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These companies deal with non-recyclable garbage by means of extremely rough and harsh, directly smas.h.i.+ng advantage of the night's cover, the collected garbage dumped in remote locations.

This kind of black company like rats are continually banned.

Tang Jian ran all the relations.h.i.+ps and promised a high enough reward to join a company that dared to dump harmful chemical waste.

The owner of this Yuntao Renewable Energy Co., Ltd., after receiving the 10 million Yuan processing fee from Tang Jian, continued to shoot the guarantee, as long as Tang Jian can collect the harmful chemical waste in the factory, he knows what to do.

He will unconsciously transport these wastes to neighboring counties for dumping.

The cost of dumping is up to 10 million Yuan, and collecting these dried-up hazardous chemical wastes from the ground is more expensive.

No matter how much money he spends, Tang Jian can only wring his teeth and swallow in his stomach.

The factory could not start work in one day, and he would have to lose an average production profit for one day.

Tang Jian bought two hundred sets of fully sealed light chemical protective clothing, and countless disposable gas masks.

With a high price of two hundred Yuan an hour, let those workers in the factory remove the harmful chemical waste in the workshop, warehouse, and corners.

It is easier to remove harmful chemical waste in the open area.

Use a small shovel to shovel the upper layer first, then wash off the residue with acid' detergent cleaning agent, and absorb the sewage with water absorbing resin.

Time is money.

The harmful chemical waste on the main road of the factory was shoveled by several small forklifts.

These hazardous chemical wastes, together with the resin that is saturated with sewage, are packed in kraft paper bags.

Tang Jian personally supervised the war, this time just finished bagging, and then called the boss Huang of Yuntao Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.

About twenty minutes later, Huang Jishan drove a Nissan and swayed to the big 'door' of Jinmei Chemical Company.

The Nissan was followed by a container truck with a stamp of Stanley's 'urea compound fertilizer.'

In the truck container, half the capacity is actually contained with Stanley's 'urea compound fertilizers.'

These 'urea compound fertilizers' naturally have a pungent taste, when the time comes to hide harmful chemical waste in it, in case the real point is locked down, you may be able to muddle through.

The 'urea compound fertilizers' was first unloaded, and then a bag of harmful chemical waste with the pungent odor was carried by the workers wearing light chemical protective clothing.

"Boss Huang, please do the rest of the work." Tang Jian drilled out from a few tattooed men who were in charge of the work and looked at the boss Huang.

Tang Jian quickly took out two unopened Chinese bottles and stuffed them into the hands of Huang and the truck driver.

"Ha ha ~ Boss Tang rest a.s.sured, that we do this professionally." Huang Jishan embraced Tang's fists with both hands and greeted him warmly.

"I have chosen the location, the Laoshangou 120 miles away Mangshan Gully. There are 87 years. There was a small silver mine before, and after the silver mine was completed, the mine's mouth was sealed with cement."

"The cement seal has been smashed by me, and there is a lot of room for seven turns and eight turns. I hide the waste there to make sure that the G.o.ds don't know the ghosts."

"Huang Boss has really a good means!" Tang Jian's expression is artificial, after a burst of joy, the focus of his words about driving in the road: "Huang Boss, you are professional, I am relieved to do things. But on the way, you have to be careful, boss Huang. Now Zhongyun City is full of drunk driving checks, sometimes over by night.

"I know, I do not have to drive the truck in person. I was running in front, in the Nissan car. The truck follows me after five-mile in the road, and the mobile phone talked all the way. And the truck hides after looking in front."

"Then I will be completely relieved, haha~ After this incident becomes, I must thank Huang Boss."

At one and a half in the night, Huang Jishan threw Chinese cigarettes at the co-driver, and the engine disappeared in the open countryside.

Mangshan is on the top of Tianyun Lake. Recently, the whole city has been conducting a major inspection.

Huang Jishan, with a ghost in mind, has deliberately selected the most remote roads throughout the whole journey.

Go straight along Huanhai Avenue until he comes to an end and then drills into a country road.

As long as they leave Zhongyun City, they will not meet any inspection in the middle of the night.

Nissan was running happily ahead, and there was no one on the Huanhai Avenue.

Huang Jishan sang proudly and drove his car to the end of Huanhai Avenue.

At the end is a turn, when Nissan turns the corner.


Huang Jishan's sweaty hair has to be blown up.

Turning the corner, at the center of the three-way intersection at the end of the boulevard, there are six vehicles parked with flas.h.i.+ng lights below.

All three intersections were equipped with temporary lifting rods.

In addition to standing a few 'crossing police,' the left and right stood two armed submachine guns and armed special police officers wearing all black combat uniforms.

"Quick, quick, quick, you hurry to turn and run. All the f.u.c.king policemen are at the corner." Huang Jishan roared at the phone, then hung up the phone and took a few deep breaths of air to calm himself down.

The truck must run, and he does not dare to run.

The routine of the police inspection was early touched, but at the intersection of the inspection, when he came over, those invisible places would inevitably hide two police cars.

The two police cars were reserved for vehicles that saw the inspection and then turned around and fled.

And according to the habit, the location of the two police cars will not be too far from the inspection.

He kept the truck at a distance of five miles and was sure to be safe.

Sure enough, when Nissan arrived at the checkpoint and was stopped, Huang Jishan did not find any abnormalities in the police.

This shows that the truck has escaped safely.

Before going down the window, Huang Jishan frustrated his face again.

When the flashlight of the handy police came in, Huang Jishan handed out the driver's license very cooperatively.

Blowing the fine wine tester showed normal, the policeman may feel that his look is a little nervous, he tells him to get off the car to open the trunk for inspection.

The traffic policeman had carefully checked, and naturally, he found nothing.

Huang Jishan also calmed down at this moment, laughing and saying that he was very nervous when he first encountered such a big scene.

There is no problem with the doc.u.ments and the car. The traffic policeman waved his hand to indicate that he could go.

Huang Jishan started the car and drove for more than 20 miles. Then he stopped at the roadside and called the truck driver to ask the situation.

"Boss, I'm fine here, now I'm going back to the main road. First I'll hide my truck in  Jinmei Chemical."

"You go back first, I am going around the other way."

Hanging up the phone, Huang Jishan circ.u.mvented another road, driving from the development zone avenue in the east to the city.

As a result, there was also a police check-up on the side of the development zone.

When Huang Jishan, who was in the heart of the chaotic jump, ran back to Jinmei Chemical, Huang Jishan directly asked the truck driver to return the truck to Tang Jian.     

"Tang Boss, I think this is not a good deal." Huang Jishan shook his head with a lingering palpitation: "The f.u.c.king road is full of police, and the policemen are backed by special police. You still have to find another person. I don't dare to take this list."

"Don't say this, Boss Huang" Tang Jian hurriedly straight to the fire and firmly grasped the arm of Huang Jishan: "Boss Huang you skills big, and then think about ways to do it."

"Add money! I will add another five million!"

Huang Jishan fell into silence for five minutes, and then he smiled: "There is no way, no."

"Land transport does not work, we use water transport. Mangshan is just above Tianyun Lake. I'm looking for a 1000-ton boat, I'll pack all the garbage at one time. At night, I navigate against the current and ascend Blue River to Tianyun Lake."

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Monster Factory Chapter 198

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