Monster Factory Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle

Translated by me, edited by Kai.

As soon as the operator heard that there was a DUI, they immediately picked up their pace and said that an officer will be on scene shortly.

Intoxicated driving?

Just now did Sang Qing realise how much he drank while in the room.

2 shots already exceeded the legal DUI limits. If an accidents occurs, no matter the reason, he must bear all of the responsibilities.

If it was only paying for the damage, then that was still bearable.

But ever since those DUI cases that shook the whole country a couple of years ago, DUIs became the minefield of traffic accidents. They even became the most cracked down targets for all government parties across the country.

If someone is caught while driving under influence, then they’ll have their license revoked, can’t take the driver’s exam within the next 5 years and are sent to detention centers for 15 days.

This is the punishment only when caught on the road. If a traffic accident occurs, then the punishment will be even worse.

Sang QIng now finally realized why Ye Qing rammed his treasured Audi. This is clearly setting him up to be sent away for 15 days.

Sane Qing is already fl.u.s.tered at the moment. He doesn’t have to time to bicker with Ye Qing anymore. Calling people and pulling strings in this situation is clearly critical.

When he was about to make the third call, a white hyundai with police sirens on, came blazing in.

“Out of the car, out of the car. Have your travel permits and driver’s license out.” A young traffic officer came in front of the Audi. One hand holding a breathalyzer and hitting the hood with the other.

Another officer first took a couple pictures of the scene, then approached Ye Qing and asked if it was him who called the police.

“That’s me.” Ye Qing cooperated with the officer by breathing into the breathalyzer and pulling out his permits and licences. Then he sat back and enjoyed the show.

Sure enough, Sang Qing who was still in the car making calls, p.i.s.sed off the two young officers, as they came knocking on the car door: “Get out of the car immediately.”

Sang Qing who is still full of the smell of alcohol, got out of the car gloomily and completely ignored the breathalyzer in the officer’s hands.

One of the officers straight up spoke into his intercom: “Dispatch, dispatch, call for a tow truck on Liangjiang Rd.”

The other officer happily smiled; this smile is clearly intended for Sang Qing, who is still making calls: “Even if you call the chief, it’s still of no use. Right now is Zhongyun’s 3 month inspection period. Driving while intoxicated or under the influence are all important targets. It doesn’t matter if you don’t breathe into the breathalyzer, we’ll still have to check your blood alcohol content when we get back to the station anyways.”

“So what about you sir?” The officer asked Ye Qing again: “The intoxicated driver will take all of the responsibility. So do you want to have a tow truck pull your car away, or do you want to fix it yourself and have him pay for everything?”

“I’ll fix it myself.” Ye Qing happily signed the papers procured by the officers.

Now that he has money to spare, he doesn’t care about this much maintenance cost.

“Mr. Sang, happy detention days!” Ye Qing happily waved Sang Qing off.

“You’ve got guts, boy!” Sang Qing said with fixed eyes on Ye Qing.

With Hulk One and Hulk Two in tow, Ye Qing ignored all threats and immediately got into the car and left.

When he got back to the park with the van, Ye Qing drove it to a nearby garage. They’re all familiar with each other, so everything was settled for 1000 yuan and the car will be ready by in 2 days time.

During this whole trip to Tianranju, unexpectedly, Ye Qing didn’t even get the chance to drink even a drop of water.

Right now Ye Qing is seriously hungry. Hence he went to a nearby, very popular, Ayun snack shop.

Ye Qing asked for a vermicelli ca.s.serole and had the lady boss cut him half a kilo of stewed beef. This Ayun snack shop specifically targets migrant workers. Their vermicelli ca.s.serole and stewed beef are truly praise worthy.

Normally Ye Qing is really stringent on how much beef he eats. Now with this much beef, he is really up for a celebratory meal.

Beside Ye Qing’s table, are two other workers wearing [Gangjie Chemicals] logo cloth. They had ordered a full plate of beef and are there gorging on it to their heart’s content.

A mouthful of beef, followed by a swig of sorghum liquor. The two sat there eating while chit chatting.

