Monster Factory Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Self introduction

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

In the three meter deep man-made lake, two azure blazes can be seen reflecting through the water.

As soon as the high temperature flames touched the broken pipeline, a great amount of black smoke rose to the surface.

Workers who have good eyesight can vaguely see a rectangular incision slowly being made on the broken pipeline.

On the sh.o.r.e, some workers were continuously yelling out the temperature inside the reactors.

50°C, 49°C, 48°C, 47°C, 46°C, 45°C, ……..

The slowly dropping temperatures had seized everyone’s hearts.

They’re worried about their bonus. If this batch of materials goes to waste, then the most they can get is some overtime fees.

The two white haired professors are also making calls non-stop.

They are discussing with other chemical experts, on whether if there are other materials or operations which can slow down the reaction of diethanolamine.

Ye Qing is also on sh.o.r.e, excitedly watching the two divers work underwater.

After roughly another 10 minutes pa.s.sed, the outer layer of the pipe had been opened. The two divers quickly surfaced and each grabbed a pair of large pliers.

In the middle of the two layers was a thick covering of fibergla.s.s. When trying to fix the inner layer, the outer fibergla.s.s must be cleared out.

Half an hour had already pa.s.sed. The two divers, working as if they were going to die, used the pliers to rip apart the fibergla.s.s.

It’s just that the fibergla.s.s layer was too thick. Additionally, underwater movements are extremely tiresome, so only a small area around the rupture was cleared out.

“We’re almost out of time, hurry up will ya?” Gong Wei is so anxious that he nearly jumped down and personally helped out.

He didn’t know whether they heard it or not, but the two divers continued on at their own pace.

As time slowly pa.s.sed, the expression on Gong Wei’s face also slowly turned from anxious to in despair.

On Gong Wei’s Vacheron Constantin watch, the minute hand has already completed a full circle. However as of right now, the divers have just cleared out some of the fibergla.s.s, revealing parts of the inner pipe.

Under the the spotting of underwater searchlights and the diver’s head lamp, Gong Wei almost threw himself into the lake after seeing the breach.

The steel near the breach had been battered and pushed out by the internal pressure. A 30 plus centimeter long gap can be seen in the middle of the pipes.

The width of the gap is almost big enough to fit in a whole fist.

Under normal welding procedure, the whirled up breach must be pounded back into shape before it can be welded again.

Except this is underwater welding, so there’s no way to use hammers and pound back the shape.

The two divers surfaced with a powerful hop. After spitting out their breathing apparatus, they looked exhausted and ashamed: “Boss, we can’t do it. The damage is just too great, it needs to be cut out and completely replaced.

Gong Wei quickly sat down in the boat, causing a splash. When this news reached the sh.o.r.e, the two professors each sighed, called out to several workers and left in their sedans.

They understand better than everyone here, with every minute that, the chance of the materials in the reactor going to waste rises.

Since there is no means to fix the pipe, then the materials are guaranteed to be wasted.

When the two small boats. .h.i.t the sh.o.r.e, Gong Wei got off with his worker’s support. His face is as pale as paper and big beads of sweat can be seen on his forehead.

Huaxing Heavy Work’s chairman Li Huaxing, patted Gong Wei’s shoulder: “I still need to sort out the problems at the third stage construction site. You need to stand firm.”

The professors are gone, Huaxing Heavy Work’s chairman left, and the originally excited crowd left as well after seeing the result. Now there are only two supervisors left.

Since the boss screwed up a astronomical order, then isn’t staying here adding salt to the wound?

The two underwater construction companies also started to pack up. This time they really messed up, and since they can at most receive some tens of thousands in labour fees, they naturally feel like c.r.a.p.

“Mr. Gong, how about letting me try?” Ye Qing quietly asked Gong Wei.

Gong Wei is still sitting on the ground, completely ignoring Ye Qing’s question.

“Boss, what should we do now?” A worker wearing a white lab coat inquired.

Gong Wei still didn’t reply or move, just like a piece of wood.

The worker lightly shook his shoulder, and repeated the question with some sorrow.

He is one of Gangjie Chemicals’ original workers, who stayed on through all the highs and lows. He understands better than anyone how much his boss, Gong Wei, in these ten plus year, gave up for the company.

Starting from a no name workshop, working hard until now and becoming one of the largest factories in all of Zhongyun. This boss of his clearly gave up way too much.

Being able to receive the order from the BASF corporation, is the biggest recognition Gong Wei has ever received in these ten plus years.

Now, it’s all over.

The wasted materials need large sums of money to clean up. Now not being able to deliver the diethanolamine, the cost of cleaning up this mess is more than enough to sink the company into the verge of bankruptcy.

As for cooperation in the future?

Which fking company would work again with a company who screwed up their first order?

A worker shook Gong Wei’s shoulder again. This time Gong Wei finally came out of being petrified.

Except no one would’ve thought that, he would, with with a waa, begin crying.

“It’s over, it’s all over. Where the heck would I find more diethanolamine!” Tears rapidly rolled out of Gong Wei’s eyes. The sight of him crying is seriously a heart breaking sight to see.

So from the start, everything was for naught.

G.o.d, why did you bring me two underwater construction companies to give me hope?

Gong Wei felt as if the sky collapsed, losing at the last stop, losing at the last fixing step.

“Boss, do you want us to clear out the materials into waste drums?” A worker conscientiously asked.

Gong Wei suddenly stood up with determination in his eyes: “No, since there’s already no way out then connect to the boilers again.”

“Tell the boilers to reconnect the steam and make sure this time the output is maxxed.” Gong Wei wiped off his tears: “Didn’t the professors say about the ratio of diethanolamine, and increased mixing speeds can increase the reaction speed?”

“Increase! Even if I die, then I at least need to know why. I can’t give up like this.”

The worker hesitated for a bit, but in the end, still followed the commands. Although the professors said that these materials won’t explode, then trying the only option left is the only way to have the boss finally give up.

Very quickly the command got replayed to the boiler room. The boilers, which were never turned off, immediately closed off the leakage value and opened up the steam pipeline valve.

Several breaths later, the long steam pipeline shook viciously. It’s as if a dragon ran through the pipes.

Then, the man made lake exploded again. Large amounts of steam, under the missing hindrance of the fibergla.s.s, shot twenty plus meters into the air.

As for the temperature inside the reactors, it slowly rose again. But at this rate, even if it’s to return back to it’s previous temperature, it at least need half an hour.

Besides, it might not even be able to reach 50°C again. Losing the thick layer of fibergla.s.s only allowed more steam to escape.

Standing in front of the man made lake, Gong Wei full tears said nothing.

“Mr. Gong, should I give it a try? I also know underwater welding.” Ye Qing offered himself again.

Monster Factory Chapter 25

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