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Director Tang ran to the construction site to prepare materials, and Ye Qing was communicating with the TV station.

The monitor is responsible for revising the ma.n.u.script on site for taking pictures according to the situation.

The Mechanical Colossus Type I roared down by the laborers with a tremendous force.

Two cameras, one left and one right, surrounded the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

They are looking for a lens!

For example, when shooting a sports car, the strongest lens is often the front.

Looking from the front, a strong sense of movement and the lines of the public can't control the rise of the man's adrenal glands.

This mechanical engineering equipment, they also have to find out the sense of the lens.

Thick, or tall, or technology.

Today, some ghosts, this big guy called the Mechanical Colossus Type I, they feel that the lens feels strong no matter which angle they look at.

Especially in front of that nameplate, like a finis.h.i.+ng touch, set off the device, in the static time of mysterious and unpredictable.

No one can guess what this device will do, and the nameplate is too dazzling and mysterious.

The cla.s.sification of this equipment towards the excavator is completely despising it.

The shooting plan was quickly worked out.

The camera started with the 79 novel Network, and the nameplate of Mechanical Colossus Type I.

The camera launched a series of actions around Mechanical Colossus Type I arm, giving multi-angle close-ups.

The props on the construction site have also been laid out, and a welded steel pile frame is placed on the ground.

The background is a picture of several excavators and rotary drilling rigs.

These engineering vehicles are very conspicuous they are specially designed for the red color painting and the bright yellow color coating of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

The homework started, and outside the camera, Director Tang and a circle of workers stood by to watch the excitement.

These construction materials have been calibrated and made it easy to process.

However, it is easy to process, and this equipment can also be processed.

They are looking for how to direct the beam and change the column when shooting, in order to make the work equipment out of the feeling of normal machinery at work.

During the time to guess an idea, Director Tang's eyes suddenly grew seeing the two robotic arms.

The two robotic arms turned out to be full-motion axes and could move at any angle.

"This technology is OK, it is completely robotic style." When Director Tang and the workers on the side of the flow, they kept admiring: "Although it is to shoot promotional films, this machine still has three parts of the material, at least more complex than the excavator structure."

The arms are unfolded.

When the two groups of claws were replaced, director Tang almost jumped into the void with an agitation spirit.

When the Mechanical Colossus Type I opened to the steel pile frame, Director Tang quickly rushed to the high of the c.o.c.kpit and shouted: "Wrong - wrong, you should go there, there is no arms or support on this side."

The driver is a hard worker. This guy has a lot of muscle. How can he listen to the command of other people besides Ye Qing?

Click here!

The Mechanical Colossus Type I walked to the end, and the two pairs of mechanical claws clamped the thick steel like the carrot and broke it off.

The rebar is bent in a sound, and the arc is exactly the same as the requirements on the drawing.

At the time of the second bending, the time was only five seconds.

Director Tang and the group of workers were shocked.

In front of this equipment they had never seen before, they could not return to their minds for a long time.

The camera faithfully recorded what happened, and carefully used the sketch pen to quickly design the movement path of the next set of shots in the ma.n.u.script.

For example, camera push, follow, translate.

These pictures need to be softened in the promo films taken before, so the transformation of the two lenses must be perfectly integrated in order to see no abrupt feeling.

On the ma.n.u.script, there are pictures of those humanities, and the lenses of this industrial science and technology should be modified according to the actual situation.

“What kind of machinery is this?” Director Tang's inner curiosity is like a repressed volcano that is about to reach the apex of the eruption.

This equipment was not what he had imagined, nor did it need to move any arms and support on the material.

After the steel pile frame was finished, the equipment was adjusted to the next working place.

During the movement, one of the robot arms was replaced with a cutting wheel.

Another robotic arm, grasping the polyethylene spiral wave tube on the ground and began the performance of the chef for cutting.
"This efficiency is invincible. We usually have seven or eight people, and they can work for an hour to cut out the material. It was cut in two minutes."

“There are ten such devices, and our construction site is still under developing?”


People in the vicinity were focusing on the shooting scene and stunned to appreciate the performance of the Mechanical Colossus Type I.

On the side of the construction site, suddenly a huge heavy object crashed into the ground, and the sound of metal deformation was screaming.

"Ah! Not good, the 6th 'mixed' concrete mixer truck slipped into the pit." The huge impact of the crash just ended, and the worker screamed nervously.

"What?" Director Tang suddenly turned back.

When he and a large group of workers ran to the huge pit of four meters deep, the scene in front of him cracked his liver and gallbladder.

A mixed concrete pump truck, the wheel was in the foundation pit.

This foundation pit is four meters deep. It is the underground equipment room of the platform.

Now, the bottom of the foundation pit has begun to lay steel mesh, ready to fill mixed concrete condensate.

The surrounding of the foundation pit is full of cement slope protection.

This 'mixed' concrete mixer truck pa.s.sed by and walked. Why did it slip from the slope?  This is not known.

The slope protection has a curvature, and the mixer rolls over several times and breaks into the steel mesh below.

The mud-like 'mixed' concrete flows slowly along with the mixing tank, covering the steel mesh a little bit and spreading all around.

"Come on, everybody, come down with me to save people." Director Tang roared and took the lead to jump to the slope, sliding down the slope.

The rest of the workers went down one by one and followed him.

Ye Qing did not say anything, catching up with the steps of these workers.

However, when he stepped on the steel mesh field and touched the cabin of the concrete mixer, Ye Qing and these workers found that the cab had been deformed and stuck firmly in the mesh.

" Faster ~ take me out, I am caught by the seat belt." The driver in the cab has a very good tone and looks like he has not suffered any harm.

After all, there is a steel mesh bottom under the foundation pit, which can reduce a large part of the buffer.

"You're driving blindly. How do you drive into the foundation pit at the right end?" Director Tang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and kept touching the position of his heart.

He said with a lingering palpitation, "Wait, the foundation pit needs to be filled with coagulated soil that I poured. And the dirt slope was demolished by the car. I will let the excavator come over the pad to slow down the slope."

"You have to go straight to the cutting machine with the ropes. Let's cut the steel mesh and the cab."

The workers next to him agreed, and when they lifted their feet and prepared to leave, they suddenly realized that their feet stepped on the slow flow of concrete on the soil.

The c.o.c.kpit and the mixer body have also fallen into the mesh.

At this time, the 'mixed' concrete overflowing from the broken mixing tank will not be used for too long and will flood into the cab.

The cab was not high, and now it was deformed by the impact force. The driver inside said that his head had already reached the top of the cab.

Around the four-meter deep foundation pit, there is no slope for vehicles to walk, and there is no erected tower next to it.

“Faster!” Director Tang's eyes were red, he snarled: "Notify the whole site people to come over, the vertical baffles, and hand digging also to dig this mixed condensate away."---------------------------------------------------------

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Monster Factory Chapter 200

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