Monster Factory Chapter 191

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Chapter 191 Heavy Losses

Translated by Bunny

In JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company!

Nearly most of the worker is working, the hidden in the corner equipment room when the pipelines burst open, the nearby worker can hear clearly the sound like flood rumbling sound.

At first, they act like nothing happen, during the chemical production process, when reactor discharge internal air, will also make a similar sound.

They ignore the sound, however, the smell gradually fills the factory, making them frown.

JinMei Chemical Industry mainly produces the various plastic product, the raw material under catalysis process, all are in the sealed environment. At this times it should not have any smell. During emptying cauldron pressure the pungent gas will first convergence in the gas processing station and will through those tall chimney discharge to the atmosphere.

Naturally, the smell of the chemical plant gas is still there when those plastic material produced and it will have a similar smell of liquid gas that irritates the nose.

Currently, dissipate in the factory is an indescribable smell.

Smelling it will cause people felt nausea, it was like various industrial chemicals decompose in a pool for a half year.

The odor is getting more and more heavy, even if wearing mask were unable to filter this odor.

Several female workers first to send out retch sound and just as they hurry to ask for the workshop leader for leave when going to the toilet. They suddenly find out the ground outside the window no longer have ground.

The only piece of murky sewage sort of rising tide spreading toward distance place.

Scrutiny outside the window, nearby here does not have river and lake, how can there be disgusting sewage flowing back in here?

The smell is getting heavier the workers on after another covering the nose running toward outside.

They thought it was some kind of chemical accident such as reactor exploded and finally, the whole ground is filled with sewage made them stare blankly.

The sewage source is from one corner, usually, they are strictly restricted to enter the house.

What they store inside, some of the workers is very clear.

In the past, when they laid down the pipelines on the corner side nearby farmland, were dug out a line by JinMei Company. Two farmers are unbearably angry and come to the company demand for confession, as a result, the second day, someone sprays herbicide on their whole farmland.

Herbicide removes weeds, that is only because farmer only spays coating on the weed, and if spray on the crops only death is the result.

The farmer does not dare to say anything and the factory worker naturally won’t have a big mouth or rather say having a big mouth would not have any effect.

Now the equipment used by the boss to secretly discharge sewage explode, the sewage is like the bottom of the sea being puncture crazy rus.h.i.+ng outside.

Two company vice-chief with the manager rus.h.i.+ng over here from the office.

The company without a leader and their BOSS were being washed over to a corner, over there like a wet dog crawling to the edge.

No one is willing to go over to rescue after all this sewage were stirred murky. The smell is enough to fumigate a person to tumble. Now the workers are same as avoiding the plague, running toward outside the factory.

"Blocked, quickly called someone to block this water outlet."Tang Jian looking helplessly at those flowing sewage. spreading toward entire factory area, the scalp almost blasts open.

Others do not understand how powerful is this sewage but as the instigator he certainly understands.

No one responded to his request and ghost knows what is the sewage ingredient, to say again looking at those turbulence water flow unable to stop it.

20 minutes later, the sewage has spread across the entire factory road. Some low-rise room, already been wiped out equally by the sewage as to the outside.

A loader is full of soil, hōng lóng lóng rus.h.i.+ng toward the equipment room, however, the scoop was lifted high up, have not even reached the equipment room door, the soil in the scoop has already been wash away the strong current.

The whole factory is filled with an indescribable odor, even the two wolf-dog raised to guard gate was running away, running while sneezing.

"Boss, boss something major happen." a worker rushes in front of Tang Jian which just being rescue by the loader.

Tang Jian whole body is soaking wet, somewhat sluggishly raising his head.

This worker covers up his nose and mouth, the expression looks genuinely fl.u.s.tered: "Warehouse is flooding, inside 2000 ton polyethylene alcohol, the part that soaked with water start to melt."

Bdump, Tang Jian paralyze sits down on the ground and the complexion is whiter than the polyethylene alcohol.

Polyethylene alcohol can be used to produce a variety of chemical industry byproduct and is an important raw material for modern chemical industry.

It has characteristics, just come in contact with water, it will same melt like powdered milk, make the water turn into a sticky colloid after it harden up is more difficult to clean than the stubborn stain.

2000 ton polyethylene alcohol store in bags and pile up in the warehouse, those on the bottom started to melt, it bound to change central gravity, cause those on the top to collapse.

By the time, this sewage will turn into some glue like inexplicable material…

Outside the factory main gate, Ye Qing sitting on his own private car. Both his eye looking at the JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company main gate, the finger gently tapping the steering wheel following the music beats.

The chaotic factory entrance, forming a big piece of a dense mess of standing factory worker.

Some of them expressionless and some grieve and lament and some schadenfreude.

Wait until these noisy and in disarray people running way and the viscous sewage began spreading toward the outside of the factory.

Ye Qing humming a song and turn the car and leave.

By the time when returning to the Dragon Creek Beach, Ye Qing makes the monster labor temporary reduce the pressure of compressor equipment and constantly paying attention to the hydrometer as long as the flow starts to become small will immediately increase the pressure.

The black painted workboat at the sea that drifting along the wave, Ye Qing control the MPCV to cut the anchor chain to let it drift along the wave and by the time whoever picks it up, can sell it as sc.r.a.p metal.

In the JinMei Chemical Industry Limited Company, Tang Jian look helplessly at the sewage in the factory slowly become small and suddenly erupt into full of spirit, pledge 20000 of headcount just only need to bring along the tools go to block the pipelines can get 20,000.

There will be a brave man if there is a reward, several courageous workers put on plastic protective clothing with a gas mask slowly trickle through the water toward the equipment room.

The entire equipment in the equipment room already become twisted, that main pipeline like spring water mouth slowly flowing water toward the outside.

Sealing off the pipeline, the best way is by seal welding.

They are lacking equipment that can weld underwater, thus uses chemical plugging.

This is what they are good at, using the prepare formulated mixture polyurethane blocking agent, stuff it in the pipeline and very quick the polyurethane starts the reaction with the water, inflation happens.

Wait for them to blend the mixture of the blocking agent, stuff into the pipeline and use the wood stick to block when it start to foaming. The pipelines sewage, like having, grow an eye immediately follow up with a surge.

Several workers were flush away somersault, holler and running away.


Ye Qing feels mood particularly happy as the equipment at the pipelines, already thoroughly reimbursed, Ye Qing can finally felt relieved in governing the Dragon Creek Beach sewage.

Dragon Creek Beach is Ye Qing supreme headquarters.

Possess clear water and blue sky with pure white sand beach and a beautiful bay with beauty water rich in fish is yearned by a mentally normal person.

Now Ye Qing is moving forward to this goal and whoever comes here to destroy the environment, whose is the enemy.

Monster Factory Chapter 191

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