They spoke about how the factory got a 50,000,000 chemical material order from Germany’s BASF corporation, and that these materials will be going through reactor synthesis tomorrow.

Gangjie Chemicals incorporates much of the west side of the park. The two worker are clearly close to the directors, so they’re just there until they retire.

Hearing them talk bulls.h.i.+t is actually very boring. So Ye Qing pulled out the phone with the monster factory app and started to examine what level 2 provided.

The system completed upgrading a long time ago. In the futuristic mechanical factory view, apart from Ye Qing’s originally factory, a new mechanical research facility appeared.

Mechanical research facility: Used to research all kinds of products and metal manufacturing processes.

Because this is a building exclusive to level 2, there is a free opportunity to draw from the blueprint lottery.

And the second type of hireable worker: Expert artisans.

The amount of tool available in the shopping center also increased. From now on, all common quality tools and a small portion of uncommon tools are available for purchase.

At the the same time, a system notification popped up: Congratulations for taking the first step towards being a legend. As a reward for doing so, you have been gifted a [Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle] as your personal ride.

Multi purpose combat vehicle?

Upon seeing this, Ye Qing’s eyes almost popped out. This name is just too eye catchy.

During level 1, not mentioning the 2 peons the system gave away, just the result of the lottery, rapid metal engraver, is mind blowing enough.

Now level 2, the system gives away a ride. Then wouldn’t it be so flashy that it shocks the whole world?

This much benefits came too sudden, Ye Qing wasn’t prepared at all.

During the afternoon at Tianranju, first is the show off in his jaguar, then it’s Sang Qing’s brand new Audi.

If it wasn’t because he didn’t have any other transportation vehicle, why the heck would Ye Qing still drive that commercial van full of advertis.e.m.e.nts around. Well, at least now the system gave away a multi purpose combat vehicle.

Ye Qing tried to cover his laughter, but even when the boss’s daughter brought over his beef and ca.s.sarole, he still didn’t even sense it.

Ye Qing immediately put away the cell phone, then using the provided sesame paste, he dunked those super delicious beef slices and shoved them in his mouth.

“Ahhh!” Having eaten 3 slices of stew beef in a roll, its intense flavours finally exploded, making Ye Qing call out how delicious it is.

The vermicelli ca.s.serole is also delicious. The clear broth is flavourful beyond belief. Add on some seasonal veg, regardless of its nutrition, and it’s simply unforgettable.

Of course, this food is for the working cla.s.s. No matter how good the stewed beef is, there are always people who can’t afford it.

Stewed beef plus vermicelli. Just as Ye Qing was about finished, he suddenly sensed that the originally chatty shop, seemed like it got hit by medusa’s aoe petrifying gaze: dead silence.

As soon as he raised his head, Ye Qing was also dumbstruck.

A girl wearing a sky blue cashmere sweater and a pair of speckless dark blue converses, entered the shop.

On top of the sky blue sweater, is a stretch of graceful pure neck that is able to make anyone gulp. In front of her watery eyes, is her silky loose hair. Even with one look, people can close their eyes and perfectly draw out her beautifully wonderful complexion.

In this girl’s white jade like hands is a cell phone with a super cute cartoon mic connected to it.

Ye Qing quickly stole a glance at the other tables. These bunch of old geezers were all still trying to swallow their saliva, which let him relax inside somewhat.

Every table is taken, but without question, the cleanest table in the store is the one Ye Qing currently sitting at.

As expected, this slender and elegant girl gave Ye Qing a wonderful smile and headed over.

“h.e.l.lo everybody, welcome to Brawl on the Tip of the Tongue. Tonight, Doudou brings everyone to one of Zhongyun’s hidden jewels – Ayun’s snack shop’s vermicelli ca.s.serole and stewed beef.

Ah huh?

Brawl on the Tip of the Tongue?

Ye Qing is somewhat mind blown. No wonder this beauty won’t let go of her cell phone, so she’s actually a streamer.

Monster Factory Chapter 19

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