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Ye Qing has been busy with the expansion of Dragon Creek Beach and seawater purification in recent days.

Now is the network society, instant messaging is very developed. Ye Qing stayed at Dragon Creek Beach and was not a primitive person.

Every day, Ye Qing would chat with Dou Dou for a while, and talk nonsense from the north to the south.

Usually, until 10 o'clock in the evening, Xu Ninggong will join them, chat with Ye Qing for a while, report on the progress of shooting film, and the technical props needed by the crew.

Both of them were talking about life and about the main work of Xu Ninggong.

Now he is in the street to meet Dou Dou, Ye Qing thinks it is very fun.

The Blue Tower Building is located in the center of the city.

There are a lot of people here. They are squatting on the ground and picking up the dirty things with gloves.

At first, Ye Qing did not go to her to say h.e.l.lo, but went to the store next door and bought two bottles of iced drinks, ready to hand her a summer heat.

After buying two bottles of 'flower' tea, Ye Qing walked to her and was preparing to hand out a bottle to greet her.

When he looked down at her, Ye Qing stopped.

The skin of Dou Dou was very white, the warm sun s.h.i.+nes on her so that Ye Qing can't look at her eyes because of the radiance.

For some reason, Ye Qing's heart gave birth to an invitation for going to the Pulanda Water Resort to watch the impulse of the stars together.


Ye Qing racked his brains and thought for tens of seconds, but he could not think of any celebrity to invite her.

He can't say that directly. He would like to invite her to live in a resort with him.

He had to put this idea aside for a while. Ye Qing pointed the hat with his finger and then coughed twice.

She turned around and looked around, and when the eye-catching eyes and Ye Qing was on the opposite side, she stood up in surprise: " Big Brother Ye!"

"Please some water. It's a hot day."

"It's a pleasure." Ye Qing handed one bottle 'flower' tea to her. "Serve the people."

Smiling and flying, she took off her gloves and wiped the sweat on her forehead.

Below the 'Blue Tower Building' is a square with several sculptures and some benches. Ye Qing motioned that he wants to sit down on the bench next to her and rest for a while.

"I have to clean the street this week?"

Ye Qing also sat on the bench, wearing a short sportswear today, and when he was sitting with her, Ye Qing's mood was always good. 

"The original plan was to come every day, However, in the afternoon, the station took on a new task and wanted to make up the promotional film of Zhongyun City. It is said that it mainly shoots some scientific and technological pictures. From tomorrow, it is necessary to concentrate on all the equipment and resources here.”

"I have to partic.i.p.ate in the shooting task for the promotion film. These next six days in our TV station, I am afraid that I have to be busy to take off. I will report to Taiwan at 5:30 tomorrow morning."

“So smart?” Ye Qing unscrewed the other bottle of 'flower' tea and took a sip. He smiled and said: “Just the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and the leaders of the URA leave from my office. They are also in order to meet the inspection team."

"The leader of the group is a young leader of the Ministry of Science and Technology. He attaches great importance to the aspect of scientific and technological life. So the director of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, Mi Jiangbei, went to the 'door' and asked our company to support some emerging technology products. The propaganda film supports the scene."

"That's great, Big Brother Ye. Now the task has just been released, the shooting plan will not be worked out until the evening.

Wait until tomorrow, I will negotiate with your colleagues to exchange your video and help you shoot the promo."

Ye Qing touched a cup with 'flower' tea with Dou Dou, which means that the idea is good.


At 5:30 in the afternoon, the old factory was expanded on the construction site.

Director Mi Jiangbei of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee and a member of the accompanying staff visited the exhibition of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

They were completely shocked by this show.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I just came out, and Director Mi repeatedly praised the appearance of this engineering equipment.

It is said that the appearance of this equipment must come from the hands of the master.

No matter which aspect it looks at, it gives people a strong sense of science and technology.

Wait until the Mechanical Colossus Type I, open two robotic arms, demonstrating the lifting of heavy objects, chopping the scene of the boulder.

Director Mi also issued a string of firecrackers-like laughter, saying that there was material in the construction of science and technology, so he shot the scene where the equipment was working on the construction site.

With the director of the meter, the Mechanical Colossus Type I propaganda film is naturally a foregone conclusion.

After reading the product display, Ye Qing sincerely invited Director Mi to go to a light meal.

Some people are happy that someone is jealous!

Compared to Ye Qing's smooth wind, good things continue again and again.

Tang Jian, the boss of Jinmei Chemical Company, is about to spread the bad luck of this life.

With confidence, he took a group of tough gangsters to Dragon Creek Beach to find the mysterious man who dared to discharge ma.s.sive amounts of sewage into his factory.

As a result, the mysterious man found out, but he brought a group of tough gangsters with him, and he couldn't come back and almost beaten back.

The other side is two, two strong men in the iron tower move their hands.

In the factory of Jinmei Chemical Company, a full two thousand tons of polyvinyl alcohol were melted because of sewage backfilling.

Now this polyvinyl alcohol sol, 'mixed' with a large number of unknown chemical wastewater, has become a kind of greasy substance that n.o.body has ever seen before, and the smell is an extremely unpleasant smell.

It is midsummer, and the high temperature evaporates a lot of water.

Although there is no trace of sewage in the factory today, a thin layer of blue color contaminants has been laid on the entire factory floor. 

The strong smell in the entire factory and a large amount of gray-colored oily material near the warehouse made his factory unable to start work.

The greening in the factory was devastated.

Even the lucky trees and the 'Jade' bamboo planted in his office were faded overnight, and there was no way to carry out any production work.

To tell the truth, this smell can't be breathed.

He decided to clean up the factory first, resume average production, and then slowly release his hand to deal with Ye Qing.

The materials laid on the factory floor are the hazardous chemical waste.

According to the normal procedure, if you want to clean up these wastes, you must first ask a professional chemical waste recycling company to conduct professional component testing and research a proper recycling and destruction plan.

He must report to the Environmental Protection Agency! (EPA)

Killing two hundred tons of soup, he did not dare to report this matter to the EPA.

In doing so, he would be issued a huge astronomical fine. Who would let the sewage be discharged from his factory secretly?

In the past, these hazardous chemical wastes could not be handled too easily. Collect it directly, and put it in the sea.

At the other end of the pipeline, it is possible that the factory in Dragon Creek Beach will install UHV equipment at any time to reverse the sewage discharge towards him.

Tang Jian, who has left the means to get rid of waste by the pipeline, he just thought of another type illegal and widespread throughout the country.

- Ask a specialized company to deal with hazardous waste.

Garbage ~ is synonymous with uselessness.

In most industries, all kinds of garbage are produced in the production process.

Construction companies, in the process of decoration, will produce a large number of constructions waste.

The vegetable market produces a lot of rotten vegetables and spoiled 'meat.'

These non-recyclable garbages are often charged in tons and are expensive.

The formal processing method is expensive, and correspondingly it has sp.a.w.ned some black companies that are also responsible for processing, but the price is low.


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Monster Factory Chapter 197

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