Monster Factory Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Science means productivity

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“What did you say?” Gong Wei, who has woken up again, suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Qing with a complicated expression similar to that of an abstract artist seeing his finished work.

“So what if you know how to weld, there isn’t any time left, so what can I use you for?”

Gong Wei muttered to himself: “It’s not possible anymore, there’s no time left.”

“Which underwater welding company are you from?” One of the remaining workers asked: “I already saw you standing there a long time ago, you really don’t think that money is earned this way right?”

“We don’t have any time left to close the steam valve again.” The worker patiently explained to Ye Qing: “There isn’t enough time left for the catalyst. As soon as the boiler is closed, the heat inside will start to dissipate. Merely increasing the temperature costed us over half an hour.”

“I don’t need the valve to be closed.”

“Bro, you stupid?” One of the exhausted divers, who was about to leave, is scared s.h.i.+tless: “You’re not superman, you can’t even shoot out lasers from your eyes.”

“That steam down there is at least 200°C. I swear, as soon as you jump down, you’ll be cooked.”

Ye Qing smiled: “I didn’t speak before is because I didn’t want to steal your business. Since they contacted you guys first, then of course you get the first try.”

“But now that you’ve failed, I naturally need to come forward and offer my services.”

“Haha, nice bro.” The two company’s divers all burst out laughing on the spot: “Go ahead, go ahead. Since we don’t have the ability to finish the work, then you can go ahead and try.”

“Alright boys, let us properly learn from our little bro here how he is going to weld underwater surrounded by 200 plus degree steam.” The other divers from the two companies all gathered and put on an act of happily ready to learn and watch Ye Qing make a fool of himself.

“Yo, if you’ve got an illness, go get checked. Why are you dragging us into this?” Gangjie Chemicals’ workers are clearly unwilling to have Ye Qing help out. If this guy gets boiled to death, then need to pay another set of compensation.

“Let him try. Stuff that even we, Zhongyun’s only two underwater construction companies, can’t do, I want to see how this young man is able to.”

This worker looked at his boss, but found him petrified again, sitting there facing the lake full of tears.

Ah forget it, might as well as let him try. What’s the worst that can happen……

“Go ahead, but if you’re looking to jump into the lake to suicide, then you can forget about it. If you can’t come up with any plans, then we’re not paying jack.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got special techniques.” Ye Qing replied, but still unwilling to spill the beans.

“Quickly now. We can’t wait to learn new stuff from from you.” The two divers happily joked: “It’s not us bluffing, but it’s not just us who are unable to do the job. Even if you get a underwater construction company from the USA, they still won’t be able to fix it.”

Ye Qing completely turned his back on them, and jogged towards his commercial van.

They didn’t need to wait long, just a couple of minutes.

Ye Qing is back again.

Still wearing the same stuff. Don’t mention a diving suit, he doesn’t even have a welding torch.

All the divers and all of the other workers from the underwater construction companies are all rolling on the floor laughing. Some are even clenching their stomach due to muscle contractions, but nevertheless, they are still laughing.

“Are you planning to shoot lasers from you eyes to fix the rupture?”

Facing this group of outdated people, Ye Qing can only sigh slowly.

Then, Ye Qing operated the control system on his cell phone and slowly controlled the M.P.C.V. behind him.

Then the square shaped, red electroplated MPCV, holding up it’s two futuristic robotic arms, entered everyone’s view.

All of them, the two supervisors, the two divers, and all other accompanying workers, immediately turned from jeering to becoming sh.e.l.l shocked.

They all rubbed their eyes numerous time. Their expression is like they had seen a real life superman, with all of his abilities.

This futuristic, sleek robot, with its welding arms, had them all go from high above in the sky to collapsing on the ground, not knowing what to do anymore.

Even if they are given millenniums, they still wouldn’t be able to understand what gave Ye Qing so much confidence.

Now, they understand.

It’s a super futuristic welding robot.

Welding robot?

Everyone here are all veterans with machineries. They are quite familiar with welding robots, since they all have some version of these robots in their workshops.

It’s just that those robots are all stationary. It needs tons of wiring to move it’s welding arms, and it looks completely bloated.

Of course, there are some underwater robots, but the operations they can perform are all simple and crude, like underwater imaging, catching some small items, and what not.

“This…… This…… “The two divers seem to have become foreigners, stuttering everywhere and can’t seem to finish a single sentence: “This robot can weld underwater?”

“Won’t you know as soon as you see it work?” Ye Qing is very satisfied with their shocked expressions.

“Then hurry up and get down there will ya?” The two factory supervisors are shaken from the bottom up. If this robot can really weld, then…….

Gong Wei is still unconcerned with what’s going on behind him. The steam pillar in the middle of the lake is still occupying his full attention.

Ye Qing nodded, and quickly operated the M.P.C.V. into the water.

It’s also fortunate that the M.P.C.V. is currently only in its first phase, so it’s not too outrageous. There are tons of waterpoof robots available on market that look the exact same, it’s just that none of them can weld underwater.

The restriction to the development of waterpoof welding robots, is not because of technical difficulties as they are quite simple to create, but rather it’s practical use.

If it’s got some truly outrageous abilities, then there is no way that Ye Qing will bring it out.

Ye Qing using a cell phone to control this robot, once again shocking everyone on site.

Underwater robots normally all use computer control systems. This is the first time they’ve seen a cell phone controlled robot.

The MPCV very quickly submerged into the lake. Using its search light system, it quickly let everyone see the damages at the point of rupture.

Gong Wei suddenly raised his head, and yelled as if having seen a ghost: “What’s that, what’s that.”

“Boss, that’s an underwater welding robot.” A worker hurriedly ran over and explained: “Just now that bro over there said he’ll help us fix the pipeline and we don’t even need to turn off the steam valves.”

Plop ~

Gong Wei again fell onto the ground bottom first, becoming paralyzed once again. Volatile ups and downs, one after another, had him again lose his sense of balance.

Having already entered the 18th floor of h.e.l.l, then suddenly finding a portal to the heavens at the bottom of h.e.l.l, sums up Gong Wei’s state of mind right now.


If it can really fix it……

Gong Wei estimated lightning quick. The two underwater construction companies used up almost an hour, after cutting open the pipeline and finding them able to complete the job, I immediately gave the order to turn on the steam valve again.

Although the steam didn’t raise the temperature much, at least it didn’t waste any.

That means there is still hope!

This hope’s prerequisite, is that Ye Qing’s welding robot needs to be able to complete the job.

The two divers also ran over, knelt down, and used peeping at bathing girls like expression to look at the robot in the lake.

200°C boiling steam is unbearable for all human beings. Except this little welding robot can easily approach it.

Yes, easily.

Under the lighting of the M.P.C.V.’s car lights, everyone clearly saw it rapidly approach the debris surrounding the ruptured pipeline. Then it stood still beside the rupture.

200°C temperature has zero influence on machines.

Just as everyone’s guessing whether Ye Qing will waste time to set up the robot or change its angle.

Zizi, zizi ~

A dazzling beam of white light burst forth from the bottom of the lake. This is white light is a byproduct of welding, even with the lake water acting as a blocker, everyone still had to shut their eyes.

Monster Factory Chapter 26

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