Monster Factory Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Underwater welding

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

Gangjie Chemicals is a large, privatized corporation. In 10 years of struggle, they won multiple awards including , , , , and other honors.

Their boss, Gong Wei, is not only one of the biggest contributors to the industrial park, but is also an esteemed guest in the mayor’s annual entrepreneur tea party.

Gangjie Chemicals mainly produce chemicals that are either non-toxic or have low toxicity. In all of Zhongyun city, there is no one that can match their power.

Last month, they successfully signed a 50 million contract with Germany’s BASF corporation for chemical materials. This is now what Gong Wei is always talking about.

Germany’s BASF corporation is, through and through, a international tyc.o.o.n in the chemical industry. They possess a terrifying business footprint. They have factories in 41 countries, and more than 160 wholly owned subsidiaries and joint ventures.

If you’re in the chemical business and haven’t heard of the BASF corporation, then it’s just like finding a young, chinese man who don’t know of Sola Aoi.

Being able to attain stable working relations with this kind of giant almost had Gangjie Chemical’s boss, Gong Wei, faint from happiness.

With any company or individual client, if the first joint venture is successful, then that means long term relations with these giants.

Next time, if there is a need for the same materials, then naturally they would think of their previous partners, whom they’ve had happy relations with before.

For this order, Gong Wei used everything and all the horsepower he could muster. The best materials, the most strict procedures, just for a chance to enter the international stage.



Due to [Huaxing Heavy Work]’s single mistake, all his efforts, and millions in chemical materials are all for naught.

Disastrous, but there is still a sliver of hope.

However this hope, is seriously minuscule.

When Ye Qing and his van arrived in front of the main gates of Gangjie Chemicals, originally wanting to explain to the guard why he is here, he found that the guard house is completely empty.

The electronic gate is wide open. As far as the eyes see, the property is filled with fire trucks.

Ye Qing drove past the trucks and parked next to a row of sedans.

The size of Gangjie Chemicals’ factory is huge. The side of the road is filled with pipes that are as tall as half a person, all sizes of reactors, large ball shaped pressure vessels, large scale cooling towers, and tall smoke stacks.

Apart from a clear office building, the rest of the structures had all kinds of large containers filling the rooftops.

In the air, there is still a hint of something that smelled like shampoo.

There is no need to look for the location of the accident, as the 10 meter tall steam pillar is clearly right in the middle of the man made lake in front of the giant office building.

Having parked the car, Ye Qing unhurriedly approached the lake.

As Ye Qing approached the lake, he felt clear increases in the surrounding temperature. When he got to the edge of the lake, he found dozens of people together bickering endlessly.

Right now, at the edge of the lake, it’s literally chaos. Most of the fish that has been steam cooked in the lake have surfaced. Dozens of Gangjie Chemicals’ workers were using nets to catch dinner.

Ye Qing also found 2 middle aged men with security guard uniforms in the group trying to catch fish with nets……

Since the water in the man made lake is pretty clean, and the fact that the steam being spewed out is of restaurant grade, the workers are naturally netting to their heart’s content.

Ye Qing headed towards the intensely bickering group. He found several familiar faces.

Of course these familiar individuals don’t know him, but he knows them. Zhongyun university’s 2 white haired professors, Huixing Heavy Work’s leader Li Huaxing, and Gangjie Chemical’s boss Gong Wei.

The 2 chemistry professors are both national treasures.

The 2 professors are currently discussing the issues surrounding the catalysts and the materials with Gangjie Chemicals’ workers and the fire fighters.

This is probably to confirm all the possibilities. A police officer already informed most of the fire fighters to pack up and move out.

In the other group, the boss of Gangjie Chemicals, Gong Wei, with a flushed face and manicured fingers, is pointing at and putting all the blame onto Huaxing Heavy Works’ leader Li Huaxing.

The compound in question this time is diethanolamine. Not only is this compound extremely expensive, it’s also extremely difficult to produce. In the end, he never would’ve thought that he would get f.u.c.ked over by Huaxing Heavy Works this hard.

“This incident has definite ties to your Huaxing Heavy Work. Right now the steam temperature can’t reach the required target, so it’s causing abnormal reactions with the materials. You guys must compensate!”

“Mr. Gong, I admit that we made a mistake, but you can’t just s.h.i.+ft all the blame onto us and ask for compensation like this.”

Chairman Li Huaxing wearing a full set of gold attire, innocently said: “Who told you to place the pipeline in the lake. This wasn’t even in the plan. Look, now that it’s broken, it’s even more difficult to fix.

“If it wasn’t because you shorted the main line, how could my pipeline rupture?” Gong Wei is completely p.i.s.sed now: “The pipeline is perfectly fine. These are double layered pipelines, you won’t be able to find internal damages even if you used x-ray. There is even a fibergla.s.s layer in the middle, and on the outside are two layers of epoxy resin and polyurethane.

“Then the problem is with your accidental power outage procedures.”

Chairman Li Huaxing acted as if his hands are tied: “I’ll definitely pay compensation, but I can only pay up according to the compensation numbers set by the electrical department and the industrial park’s management.”

“Oh right, I helped you contact a company who is able to perform underwater welding. There are only 2 of these companies in all of Zhongyun. Adding in the one you called, soon they’ll all be here.”

Ye Qing who was listening to their conversation on the side, wanting to offer his services by saying I’m a third party that you didn’t know off, but I can also perform underwater welding.

Right now the situation is just too chaotic. No one knows which branch Ye Qing belongs to, so naturally no one will question him.

Just as he was about to speak, a white Iveco flashed its lights, barged in through the gra.s.s, and drifted to a stop beside the group.

When the doors opened, a couple of young men jumped out: “We’re from Dragon Underwater Infrastructure, who called for us?”

“Me! Me!” Gong Wei is as excited as if he saw a savior, and pointed towards the man made lake: “Quick, quick, the pipe is underneath there, I still have tons of materials in the reactors that need saving. Quickly help me save them!”

The saviors are here. The workers with their white uniforms surrounded the lake.

“Right now the temperature in the reactors aren’t rising. We need an internal temperature of 120°C, but right now it’s stuck at 50°C. I need you guys to block up the rupture in the lake.”

“Dude, you stupid?” Two of the men wearing diving suits almost swore: “All the fishes in the lake are dead. How the h.e.l.l are we supposed to go there? You want us to become poached fish?”

Monster Factory Chapter 23

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