Monster Factory Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: This vehicle is seriously overpowered

Chapter 20: This vehicle is seriously overpowered

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

What a wonderful speech. Ye Qing has spent some time watching streams before, so he is somewhat familiar with some of them.

It’s just, he never would’ve thought that he would meet such a beautiful streamer.

The geezers were all confused, not knowing what this girl was doing.

This Doudou girl stylishly sat down in front of Ye Qing, and sweetly asked the boss for a ca.s.serole and some stewed beef.

While waiting, Doudou became a journalist and pulled out a mini microphone from her pocket.

She sweetly smiled towards Ye Qing and introduced herself: “Hi there, I’m the host of the live stream Brawl on the Tip of the Tongue, and right now we’re on a stream talking about many of Zhongyun’s street foods.”

“Can I interview you for a bit?”

“Of course. Of course.” Ye Qing is vexed by this girl to the point of unable to take his eyes away: “I have an account for Brawl, I’ll subscribe to you later.”

“Thank you!” Doudou smiling adjusted the position of her cell phone and asked: “Do you work in the industrial park? Do you come here to eat often?”

As soon as Ye Qing saw the screen, his eyes almost exploded. (Why? Cuz twitch chat)

The whole screen is in utter chaos, and there is even a banner with red words quickly moving. However when Ye Qing saw what was displayed in the red words, he almost flipped the table.

[Where did this moron come from, move over, let me in.]

[Since when did labourers become this tech savvy. They even have an Brawl account.]

[You there, you’re blocking Doudou’s picture.]

Ye Qing coughed a couple time to correct his expression.

“Oh uhhh ~ I’m the boss of a nearby factory.” Ye Qing glanced at the viewer counter, more than 300,000 and smiled: “I don’t usually come to this shop, but when I do, I eat vermicelli and beef. My workers also say that this store’s food is simply wonderful.”

Before Ye Qing even finished, the banner exploded with red words. What an act, 100 points. Look an unexpected roadside president. And so on.

“Oh ~ so you’re a big boss around here, sorry, sorry.” Doudou’s smile is simply vexing: “Mister, when you get back you definitely need to tell your workers to subscribe to me. You’ll be able see all kinds of Zhongyun’s specialties.”

“No problem, I’ll tell them to subscribe tomorrow.” Ye Qing turned red as he was saying this. However no one found out about it under the surrounding poor lighting conditions.

He sure is a boss, but he has no workers under him. Just a bunch of monsters.

“Oh right mister, do you know where I can find some good eats in Zhonyun? For example some special restaurants and such.”

“Um…… Tianranju has some pretty amazing seafood.”

“Ah ~ Tianranju. I heard it’s super expensive there.” Doudou turned the mic and phone to face her: “My dear viewers, let us go kill some boss at Tianranju next time.”

“Make him pay!”

“Doudou give him a chance to act big!”

Seeing the viewer jeering, Doudou can only act as if she didn’t see it.

If she got an invitation to have dinner from this boss, then this bunch of viewer will go into a frenzy and donations will come flying in. Sadly Doudou won’t do this type of things, since it will make her hate herself.

At this moment, the boss of the shop personally delivered Doudou’s ca.s.serole and stewed beef. He’s so excited that he even wavered Doudou’s bill.

How can he not be excited? His daughter told him that this girl in front of him is here to advertise the shop to an audience of several tens of thousands.

As soon as the food arrived, Doudou naturally s.h.i.+fted her attention to it and gave Ye Qing a embarra.s.sing smile.

Ye Qing is pretty much finished anyways. To continue to stay is simply unnecessary.

With a call out, Ye Qing reluctantly left.

However the stream exploded, insisting that Doudou follow him to see what this boss is driving and if he was really pretending.

[A bike with a panoramic skylight.]

[It’s definitely Emma’s new multiple speed, back wheel powered, electric scooter.]

“Alright, alright, I’ll tail him.” Doudou seriously can’t stand this audience, so she only stealthly stick her head out for a look.

In the end that boss is slowly walking on the street. Under the dusky lights, his shadow continues to grow longer.

Fortunately Ye Qing’s commercial van is with the garage. Otherwise if this bunch of people saw it, then that sight would definitely be a good laugh.

While on the road, Ye Qing is consistently reminded of the previous scene, and Doudou’s smiles. The club models from the time at Tianranju also flashed in his mind.

It’s not that Ye Qing suddenly had a crush on them, it’s just that Ye Qing has been single for too long, and in recently years, has always stayed in the factory, just like those old geezers.


He is in his golden age for romance.

This is the time when his body is full of hormones. But he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. How can he not be anxious?

As he was thinking, Ye Qing picked up his pace.

He needs to get back to the factory quickly so that he can summon the gifted M.R.C.V.

With a luxury car in hand, there is going to be no shortage of girls.

After 10 minutes or so, Ye Qing got back to the factory and locked the doors. Pulling out the cell phone, he even begged Buddha to guarantee that the car is more flashy than a Ferrari,

“Arise, my M.R.C.V..” Ye Qing yelled as he firmly pressed open the gift.

A hazy mist appeared in front of him. When the mist dissipated and was about to show what was hidden.

Ye Qing……

Almost fell onto the floor.

A casing radiating electric red, tracks full of mechanical aesthetics, a small propeller in the back with two robotic like arms.

He is seriously about to collapse. What multi purpose combat vehicle, it’s even smaller than a kid’s excavator toy. If this seriously is a ride then it’s definitely going to get benched.

Level 1 Multi Purpose Combat Vehicle (Quality: Currently uncommon/can level)

This is a combat vehicle designed specifically for you.

With it, you can sweep away all compet.i.tion in the industrial sector. 100% guarantee.

It has an amazing remodeling ability. As long as you have the gold, then you’re able to modify it.

When your factory level’s up, as your personal ride, it will also increase in quality and size. It’ll let you experience the wonders of the world’s top tier mechanics,

Possessing a waterproof casing and underwater propulsion system, no matter the environment, even if it’s under water, it’ll still be able to operate as if on land.

Magnetic tank tracks are able to absorb all metals.

Automated welding arm:
Underwater welding capability +20%
Underwater welding precision +5%

Automated tool arms:
Able to change.
Able to perform extremely difficult movements.

Seeing this, Ye Qing’s mood turned for the better. In spite of everything, this vehicle is even able to do perform underwater welding tasks.

You have to understand that underwater welding is the hardest welding task to perform. But due to many limiting restrictions and the need for it in all sectors, all large manufacturing companies put importance in the investment of underwater welding technologies and techniques.

Even now, there are still many lacking areas in underwater welding. The majority of the time, everybody has to rely on divers carrying the gear personally and performing it underwater.

The existence of water makes the welding job extremely difficult. The most prominent problem among them is how to guide the arc. On land guiding the arc is simple, all that needs to be done is place the tip of the welder near where welding is required, then with a light tap of the welding gun, the arc is guided on the welding seam and combines the multiple edges.

However in water, electricity is dispersed. Wanting to ignite the arc is harder than making a elementary kid become a superhero.

As for the M.R.C.V., the introduction says it can weld automatically to one’s content.
With just this point alone, Ye Qing is able to accept underwater welding jobs until his hand hurt from counting the money.

Seeing how advanced it is, Ye Qing is able to forgive it a little. When it has leveled up later and becomes larger, he can definitely take it out for spins.

Monster Factory Chapter 20

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