Monster Factory Chapter 180

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Chapter 180: We want it too!

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Naturally from the first step of unboxing, before a couple of minutes had pa.s.sed he had already attracted the attention of a big group of people, where most of them were telling him to hurry up and open it.

The first set of pictures was that of a pair of scissors cutting apart the outer packaging.

The entire chat was now filled with hurry up messages. The second set was mainly of the packing foam and showed signs of the silvery white metal alloy hidden beneath.

Very clearly he placed the box upside-down because the base should be at the bottom.

Many viewers hurriedly reminded him to flip the chair over, otherwise the chair wouldn’t be able to transform.

When the Mechanical Engineered Chair was connected to power and transformed, that was the single moment everyone was waiting for.

Normally some users would choose to film the entire process to record that unique scene, but would only upload bit and pieces for everyone to watch.

Those scene, for most not so rich forum users, were naturally exciting even after a hundred times.

Liu Xuan, with his Go With The Wind account, apologized to everyone for placing the chair upside down.

In front of the computer, Liu Xuan was just as excited as when he got his compensation package, and slowly flipped the Mechanical Engineered Chair right side up with the utmost care.

Moving 100 plus pounds wasn’t really that difficult to him, as he used to be the only one doing everything for the cake store after all, including manual labor.

It was just that when he flipped over the chair and planted the base on the ground, his eyes, upon seeing what was on the back of the chair, expanded just like rising his cakes.

The place where the old metal carving used to be at the back of the chair was replaced by something else.

Something he had never seen before.

5 minutes later……

Everyone who was watching Go With The Wind unbox the chair, all witnessed him going out of his mind crazy.

"Oh my G.o.d ~ Oh my G.o.d ~ Oh my G.o.d ~"

"Hahahaha ~ You guys definitely won’t believe what I’m seeing."

These crazy remarks from Go With The Wind had everyone watching confused.

This was just a box opening of a regular Mechanical Engineered Chair right? So what was there to be so surprised about?

The viewers all quickly asked what he was seeing in chat, but Go With The Wind didn’t reply.

Rather he changed the t.i.tle of the entire stream and post to — Live stream! Live stream! Live stream! Monster Heavy Industry new logo live stream!

When this change took effect, everyone immediately went ballistic because the official news of the logo switch was only released this morning.

The company didn’t release any images to back their change, which was why they were all against it, because of all the previous bad experiences.

But none of them expected or even imagined that they would be able to witness this new logo this quickly.

"Hurry up and show us the picture! I’m already ready to judge this new logo in its entirety."

"I should be the one judging it, I already have 30 years of professional judging experience."

"Seeing the hosts reaction, the new logo is definitely ugly as all heck. Otherwise, why would he be this dumbstruck?"

"I heard that there were some security measures being taken. Currently the site hasn’t launched a query window yet, so host you are pretty lucky. Now hurry up and show us these new security measures, so that we can all go on a face slapping rampage."

"Hahaha ~ with those security techniques, what’s the need of a query window. What the heck are the engineers doing?"


Go With The Wind said one word, and then kept on shaking his head.

"No! It’s mine! Ma precious!!" Those were the next words he spoke.

"Haha ~ You guys definitely won’t be able to guess what these security measures are. Now beg me, hurry up and I'll began to show you."

What followed was a wave of everyone cursing him to be an idiot, but somewhere in between, someone with a different screw on simply asked him why not?

"Because you have all insulted my logo."

The heck are you saying? That’s clearly Monster Heavy Industry’s logo.

Even if the new brand logo was better looking than originally thought, there was still no need to use being insulted as an excuse to cover it, right?

Others who had seen the new t.i.tle all quickly posted.

A straight wave of hurry up and show us followed, but Go With The Wind was straight up high as he kept on laughing and ridiculing at everyone’s garbage imagination.

"Using QR security codes? Hahaha ~ my G.o.d, you guys are outdated."

"Even if you guys break your imagination, you people still won’t be able to figure out what the new logo is."

