Monster Factory Chapter 190

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Chapter 190 One Hundred Fire Hydrant Burst

A Monster Labor holding the metal detector survey back and forth after locked on the sewage pipeline, Ye Qing operates mechanical colossus type I immediately cleanly pull out the pipelines that buried 1 meter deep under the sandstone.

Replacing the cutting wheel after cutting out a nice outlet on this pipeline, another monster labor swiftly connect the special high-pressure pipeline compressor system to the reserved pipelines and soldered it on the sewage pipelines.

Two ma.s.sive water pumps start pumping water from the nearby seawater and pumping it into the high-pressure tank.

The power source is connected to the special high-pressure equipment on the mechanical colossus type I, start to add pressure to the pressure tank.

The compressor roar, within the sewage pipelines originally tranquil pressure like blowing balloon rose immediately.

Two minutes later, the pressure feedback to the equipment in the JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company.

The pressure gauge on the pressure pipe network pressurization system quietly with interest jump up a level.

At the same time, a pair of eye showing surprise fixed on the pressure gauge.

"Boss Boss quickly come have a look, just now the pressure pipeline equipment just has some changes."

The worker that responsible for the non-negative Pressure Pipe Network Pressurization System just stare helplessly at the pipeline pressure gauge from 0 jumps to 1 and again from 1 jumps to 3.

This abnormal situation has never happened before, let him suspect the whether pipeline already unclog.

Otherwise, why will the pressure in the pipelines have change?

Tang Jian the boss of JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company currently in the office asking his two lackeys that were on the boat that morning. The two lackeys the whole body is applied with erythromycin ointment, from time to time like a monkey scratching their back and scratching the scratching arm.

After listening to the lackeys describe exaggerating the situation in detail they went through, Tang Jian even more certain that the suspicious of the opponent having an underwater robot.

If there is no submarines robot, how can the opponent without being noticed by anyone touching the workboat bottom, to install high power jammer?

This speculation lets him deeply worried and thought of having real swords and gun to do the jobs. However, the opponent real face is unknown, Tang Jian continuously losing his lackeys, as well as an expensive workboat.

That workboat is also not his, not long ago the underwater construction company boss made a phone call and use a murderous tone to make him pay for the loses.

The pipeline internal pressure changes and this news makes his mood slightly improve.

Arriving at the equipment room, the pipelines pressures gauge already increase to 4 megapascals.

The pipeline has already been deadlocked by the valve, otherwise, the 4 megapascal pressure already enough to pump a ma.s.sive amount of polluted seawater here.

"Something has certainly happened to the sewage outlet there, otherwise the pressure will not have changes. Quickly turn on the pressure system, use 6 megapascal pressure flush through it"

Tang Jian heart jump madly, as long as the pipeline was unclogged and he can immediately pump in 20 ton of acidic cleansing agent to clean up all the evidence.

"wēng wēng wēng"

No-negative pressure pipe network pressurization system starts operating, compressor pump in the air, pressurize the water toward the pipelines.

4 megapascal pressures naturally cannot compare to 6 megapascals.

Following the pressure rise, Tang Jian stubbornly staring at the hydrometer actually discover the hydrometer pointer happened to have the slightest movement.

Great happiness, great happiness.

If the pipelines have not been unclogged, even if the internal pipe pressure rises to 50 megapascals the hydrometer will not move once.

Unexpectedly now the hydrometer moving, it means the pipelines able to discharge the sewage water.

Tang Jian waves his hand: "quick, quick open the compressor to the maximum"

Tang Jian have confidence with this equipment, it was urban water pipe pressure system imported from France, it was the same types of compressor made by Germany.

The hydrometer move again, Tang Jian heart almost jump out.

What is happiness?

Happiness is what he needs the most in the most helpless time and the miracle happened to him.

As for why previously the pipelines increase pressure, Tang Jian lazy to think of it.

His this equipment, the shortest duration of maximum pressure operating can maintain at 7 megapascals, in the face of absolute pressure, any obstacle will be flushed away.

The Dragon Creek Beach site, looking at the pressure gauge experience some changes, Ye Qing has shown a self-satisfied smile face.

The opposite side has already started their equipment, let make them experience, what is absolute pressure, what is called die on the hand of a peer.

"First increase the pressure to 20 megapascals." Ye Qing superficial said a figure that makes people feel hopeless.

A similar sound of a race car engine revving roar at a high-speed rotation sound resonate on the beach.

The water pump work rate also increases a continuous stream of chemical wastewater is pump into the high-pressure tank.

Afterward, this sewage will be under the pressure of compressed air will rapidly flowing back to the old route.

6….. 7….. 8…..

Initial changes of the pressure gauge, let Tang Jian think that his equipment works extraordinary well.

However he immediately finds out something wrong, because the hydrometer is pointing at the negative number, this shows the water in the pipelines is on counter current.

The pressure gauge turned into the second needle, the hydrometer is on the maximum negative number and the warning alert start to sound.

The rectangle on the pressure tower, suddenly two valve safety nut ***** to open.

The entire pipeline hōng lóng hōng lóng, entire pipe network compressor equipment, start shaking, "pēng pēng pēng" safety valve burst open one after another.

The safety valve burst is the doing of high-pressure sewage.

After this sewage water break through the blockade, like a stray arrow leaving the bow hit every direction in the equipment room.

The from impacts of this sewage, Tang Jian on the spot turned into a puddle of mud and the eye is showing fright.

"Spurts!"A thunderclap sound, the main safety valve also unable to withstand such rates of water flow velocity, was push open up.

"Ah Why, this is impossible!"Tang Jiang with his worker rolling and crawling escape the equipment, hasn't even able to vomit, the gla.s.s between the equipment collapse and crash through by the sewage.

Then follow the explosion sound of the pressure tower, the surging chemical sewage like the Three Gorges d.a.m.n open the gates rumbling rus.h.i.+ng out.

How does Tang Jian able to escape in time?

He has directly wash to the ground by the water current, the mouth is mixed with various sewage smell and did not stop splas.h.i.+ng toward his mouth.

That worker hand and feet dexterous, holler and run away.

At the same times, Dragon Creek there, the high-pressure compressor system tailor by Master Craftsman, have increased to 25 megapascal pressure.

Previously the pipelines are not completely open through, pressure added too much and easily break the pipelines.

Now the pipeline is thoroughly unimpeded, Ye Qing naturally wants them to it enjoy it of what is the feeling of 100 fire hydrant burst.

Five minutes!

Only used five minutes, JinMei Company corner nearby the location of sewage discharge equipment site already turns into a swamp.

The break wall structure of the equipment room already turned into chemical sewage world door channel.

Two pairs of gla.s.s, the front door have long washed away does not know where, the dark blue emitting various unusual smell of sewage, just like the torrential flood, once started it is out of control.

Monster Factory Chapter 190

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