Monster Factory Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: No one wants change

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Ye Qing was very satisfied with his work. Not only was the new Monster Heavy Industry logo s.h.i.+ning like a diamond, it was also next to unforgeable.

As long as all product logos were switched out out for the s.h.i.+eld, then everyone would definitely remember it.

The all new logo had been completed, and Ye Qing transferred over four Metal Specialists to be specifically responsible for making them.

After, Ye Qing found a professional agency and asked for a company logo change, which needed two days to complete.

When all the paperwork had been approved, he would swap out all of the old logos.

The Master Artisans were also busy with building the cargo transfer warehouse. After the pouring of the warehouse’s cement floor had been completed, they began to pour the bases on which the automated arms would sit on.

Cement dried up roughly in three hours when out in the open, which was also the period that required no monitoring. Plus, with the blazing hot summer weather right now, the cement was going to dry even quicker. Thus, very quickly, the peons were already installing the arms manually.

As a result, the Master Artisans also needed to pull some overtime in creating more I series arms for the new warehouse.

Ye Qing bought close to 300 million in construction materials all in one go, so without this cargo transfer warehouse it was very likely that for the next couple of days the road to the factory would be literally packed with trucks like rush hour times.

A new transportation road network had already been included in Phase One of development.

Standard bi-directional lanes, with three lanes in each directions.

As for paving the road, Ye Qing had no particular experience with, but the majority of the ground surface at the Dragon Creek Beach was made up of stone. The Mechanical Colossus X, after having shoveled down to the foundation of the road, first laid down a layer of loose gravel to act as a shock absorber, then dropped down a bunch of steel reinforcement netting over top, before finally pouring on a layer of cement.

Sinking foundations have always been a major problem for any road. As long as the road's foundations weren't strong enough, after having heavy trucks driving over top for a long time, the surface of the road would look just like a wave, with potholes all around.

The good thing was that the surface for the Dragon Creek Beach was tough enough, so there was no need to worry about the foundations sinking. They only needed to maintain the surface from time to time.

The investments needed for a good foundation generally always supersedes anyone’s imagination.

For these roads, it got to the point where Ye Qing couldn’t even afford to cover it with a layer of asphalt……

Two days later, the logo change request which Ye Qing paid 500k for was finally approved.

For this change, Ye Qing also put up a notice on the official site.

However this time Ye Qing didn’t prematurely release pictures of the new design, rather all he did was tell everyone that the old traditional Chinese characters logo was a thing of the past. This all new, anti-forging logo would be the new face of Monster Heavy Industry.

Most clients harboured some mixed feeling about changing a company logo for two major reasons.

One, they all quite liked the old logo.

At the back of the M.E.C. was a very prominent, engraved plaque. The Monster Heavy Industry words were engraved on by the R.M.E.. The words were very traditional, but looked very clean and had a hint of industrial influence.

Now that this was going to change, many users all worried that Monster Heavy Industry would make a fool of themselves just like all those other tech companies, where after switching their logo, because of how off it was, the companies would be forced to switch back due to all the complaints from the users.

Two, with the new logo, the familiar feeling people had would all be gone. The chair would still be the chair, but it would be like the chair was made by someone else.

The forums on the official site had many hidden abilities. One that the users took major advantage of was the polls, and out of all of the topics recently, two major polls surfaced.

One asked, how long would it be before Monster Heavy Industry swapped back their logo?

The other asked, how did everyone feel about this 'new' logo?

The responses to the first poll was pretty calm results. But the other poll, had 90% of the people say they don’t care.

Ye Qing, when he had nothing to do, would also go onto the official forums and look for a popular program to try out.

Today on the forum, there were a lot of people talking about the change of company logo, but they were all so off topic.

Ye Qing somewhat anxiously posted a thread anonymously asking how come no one was interested in the new anti-forging technique?

"What is there to be interested about? It’s nothing more than just adding on a QR code or a bar code."

"It might also be something like a scratch card, and use that to query the real thing online."

"I seriously hope the maker makes the entire thing out of pure gold. This is clearly the best anti-forging technique out there cause the cost is just too d.a.m.n high!"

"It’s fine to change their logo, but they didn’t even dare put a sample online, so how can we be satisfied?"

"It’s a great idea, now all of these old logos will become cla.s.sics, and new users will regret buying in late."

The users, after a bit of back and forth discussion, once again moved the topic back to the brand change. They weren’t interested in this new security technique because they simply couldn't imagine why a good piece of metal carving required any security check code like stuff.

Furthermore, they, from the depths of their wallets, didn’t want the Monster Heavy Industry to switch their brand logo to begin with.

Many of them even went and emailed or contacted the company’s customer service to try to boycott this change.

Randomly out of nowhere, someone with the ID name of [Go With The Wind] posted a box opening post.

The Go With The Wind user's real name was Liu Xuan, and just like many equipment fanatics, was a die hard fan of the M.E.C.. Before, due to not having enough money, he pretend to own one and discussed with everyone else everything about the M.E.C. on the forum.

His real career was that of an owner of a web store. Selling Sisi county's local specialty, the thousand layer cake, out of his family's old house in the county's suburbs.

He would make these cakes and sell them online, but he wasn't able to become a cake master. Rather, because his cakes lacked any specialty, his sales were absolutely terrible, to the point where he could only by everyday.

Then last week, it was his house's turn to get torn down and relocated.

According to «Province of Jiangnan's rapid transit's #125 long term expansion plan», there will be a high speed railway linking Zhongyun metropolitan area to its four nearby provincial counties.

The national I Cla.s.s pa.s.senger rail line was planned with a speed of 250 – 300 KM/Hr.

The Zhongyun metropolitan area already had a high speed rail pa.s.sing through the north of the city, now a high speed rail was planned for the south, and it just happen to need to pa.s.s through Sicheng county.

Coincidentally, Liu Xuan's house just so happened to be within this planned region.

He got eight million and a bit in compensation because one, this fund directly came from the province, and two, Liu Xuan registered a steel sheet workshop in the backyard of his house to make those cakes.

Hence his house was categorized as a commercial house, which meant receiving an extra payment for ceasing his operations, which earned him more money than he could ever make by sell his cakes.

He just got his hands on this ma.s.sive compensation package this morning, and before he even had a chance to enjoy this surprise income, he immediately ordered a M.E.C. from the web.

In the end when he saw that the dispatch location was Zhongyun, he impatiently booked a car and headed to Zhongyun to pick it up.

After he and driver struggled to get the MEC into his newly rented place, he at once pulled out his phone and posted his box opening stream on the forum.

Box opening streams tend to be pretty popular nowadays, especially when it was the opening of high end equipment. The streamer was guaranteed to receive a bunch admiration and saliva from the viewers, and their vanity meter would definitely be off the charts.

However, what he didn’t know was that the box opening stream this time would be completely different from all those before.

Because he was the first person to have picked up the newly branded product.

Monster Factory Chapter 179

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