Monster Factory Chapter 201

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Without the order of Director Tang, the workers on the site had already rushed to this place.

The occurrence of vehicle equipment falling into the deep pit or foundation pit, although rare, has been seen by people who have been present in the construction site all the year round, or have heard similar situations.

The construction site is full of mechanical equipment. When such a thing happens, excavators, cranes, and cutting machines often support each other, and the efficiency is faster than that of firefighters.

The current situation is a bit c.u.mbersome. This concrete truck loaded with concrete has been plunged into a four-meter deep foundation pit.

The foundation pit did not reach the bottom of the well.

Even if a crane comes in, it's very difficult to hoist the mixer, which has a full load of over 40 tons and is firmly trapped in the steel mesh.

In less than thirty seconds, more than 30 workers have jumped. They reached into the bench-sized steel mesh and held a handful of concrete to scatter it outside.

The planks that were still coming in were not suitable, and the workers took off their work clothes and stuffed them into the grid.

The workers above were rus.h.i.+ng through the wires and tied the cutting machine with ropes.

However, the rope was not pulled yet. The Mechanical Colossus Type I, which was shooting a propaganda film next to them, waved two robotic arms and rushed at the maximum speed.

The whistle rang, the workers on the side, subconsciously gave way to this equipment.

Two enterprising excavator drivers, also driving the excavator, rushed over. The ramp is sixty degrees, and they feel that with the support of the buckets, they may be able to take the cabin out the foundation pit.

As for what to do, they didn't think so much.

The first to stop on the side is the Mechanical Colossus Type I when the crawler is completely stopped, it has been suspended for one meter. Superb driving skills, the workers have erect hair next to the towering.

" crack;   snap ; "

The right arm of the Mechanical Colossus Type I is switched into a broken shear, which is then inserted into the four-meter deep foundation pit together.

The two robot arms are supported, and the crawler moves slowly. The arms of the Mechanical Colossus Type I went into the profound pit without any effort.

"it is good!"

This kind of flowing water, The superb skills of the mechanical exhibition compet.i.tion make it possible for the workers at the excavators, or the ground workers, to clap their palms.

The two tracks of the Mechanical Colossus Type I were pressed directly onto the turning concrete mixer.

"At once, everything, everyone scatters." Ye Qing roared to everyone.

Director Tang, who was digging the concrete by hand, looked up, nearly burst the heart by excitement. Immediately, joined hands and feet and kicked at the workers who were still stunned.

The concrete has been extended to the position of the cab. Fortunately, crevices in the cab have been blocked by workers using their overalls.

After the clearance was completed, the cutting wheel on the left arm suddenly gave off a horrible high-speed rotation.


The air is split, and the cutting wheel is in contact with the reinforcing mesh around the c.o.c.kpit.

Everyone subconsciously grabbed his ears and blew his hair.

A spark waterfall, bursting at the point of contact. The thick watermelon was cut open instantly, and the fracture was magmlike flaming. 

This is the high temperature caused by the intense friction of the metal!

The robotic arm on the right, manipulating the broken shears, attacks the girders of the mixer truck.

The alloy steel girders are cut and broken.

Director Tang and all the workers have been completely petrified. Cover their ears with their hands and even pause for a while.

"What kind of equipment is this?" They are screaming in their hearts, and they are screaming in their thoughts.

Until the whole cab, was lifted by the Mechanical Colossus, Tang was in the air.

Director Tang "Ah!" With a loud voice, the intense tension in the heart was released.

"Good!" "Good!" "Good!"

The thoughts of the nearby workers were also unlocked one by one. They screamed and screamed, and their rough hands clap.

These applauses are connected together, a powerful voice, and the moments that people hear, they can understand how happy they are at this moment.

"Director, what equipment is this? This is a device that is only available in science fiction movies!"

Standing next to Director Tang, a young, dark-skinned worker, he grabbed Tang's arm and shook it like a tractor he could not control himself. He could not restrain his mood at all.

"Science fiction movies are all bragging. Can they make such equipment and make a ghostly sci-fi movie?"

"This is called the mechanical giant. Have you not seen the gleaming nameplate?"

“Is it made in Germany?”

"You are awkward, don't you see the Chinese characters above? This is made in China."

"Director Tang, you will report to the top. We have to set up two hundred of these types of equipment on the construction site. I promise that the South Station will be completed in one month." 

"You are playing, I will report in the afternoon." In the eyes of Director Tang, all of them are just the mighty style of the mechanical giants copying the guys to dismantle the cars.

He feels that his own desire for possession is stronger than the man's primitive impulse to women.

"Big Brother, you are going to let me down." The workers on the side were applauding excitedly, and the driver's cab, the unlucky man who drove the mixer into the foundation pit with one foot of the throttle, was not so excited.

With a seat belt fixed, he did not suffer too much damage.

However, his mental damage is not small, especially when he is fixed in the cab through the front of the gla.s.s. The gaze can be on the c.o.c.kpit of the mechanical giant, looking straight at his gaze.

"You have a puppy day, you explain to Laozi, a good straight road, how did you drive the mixer into the pit?" Director Tang wished to take the shoes off and killing him.

The production teams of Zhongyun TV are beating their b.r.e.a.s.t.s and stamping their feet one by one.

They are regretting, they are upset!

They also ran with the workers upon the first time of the accident.

This is not because they have forgotten their professional ethics, and don't shoot news material.

But because this mixer falls into the foundation pit, it is not hardware worthy of the news.

There were too many accidents on the construction site. This stuff is going to be the best news, and this car accident is the first to refuse. 

But as the rescue is in a state of intense tension, concrete is about to flood into the cab, and the Mechanical Colossus descend from the sky, and the savior will cut the entire head of the car.

The subject matter has become different.

This can be a headline!

People who have seen the mechanical giant?

This kind of rescue efficiency has simply broken through the sky and came to the rescue of the hundreds of people on the construction site. The mechanical giant used only one minute.

The girders are cut like sugar cane producing sparks.

Who has seen this scene?

As long as these video pictures are processed by suspense, the next two diggers are just halfway down, neither down nor up.

The person in charge of the filming work believes that the ratings of cloud TV stations in the next two days will definitely burst. (To be continued.)

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Monster Factory Chapter 201

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