Monster Factory Chapter 21

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Chapter 021: Spectacle in the industrial park

Translated by me, edited by drpetro

The M.P.C.V. also has a very special control system. It actually uses the monster factory app to control it. Just like in video games.

Upon pressing the controls b.u.t.ton, the interface on the screen will change to that of a racing game.

In the middle of the screen is a 360 degree view of the M.P.C.V.. As the cell phone moves, the camera will follow in the same direction. On either side of the interface lays a set of virtual controls, which are able to direct the M.P.C.V.’s movements. On top of the controls is a set of options which select which part of the M.P.C.V. to activate, such as moving the mechanical arms, or using them to do some welding operations.

Maybe it’s because this is a ride specifically designed for Ye Qing, but the complex control system in front of Ye Qing is like a piece of cake to use.

This vehicle’s power source is also very mysterious. Instead of the traditional power sources, it actually uses gold. And the welding wire for its welding arm must come from the app store.

Let’s throw it into a lake tomorrow and try out its welding abilities.

This thought came into Ye Qing’s mind after he controlled the vehicle into the corner and welded all the sc.r.a.p there into a paG.o.da.

Now it’s time for the lottery. Rubbing his hands together, Ye Qing, whose luck has skyrocketed recently, is hoping draw the best blueprint from the pool.

He opened up the mechanical research center, and sure enough, a roulette wheel popped up. The only difference was that there were only 12 slots.

[Never stick rice cooker], [Fast charging electric tricycle], [Extra strong dirt removing was.h.i.+ng machine], [Automated drilling machine], [High speed press], [Rapid metal engraver], ……

Just from the names alone, the blueprints can be separated into 2 categories.

Civilian use and industrial use. But no matter whether they go down the civilian path or the industrial path, the products all far exceed their compet.i.tion.

Harbouring feelings of nervousness and excitement, Ye Qing pressed the big ‘draw’ b.u.t.ton in the middle of the screen.

After 10 seconds of spinning, the wheel slowly came to a stop. The pointer unhurriedly pointed at the slot with [Rapid metal engraver]’s blueprint.

Ye Qing’s heart couldn’t believe the outcome. Seriously? It’s actually the rapid metal engraver!

With it, the carved curbstones in Zhongyun will become its best publicity. It’s even better than inviting Xu Ninggong over to be its spokesperson.

Let Xu Ninggong be the spokesperson for all of my factory’s products?

Thinking up to there, Ye Qing was already high above cloud 9. This elementary crush of his, is now a super popular G.o.ddess.

When I have a fortune, then I must have her as my spokesperson.

Haha ~

Ye Qing covered his mouth as he tried his hardest to hold back his wretched laughter.

Too fortunate. Ye Qing felt that he is just too fortunate. A glorious future is right in front of him. As long as he is able to withstand all the pressure from compet.i.tors, then his future is over 100 times better than those rich second generations.

When the time comes, he will have private jets and airports under his name. Then he will show all of this off to his WeChat friends……

*Cough cough* If this daydreaming continues, then there is going to be no sleep tonight.

Ye Qing hurriedly snapped back and prepared to summon the next tier of hirable monsters, the expert artisans.

Expert artisan:
Processing precision +8%
Processing speed +8%

Experts in the creation of small components, and simultaneous understanding of how to create electrical circuits. They are the best helper for the creation of all kinds of high tech and high quality machines.

Hiring price: 200 gold each. Currently there is only 170 available in the monster factory.

Need to recharge again……

Opening the gold tab, Ye Qing filled in the transfer of 600 gold. He then pulled out his checkbook from his pockets and quickly filled out a sheet worth 60,000 yuan.

“Beepbeep ~ Detected check compatible with recharge system. Do you wish to recharge?”


Level 1 can only take cash, now level 2 can even take checks?

This undoubtedly saved Ye Qing ton of time. Pressing the yes option without thinking, a ray of white light surrounded the check in his hands. With the blink of an eye, the check disappeared and 600 more gold appeared in the gold tab in monster factory.

Using his mobile banking app, Ye Qing found that his account suddenly lost 60,000 yuan.

Ye Qing hurriedly summoned 2 expert artisans.

When the dreamlike mist dissipated, 2 short-like monsters with crooked backs, large egg-like eyes, big hands and ash green skin appeared in the workshop.

The two expert artisans are just like the gollum from Lord of The Rings. Except their facial features are much more humanized than the gollum, hence less frightening.

“Hey boss.” The two expert artisans, with their still strange voices, saluted Ye Qing in unison by bowing down.

“Hi…… Hi there.” Ye Qing is still somewhat unaccustomed to hearing mandarin coming from these monsters. The peons are basically complete muscle heads. Apart from a very simple words like “en”, “yes”, “no” and other such easy words, it is next to impossible to make them say a second word.

