Monster Factory Chapter 196

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Chapter 196 Water Resorts

Ye Qing has thought 1st of next month the Mechanical Colossus Type I will be on the market.

This was with the national inspection team together catches up at the same time and if the product that going to the market soon also added to the promotional video.

Even though Zhongyun City promotion video only broadcast in Zhongyun City regional areas and its influence is small, but this is free for long-term!

"Director Mi, actually our company first of next month happens to be a new product launch that is similarly high-technology, and you look whether if this product can be added in?"

"New product?" Directors Mi show has a lot of interest: "If the technology content is high then naturally no problem. The new product also can add mysteriously."

"Do not know Chief Ye will soon to launch the new product is in what field type?"

"Mechanical engineering Field!"Ye Qing confidently introduces: "It considered one type of new innovation mechanical engineering vehicle specific performance I am not good to say, I get two units perform for Director Mi, and Director Mi will understand."

"Good, Good, no problem, the product of mechanical engineering, we go look for a work site to carry out construction, it is very much in line to the city science construction theme."

"However, in a moment I still run over to another two. I finish my work only can go over, Chief Ye here will have enough time to go arrange the demonstration work."

If it were not for Ye Qing to think of also have to entertain him a sumptuous dinner, Director Mi almost got off his working hours but still have to continue his work and were moved by it.

Director Mi finished the discussion. It is Urban Construction Bureau Deputy Chief Liu turn.

He is called Liu with stature tall, and thin wearing a gold gla.s.s had a very cultural flavor inside.

It is reasonable to say that a city promotional video, it is the full responsibility of the committee Public Relation Department has not related to the Urban Construction Bureau.

Certainly, people from Urban Construction Bureau also come and naturally there are places that need Ye Qing help.

Sure enough, Deputy Bureau Chief Liu has explained oneself purpose in coming.

He similarly long moans a short gasp and an expression of the tired heart. It seems like the entire Zhongyun City government from top to down let this investigation to toss from side to side heavily.

Moreover, this heart tiring work still has to continue the entire week.

"Chief Ye must ask for your help again." Liu GaoTeng pulls out several rough drawing from the briefcase give it to Ye Qing: "This is investigation team planned to stay and it was originally decided to stay at city district government guest house. We have studied the guest house were built more than 20 years ago, although go through several times of renovations and the interior equipment is not outdated. However, those are only a mere 5 stars hotel standard. Pretty is pretty but there are no science and technology features."

"In the early morning meeting, the mayor decided that the staying residence change to 【Pulanda Water Resort】."

Water Resort, Ye Qing know its big name.

This is Zhongyun City real-estate tyc.o.o.n Tong invested several billion to build Zhongyun City top great resort.

There is not a single pair of lovers will reject Pulanda Water resort!

This is Tong YuanJian real-estate company come out with the slogan. Of course, now this resort has not yet opened to the outside.

Water Resort is located at River nearby Lake and river is Zhongyu City Tianyun lakeside largest river stream, the four big rivers converge into Tianyu Lake and have an estuary called Lanhe River.

The lake is one of the River coves from there to the estuary is only about several kilometers away and at the river cove is all sand beach.

The sand there, the quartz ore content is as high as 92% and therefore the sand over there is the beautiful white sand beach.

XiaoPing Lake average depth two meters, the water lake there is clear until can see the bottom, every year’s summer, there is countless people will go there to swim.

There constructs resorts naturally is incredibly beautiful and similarly also incredibly expensive

"The resort over there… is the technological content very high?" Ye Qing only heard of this big resort name and inside have yet to open to the outside so naturally did not know the inside detail.

"Very High!" Liu GaoTeng nods his head: "Originally water resort official opening was scheduled next month 15th, don't look at the resort house was built with wood but the interior is full of high-technology."

"Altogether 48 independent water log cabins and in each log cabin have a separate panoramic swimming pool. Genuine gla.s.s builds and does not have any metal joins."

