorrow I’ll pay, just you and me.
“Tomorrow, got it.” Right now isn’t the time for chit chat. After agreeing to the meeting, Ye QIng hung up the call.

A couple male attendants, wearing work clothes, squeezed in. Their precarious looks danced between Ye Qing and Sang Qing.

“Sirs, this is a civil establishment. If you’re looking for a fight, then please go outside.” The supervisor told them in a neither servile nor overbearing tone.

“Just you wait.” Sang Qing having left behind his final words, squeezed out of the room without looking back.

Sang Qing hurriedly went to the underground parking lot. A brand new black Audi E400L, beeped as Sang Qing came near.

Ye Qing, on the other hand, got into his commercial van. At the moment, the monster factory had finished upgrading, but he doesn’t have the time to go over it as he recalled Hulk One and Hulk Two back into their cards.

Then with no hurry, followed the brand new black Audi out.

Naturally Sang Qing recognized Ye Qing’s van. With a gloomy expression, he pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

The content of the call is very simple. He told the person on the other end to get over here quickly, there is some stuff that needs handling.

Getting onto the light covered Liangjiang road, Sang Qing took at the rear view mirror and saw that shabby commercial van behind him.

“Since you’re looking for fun, then I’ll give it you.” Sang Qing, with a breath full of alcohol, happily laughed.

Dii! Dii! Dii!

Suddenly the van behind the Audi turned on it’s distant light, and charged forward.

Sang Qing thought that he was gonna get overtaken, but just as he was about to let the Audi roar loose, the commercial van ruthlessly smashed into him from the side.

m.u.f.fled thunder like sounds ringed through!

This brand new Audi is a sedan of the E series. Even before it’s protection film was removed, it was smashed by a worthless commercial van.

The impact, deformed the Audi’s 2 left side doors, and shattered one of it’s reinforced gla.s.s windows.

Sang Qing doesn’t have the habit of wearing seat belts, but Audi has a great safety system, so the airbags of the driver’s eat were popped out in a flash. Leaving Sang Qing dazed, but uninjured.

As for the pitiful van, not mentioning it’s busted b.u.mpers, it’s engine cover is firmly caved in, and it’s lights were also shattered all over the place.

“What the fk man, when did my Audi mess with you!”

Suffering damage to the brand new Audi, Sang Qing is already on the verge of crying. Men generally view their car as important as their lover, let alone a million dollar mistress.

Ye Qing shook his dizzying head, got off the car and walked in front of the Audi.

Ye Qing didn’t waste any time talking to him, instead, he pulled out his phone and punched into 3 numbers: “Hi, is this 110, I had an accident in front of Liangjiang road’s Tianranju.”

“I’m just beside Tianranju’s parking lot. I know the driver of the other car, it’s the Jiangshan masonry’s boss.”

“Oh right, I was just in Tianranju and saw him drink a ton of baiju. At the time he was completely drunk and mumbling some random stuff. Please hurry over and take care of this mess.”

Monster Factory Chapter 18

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