And just like that a normal box opening stream turned into chaos. But still, no one begged him as they all said "since you're not going to show it to us, then what’s the point, let’s leave."

This was what was posted, but everyone was still waiting for the big reveal.

Seeing the loss of interest in the chat, Go With The Wind couldn’t hold it back any longer as he graciously released a single picture to help expand everyone’s imagination.

A single picture of the back of the Mechanical Engineered Chair was put on camera.

2/3 of the image was taken up by a s.h.i.+eld like thing. All the viewers, who had been waiting eagerly for this moment, hurriedly went full screen just to see what kind of new this logo brought with it.

The mosaic like pattern on top of the silvery grey s.h.i.+eld backing immediately attracted everyone’s eyes.

On the s.h.i.+eld was the head of an ice cold monster with a razor sharp face and short demon horns.

This clearly was a picture, yet the two twisted horns seemed as if they were stabbing out. The hard to forget eyes even had a look that pridefully looked down upon everyone and everything.

This kind of contemptuous stare easily penetrated through the picture and made people uncontrollably look away as they all tried to avoid the staredown.

Avoiding the gaze, generally meant looking down.

But the cross of the hammer and wrench below immediately sent everyone into a riot.

The two ends of the hammer, and the top of the wrench, actually looked like a diamond as they let off an indescribable s.h.i.+ne. This s.h.i.+ne, after criss crossing and the post processing of the camera, turned into rays upon rays of halo, which had everyone mistake the clearly metal material as pieces of diamond.

How was this possible?

The pattern was clearly made out of metal, yet who had ever heard of metal emitting diamond like s.h.i.+nes?

"Am I seeing this right? How can a hammer and wrench s.h.i.+ne like a diamond?"

"Jesus ~ Dude hurry up and tell us if you've photoshopped it!"

"What technique is this?? Hurry ~ Someone explain this!"

"My G.o.d, why does this monster look so real? I don’t even dare to stare back."

"I actually naively thought that it was going to be some traditional security measures. But what kind of security measure is this, this is clearly metal diamonds!"

"Metal diamonds, yes that name has a great ring to it, so why don’t we have it?"

The chat once again sank into chaos, as they all wondered why a piece of clearly metal symbol made them so shocked.

Go With The Wind changed the camera angle a couple of times to take pictures of the symbol from different points of view, but no matter which angle he tried, the hammer and wrench were still s.h.i.+ning like a diamond.

"It hasn’t been edited. I’m a chief editor at PoChaoTing Inc., I've already combed through the picture, and there is no trace of any photoshopping."

Many of the buyers of the Mechanical Engineered Chairs were all people who spent most of their days in front of a computer. Those who could afford it were naturally those with medium to high income.

As more and more people confirmed that there were no effects going on, everyone who was watching the stream, just like a powder keg, exploded, as they all once again reached out to customer service though both emails and calls.

"I'm sorry brother, I’m sorry for having doubted you, it’s all because I was too naive. I’m actually a die hard fan of Monster Heavy Industry, so quickly send me one of the new logos."

"I want the new logo! Please disregard my hate mail from before, but first thing's first, if you don’t give it, I’m gonna come and camp you until you give it!"

"Not fair! Where’s our old users' share of updated logos?"

"I’m an old client, this is my address, so please send me a metal diamond. Before, when I said your new logo is c.r.a.p, that was all my cat, not my fault!"

"Please disregard what I’ve just said, I really want one of the new logo, I’m begging you!"

"I’m a chief editor from PoChaoTing Inc.. Name a price, I want three of them to wear."

At this moment, Ye Qing was eating while browsing through the forums.

It was just that the chilled fruits on the spoon, even after returning to room temperature, still wasn't able to be enjoyed.

"Boss, emergency! Our customer service representatives can’t keep up with all of the calls that are coming in!" The IT manager, Ji Ke, anxiously called: "They’re all requesting the company to send them one of the new logo, and some even said if we don’t give, then they're going to come here and camp us until we do."

Monster Factory Chapter 180

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