Monster Factory Chapter 195

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Chapter 195 Technology Promotion Film

The good news?

Ye Qing thinks in the heart what might be the good news, to speak I in moment arriving at the company.

"Ye chief you quickly bit" Sales manager Kong Tao appears to be very excited, over the telephone side the background sound is somewhat messed as if greeting someone.

Engaging in technology mostly is lonely!

Ye Qing in front of the mirror tidying up his appearance, when preparing to go to the company only he discovered he has not left Dragon Creek Beach for several days where in place that the bird didn't even want to s.h.i.+t.

In here, come into contact with Ye Qing were all monster.

Master Craftsman does not look like a grunt with dark green color skin and a big mouth with tusk monster.

Ye Qing sighing somewhat well-satisfied expression after a long-standing to come into contact with the monster. The career more and more successful but this also relatively delayed to win the other half.

A girlfriend and female secretary have not yet joined and the road ahead is endless!

Tidying up nimbly and driving to the city center, Ye Qing in a moment goes to the avenue, when entering the city the front has changed to a world of red hat.

Basically, every intersection and every greenbelt have a person wearing red hat holding a plastic clamp to pick up the trash, they all have a similar expression of severe constipation.

The outdoor temperature 30 degrees change to anyone were also unable to be happy.

When stop while waiting for the traffic lights, Ye Qing discovered these people all wearing working id of inst.i.tute groups or public servants.

Inside some floor crack has cigarette b.u.t.t but the clip cannot reach have to squat down and use the hand take it out.

Every side of traffic light stood four which wear a light reflective vest, at first glance, look like come from every major driving school able body on voluntary sentry duty.

These people have female and male but the burning sunlight make every one of them drop their head and their gaze look like everyone has owed 5 million.

When Ye Qing in high school summer vacation have study driving license also have stood guard but at the time is not hot and only stood for several times. Unlike now, as long as the side of the traffic light there four driving school student long-term duties.

Arrived at the Lantian building, Ye Qing can see everywhere there a red hat. This big hot day, those young misses are picking all the tiny trash under the sunlight even Ye Qing looking at it felt heart pain.

Park the car and when entering the building the marketing department Yang Baihe who waiting at the side come over.

 She somewhat excited has blocking Ye Qing: "Chief Ye, Good News. Half an hour ago, the people from committee Public Relation Department and Urban Construction Bureau, they said want to make product promotional video for our company, put into the Zhongyun City urban promotional video"

Just now over the telephone side, Kong Tao should be greeting the guest does not have enough time to tell the detail and now Yang Baihe comes over and give him a briefing.

The news is truly good and it was so good that Ye Qing caught unpreparedly. Committee Public Relations Department come and give his company shoot product promotional video but also put on the Zhongyun urban promotional video?

This news makes Ye Qing surprise, Zhongyun City urban promotion video was it not earlier broadcast on the television.

Mountain and river colored clothing and ancient Zhongyun!

This was the Zhongyun City slogan for several years was also a t.i.tle that all promotional video must have.

The Zhongyun City citizen was very satisfied with the appealing charm of the slogan and the promotional video that broadcast on the television was up to the standard especially the group that doing aerial shooting simply beautifully bold.

Since the promotional video already has, why Zhongyun city must pat another again. Nevertheless catching up with the inspection team arrival time with one week time of urgent and crucial moment?

Ye Qing walking while asking Yang Baihe, why committee public relations department and urban construction bureau will suddenly walk-in help the company shooting product promotional video?

"Ah, I'm also not quite clear. It seems like they the last moment decide and beforehand did not communicate with us."

Yang Baihe brief the detail: "at noon we just finish our working lunch in the canteen, when everyone is resting. The government people just come over, three of them come and said they want to shoot a Zhongyun science and technology life promotional video."

"They are very interested in our company Mechanical Engineering chair said this is very suitable for the science and technology life theme."

The mind full of doubt moods, Ye Qing quickly step into the office with the three government official enthusiastically exchange greeting and shake hand.

"This is Committee Public Relation Department Mi director, and this is Urban Construction Bureau Deputy Bureau Chief Liu and this is Committee Public Relation Department staff member Ma." Kong Tao is responsible for the introduction at the side.

After the introduction, Kong Tao consciously in standing behind Ye Qing.

Naturally this director and Bureau Chief are the deputies. Urban Construction Bureau Bureau Chief Yue Zheng Dong is quite familiar with Ye Qing, this Deputy Bureau Deputy Chief is considered a casual acquaintance.

After the exchange greeting, somewhat bald committee public relation department director Mi, long moan and short gasp telling Ye Qing the reason: "Chief Ye, this time must ask for your help!"

Ye Qing in the heart said since your all already come here, at this critical moment can I possibly not help!

"Believe Chief Ye has also seen before our committee Public Relations Department unites with television station the promotional video."

Mi Jiang Bei Director shake head: "Not qualified! We just learn this news in the morning, The number one inspection team group leader coming to Zhongyun are the young leader of Huaxia science and technology department."

"Heard that this leader take more seriously in science and technology field and last month when visiting other city heard that took the promotional video content and criticize the local government. Said that already 21st century, traditional culture naturally we must preserve but cannot make it as the development focus and has neglected the science and technology that bring changes to lifestyle."

"This news is very important, in the early morning when we are studying on the reception plan together discovers a very serious issue."

"The city promotional video that we previously shoot are focusing on the tourism. What history and culture, what special snack but there is not a single content about science and technology."

".…." Ye Qing somewhat sympathies to yield problems, this is really a sad story.

However, this cannot blame the committee public relations departments did not work properly. Ye Qing looks at other cities promotional video basically all related to tourism and cuisine.

After all previously all the promotional video mainly targeted at the television audience, involuntary want to adapt and show the city most unique side in order to attract them come over for vacation.

Showcasing the technology, those television audiences can't afford and does not have use so who will be interested?

"Therefore, early morning discussion decided that our committee public relations and television station would immediately make up for ten minutes of the promotion video on technology related to lifestyle. Properly demonstrate the ancient beauty of Zhongyun City with modern beauty." 

"Alas!" Director Mi touches his s.h.i.+ning gloss head, sighed until: "it was easy to say but only a very short time of one week. Where do we make out so many high technologies to take out for the promotional video?"

"Fortunately, our Zhongyun city still has many science and technology enterprise. Your company mechanical engineering chair, with rapid metal engraving machine, all are export high-technology product to earn foreign currency, must ask Chief Ye vigorously to support AH!"

"There is no problem!" Ye Qing patted his chest, laughed: "Can make a contribution to the hometown, I will not s.h.i.+rk without dishonor."

"Good Good Good" Director Mi straight nod.

The time is urgent, Director Mi neither continue the courtesy straight enter to the topic said that this time the science and technology promotional video will be future Zhongyun long-term promotion video.

Therefore, this not only improves Zhongyun City technology feeling but can also help Ye Qing company long-term promotion.

"wait, director Mi." when exchange on how to a.s.sist the shooting, Ye Qing suddenly think something made noise to interrupt.

Monster Factory Chapter 195

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