"The electric heating wire is sandwiches inside the gla.s.s, same like the automobile heating gla.s.s, swimming inside and still can see various type of fish in the lake should not be too satisfied."

"The roof of the log cabin is similarly high tech as it replaces the traditional roof with adjustable light gla.s.s. The surrounding log cabin also has various types of water surface sculpture, press on the switch and these sculpture will spray water curtain toward the log cabin to stimulate torrential rain function, let the tourist lie down on the bed able to fell the torrential rain directly in the face.

This is really high technology, after listening to the introduction even Ye Qing want to wrap up a cabin log for the entire years.

Since the water resort is so high technology, why the Urban Construction Bureau still want to find him for?

"These are insufficient!" Liu GaoTeng sat his body straight up, said: "This science and technologies already come out a long time ago and a very mature technology."

"I, however, heard at Shanghai Science and Technology Exhibition that you have a type of metal tree which let the foreigner shaken to stare blankly."

"Think about it, if the log cabin that the inspection team staying at is planted with several beautiful small metal trees and in addition spread out a very strong stereoscopic effect craved flagstone also by the side of swimming pool place with a Mechanical Engineering Chair!"

"This technology feeling, strong until without a score Ah!"

Ye Qing approves over the endors.e.m.e.nt but did not display on the face.

Standing behind Ye Qing sales manager Kong Tao the whole face is excited cannot resist "pa pa pa" clap.

This is their company to demonstrate technology good opportunity.

Indeed, doing in such way the technology feeling strong until it does not have a score. The entire inspection team does not need to scare even their heart is made from stone, feared that by such sincere reception of Zhongyun city government will melt off one layer of the outer sh.e.l.l.

Completes all these requests are not difficult and it only uses half an hour, Ye Qing with committee public relations department and urban construction bureau two leaders discussed completely all the details.

When sending off the two leaders and staff member.

Ye Qing made Kong Tao arrange the evening reception, Director Mi say after he got off work will come to see the demonstration of Mechanical Colossus Type I and it obviously wants to conveniently at Ye Qing here eat a meal.

This was nothing, at that time along with Liu GaoTeng Deputy Bureau Chief shouting and eating together, and again deliver several Mechanical Engineering chair again give the several leader tests using it.

Immediately the country investigation team also must enjoy Zhongyun City special product Mechanical Engineering Chair. Ye Qing does not make them test use in advance does not meet the standard not?

As for testing until when finish, that has to look at the quality of Mechanical Engineering Chair can support until when.

Finish handling the matter, Ye Qing lying down on his own Mechanical Engineering Chair setting up the chair mode and both hand resting on the head having some thought!

Darn, this is too capitalist!

That right, Ye Qing was talking about the Water Resort on the other side of the lake.

Have to take a look there what kind configuration, independent water cabin log and on one side is pure white sand beach and on another side is a beautiful lake which water can see through the bottom. It also can stimulate rain can enjoy romantic sentiment during the romantic time.

The most critical there is an inland lake. Tranquility environment does not have sea wind to disturb, also does not need to worry about during diving or during sleeping were surprise by any ocean poisonous jellyfish or poisonous snake and so on.

Even if thinking of going to the sea just open a jet ski few minutes will arrive in few minutes.

"Not good, not good!" Ye Qing more he thinks more he fell the heart is itchy and taking this opportunity, Ye Qing also wants to wrap a water log cabin to play.

Only making money but does not willing to burn money where is the call enjoying life?

The heart in such idea, after Ye Qing sort out the necessary technology product that needs to be manufactured and go out of LanTian Building.

Once again saw a lot of red hats, Ye Qing think of the big hot day, these small young cleaning up those small thrash outside is not easy, simply asked the company canteen cook several big pots of mung bean soup, give them a free drink.

Coil around the car key, when Ye Qing prepare to walk while telephones to inform the company on the top floor.

Ye Qing surprise for a moment, the one who squatted on the roadside ground wearing a red color sunhat spreading out her beautiful hair pretty girl, it is not Dou Dou.

Monster Factory Chapter 196

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