Monster Factory Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Race against time

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

A lot of chemical materials during synthesis require a specific temperature to be maintained. This way, the molecules in the materials will be activated. As its energy increases, catalysis reactions occur, making it evolve into another material entirely.

This is regardless of whether it’s in a laboratory with a pressure cooker size reactor, or if it’s in a large chemical plant, with a reactor several tens of meters tall, that is able to processes hundreds of tons of materials.

However as long as you’re in the chemical business, there’s no way to leave these types of equipment.

The reactor being affected now within Gangjie Chemicals is a steam heated reactor.

These large structures are separated into two layers. When the middle layer is filled with steam, it allows for a quick increase in temperature within the reactor.

Now, the high pressure steam pipeline ruptured and large amounts of steam was leaking out into the lake. Naturally the temperature within the reactor won’t increase.

“Professor Zhang! Professor Zhang!” Gong Wie hurriedly called over one of the experts: “Do you guys think we can turn off the steam boiler for the time being?”

The white haired professor Zhang, rubbed his wrinkled forehead: “The synthesis of diethanolamine is currently in its final stage. Its reaction requires the reactors to be heated to 120°C, and only then will the catalyst reaction finish.”

“If the temperature isn’t kept up, then it won’t finish. The catalyst only has a lifetime of 8 hours. Now, an hour has already pa.s.sed. If the steam input is stopped, then the temperature inside the reactor will drop…….”

“At most there will only be an hour window. If the pipes are repaired within this window, then by increasing the steam pressure to raise the temperature inside and the rate of air extraction from the reactor, then it is possible to rescue it. If it this window then there is little to no hope left.”

By inserting the catalyst, it has already pa.s.sed the point of no return.

It’s just like shooting a bullet. As soon as it misses its target, the bullet is wasted in vain.

The catalyst is the same. As soon as it fails, then all of the materials in the reactor is wasted. It’ll change into a pollutant, of which no one knows a use for, and the company must spend tons of money to destroy it.

Now, upon hearing that there is still an hour window, Gong Wei is anxious to the point of crying. He grabbed the nearest Dragon Underwater Infrastructure worker and yelled: “You guys go get prepared. Once you’re ready, I’ll turn off the boiler.”

“An hour?” Dragon Underwater Infrastructure’s worker is again unwilling: “Not mentioning the 500,000 price, even if you offer 1,000,000, it’s still impossible to finish the welding in an hour.”

“I’ve seen the data for your steam pipe. Two steel layers. Right now it’s the second layer that is broken. Hence we must cut open the first layer, clear out the fibregla.s.s, and then can we fix it.

“Even if given 5 hours, I would still find that too little. No one here is a robot. Also, even if you can really find a robot, it still can’t finish the job in under an hour.”

“1,000,000, I’m begging you. I’m willing to pay 1,000,000.” Gong Wei regrets not being able to put on a diving suit and diving down with them.

“Do you know how hard it is to start the guide arc?”

Dragon Underwater Infrastructure’s divers patiently explained: “If we end up with bad luck, then it might take dozens of tries to get the welding torch lit. A waterproof welding wire is only able to weld several centimeters underwater, and we must surface to change the wires.”

“Of course I understand the difficulty, otherwise why would I offer 1,000,000?” Gong Wei almost became frantic: “I don’t care what plan you guys use. As long as you fix it in an hour, I’ll pay 1,000,000.”

“Let’s bring extra torches, and use them together.” Someone suggested.

“At most 2 torches can be used. The pipe is only so big, how do we fit more people in?”

1,000,000 really isn’t a small number. There isn’t any underwater infrastructure company that can ignore this offer.

While they were debating whether to take the job, another small truck rushed onto the site again.

This truck had [Qianjiang Underwater Works] printed on it. From the looks of it, the other underwater welding company had arrived. This time, Zhongyun’s two companies are all on site.

Chairman Li Huaxing immediately welcomed them, offered each of them a cigarette, then told them about the job. As long as they can fix the pipe in the lake in under an hour, then their company can earn 1,000,000 yuan.

“Fixing it is no problem, but it’s definitely impossible in under an hour.” The manager leading the team, upon seeing the steam fountain, very patiently came to the same conclusion as the other company.

Of course, the 1,000,000 yuan offer is very attractive.

The normally rivaling companies, now all gathered together discuss whether they should cooperate this time to earn this 1,000,000.

“Might as well try. There is always the chance for a miracle.” The two team’s manager quickly reached an agreement.

Ye Qing doesn’t know how to introduce himself anymore. Now that the two professional companies are here, seeing them excitingly move their equipment, he decided to wait and see what happens

If they can’t do it, then I’ll go.

Moreover these guys are professional in this field with tons of equipment. I’m just a lonely person. If I just go up like this, then it’ll be strange as h.e.l.l if they actually believe in me.

Oxygen tanks, electrical welding machines, welding torches with several tens of meters long cables, cutting torch, and other types of equipment were quickly unloaded one by one.

Gangjie Chemicals’ worker had already prepared the electrical lines a long time ago. On top of the man made lake lies 2 boats specifically used to clear out garbage.

“Tell the boiler room to disconnect the steam valve.” Seeing that the preparation are complete, boss Gong Wei commanded.

After roughly 10 seconds, the giant steam pillar in the middle of the lake slowly descended as air bubbles began to float out.

On top of a boat, two fully geared divers first secured their underwater lights, then dove underwater as they brought their lit cutting torch with them.

The man made lake is actually really big. Although the leaking steam cooked a bunch of fish, as soon as the boilers were turned off the lake’s’ temperature stopped to rise.

Although the temperature of the lake isn’t high, that doesn’t mean that the location with the rupture has a low temperature.

Under the lighting of several large halogen lights, everybody on land clearly saw the two divers who just entered the water, immediately jump out like a cat who has had its tail stepped on.

“Why is the pipe still leaking hot water?” A diver spat out his breathing apparatus and yelled while grimacing.

“Extra steam! Extra steam!” Gong Wei, who was on land, had brows covered with sweat: “This is a pressure pipeline, now with both valves closed, you just need to wait until all the steam in the pipe has leaked out.”

After waiting a full 10 minutes, the two divers tested the water with their foot non-stop, but still couldn’t enter.

Hearing a worker call out the dropping temperature in the reactor non-stop, Gong Wei is completely pressed: “Why are you guys still waiting? You think I hired you guys for a foot ma.s.sage?”

“Why don’t you enter then. I’m not made of steel! The pipe is still leaking hot water, are you looking to boil us live?”

Gong Wei, without saying another word, had a security guard carry him out in the other boat.

Arriving at the leakage site, Gong Wei put his hand in to test the water and immediately went silent.

Another 5 minutes pa.s.sed, before bubbles stopped floating up. Gong Wei, as if he had been shot, suddenly stood up on the boat.

The two divers also got the message, lit up the cutting torch and slowly dove down.

How many have seen underwater cutting operations before?

The ma.s.sive amount people on sh.o.r.e, they are even more active than people at a celebrity’s concert. Even the two fire fighters left behind in case of emergencies, also stretch out their necks, looking towards the middle of the lake.

Monster Factory Chapter 24

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