The expert artisan’s wisdom level is clearly much better. Their egg-like eyes are clearly energetic as they glanced everywhere.

“Where are you from?” Ye Qing asked, as he tried to talk to them.

“Boss, we come from your monster factory. It’s you who summoned us here.” The expert artisan fawningly explained with worker like att.i.tude.

“Do you guys feel distress?” Ye Qing asked a very strange question.

“If boss doesn’t earn any money, then we’re distressed.”

This flattery is simple amazing, as it made Ye Qing extremely happy. Since the expert artisans have such high levels of wisdom, then this will save much trouble in the future. He can now easily have the expert artisans watch over the peons while they work.

Work also came quickly. Another batch of marble that he ordered from Xia Muqing soon arrived.

Ye Qing recalled back those who shouldn’t exist in the factory and followed the same steps as before to unload the materials. He then had the artisans supervise the peons while they worked.

These expert artisans are simply natural born supervisors. With the boss’s command in hand, they easily communicated with the peons. A random hand gesture, a single look, is enough to make the peons move like never before.

Moving the rock strips. Cutting them using the cutting machines. Carving them with the rapid metal engraver.

Ye Qing casually gave the two the call signs One and Two. After observing the workshop for a bit, he immediately contacted Xia Muqing again to have her sent another batch quickly.

With 900,000 yuan in hand, he had just enough for 2 batches of stone strips.

When the call connected, Xia Muqing was probably at a KTV club. Don’t know who was singing to in full cantonese, but that intrinsic female voice flooded through the call. Almost making Ye Qing yell out ‘amazing’!

“Um ~ Sorry Mr. Ye, I’m currently out with friends.” Chaotic party noises came over the call: “I’ll call you back ok?”

Ye Qing answered back with a sure, but just as Xia Muqing was about to apologize again, one of her friends probably poked her and a ‘Ah’ sound, followed by a bunch of laughter, came through.

Hanging up the call, Ye Qing is deflated. He also wants to be in that room of pure bliss and have fun with Xia Muqing and her buddies.

Ye Qing felt as if he was back in middle school, where whenever he see a pretty chick, he would always think of ways to get close and get to know them.

What a strange feeling. So is this what the saying ‘men with money all turn bad’ means?

However, Ye Qing likes being bad like this. The endless struggle, isn’t it all just to improve personal living conditions?

Cars are the face of a man. Ye Qing opened up his computer and went on the web to see if any new luxury cars were released.

When the curbstone deal is over, he’ll have earned around 5.5 million yuan. Moreover, there will be even more chances to earn more money later, so buying several luxury cars doesn’t count as being extravagant at all.

Being able to own luxury cars is the dream of all men. Ye Qing specifically likes two types: one type is like the wrangler, designed specifically for outdoor use. The other is supercars, best used for chasing girls.

Since you like them, then buy them and leave them all in the factory.

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Just as Ye Qing opened up the page for lamborghini and is looking at its prices, the computer suddenly went black screened. The whole factory went dark.

Power outage?

Ye Qing’s first reaction is that his factory’s circuit breaker popped, because cutting the power to the whole industrial park is a major problem. There has to be a power outage warning way beforehand to let every factory come up with their own countermeasures.

But looking out the window, it’s black as far as the eyes can see.

Accidental power outage?

Ye Qing never received a power outage notice. From the looks of things, somebody is royally screwed.

A factory losing power suddenly is a major problem. Here’s a simple example: If right now in the workshop below, workers are using the suspension system to move equipment, but the power gets suddenly cut.

Then what happens to the equipment left hanging in the air?

Although suspension systems have built in locks to avoid equipment from falling due to sudden power outages, but there is a limit on how much the system can handle. Normally, workers love to overweigh the system for convenience.

Once overweight, the locking system and lifting belts will have to bear the extra load. It would be be ok if the power is turned back on quickly, but if there’s still no power after an hour or two hours, then it’s possible for the locks and belts to break.

If the locks and belts suddenly break, then not mentioning someone getting hurt, but at the very least the suspension system will be totally busted.

Good thing that the suspension system is currently not being used and there aren’t any dangerous items in the workshop. Hence, Ye Qing doesn’t need to worry.

Ye Qing can’t stand having no power at night, so he decided to visit his parents at the hospital. It’s just that when he left the factory and hadn’t traveled far yet…

A sudden burst of police sirens pierced the silence on the pitch black road.

Immediately after, a long line of red flashed past Ye Qing.


Ye Qing suddenly felt that the situation is far from good. The red cars are all fire engines. Ye Qing also noticed several special fire engines in the queue. These fire engines all have large special tanks.

Those are dry powder fire engines. Ye Qing saw these couple years back during a large scale fire drill.

These guys are specially designed to face fires caused by petroleum, chemicals and the likes. If it’s not a big accident then there is never a need for them.

Monster Factory Chapter 21

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