Monster Factory Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Back to Tianranju

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

The M.P.C.V. has multiple cameras that provide views of its surroundings. This allowed Ye Qing to operate the welding arms with precision.

The thick, warped, rupture point, under the power of the M.P.C.V.’s welding arms, became even more supple than a girl’s skin and was easily bent back.

With a magnetic base, the M.P.C.V. sat firmly leveled on the pipeline.

“It…… It really can……“ The two divers widened their eyes and breathed rapidly.

If it was under their regular time frame, then without at least a day, there was no way they could completely fix a rupture as serious as this.

But now?

In just a couple of minutes, the 20 meter tall steam pillar had already started to dissipate.

This kind of shocking development is just like when an ancient master artist suddenly meets a modern person with a polaroid and has their picture suddenly taken.

It’s also like how a master level martial artist is only looking for defeat.

Except when he is having a duel with a youngster, he haven’t even drawn his sword yet, but he already had his heart pierced by the youngster. Completely puzzled as to how he died.

It’s just simply hilarious. At first they guaranteed that, even if professional underwater construction teams from America came over, they still wouldn’t be able to complete the job in the time frame.

Except now, with a single robot, and several minutes…….

Literally several minutes! Within this amount of time, they could probably only change the welding wire in the torch.

What’s more, this underwater robot isn’t even afraid of 200°C pressurized steam.

Who has ever witnessed this kind of robust robot?

Gong Wei’s reaction is the greatest of them all. The others are mostly shocked and thinking that this is inconceivable.

However it’s completely different for him. As this underwater robot fixed the pipeline, it also pulled him out of despair.

Having completed ascended, he’s now in heaven.

Indescribable joy is all that Gong Wei is feeling right now.

Who would’ve thought, who would’ve thought that someone is able to repair the pipes under such severe conditions.

This kind of impossible event actually happened right in front of him.

Seeing the underwater robot fix the ruptured pipe with an unimaginable speed.

Gong Wei loudly yelled: “Get me the data! I need the temperature inside the reactor now!”

“It rose! It rose boss!” The worker beside Gong Wei answered with red eyes after inquiring: “It’s already 50°C inside the reactor.”

If this was a normal situation, then they would be comfortably sitting in the control room and monitoring the data of the inside of the reactors while drinking tea.

Right now no one wants to move a single step because the pipeline in the middle of the lake is where all the problems lay.

“Bro, you’re my saviour! My saviour!” Gong Wei is now finally back, except he appears to have been injected with chicken blood: “Go bro, go! Use your robot and beat the c.r.a.p out of that broken a.s.shole!”

The majority of the rupture has already been fixed, all that’s left now is just a small hole that’s still leaking steam. As the M.P.C.V. finally welded shut the last hole, the pillar of steam in the middle of the lake disappeared.

“Boss, boss, are you seeing this?” The two supervisors ran over and enthusiastically hugged their boss Gong Wei just like a newlywed couple.

“Yes…… yes I’m seeing this.” Gong Wei is again in tears. However when he ran next to Ye Qing wanting to give him a hug, he was afraid of disturbing him while he operated the robot.

“Don’t worry, I’m almost done. Just need to weld the outer layer to prevent water from leaking in.” Ye Qing explained while operating: “When I’m done welding, everything’ll be fixed once and for all. You don’t even need to replace the pipe again.”

“Yes……. Yes……. I can wait, I can wait.”

Gong Wei put his hands together, as if looking for something to help out with, but couldn’t think of anything at the moment.

Wait ~

Gong Wei just remembered. Everyone’s here helping out because of his high offer for completion.

“Accountant! Accountant! Go quickly call an accountant over with the company’s seal!”

As soon as he finished yelling, Gong Wei pulled out a booklet of blank checks from his pockets and quickly filled it out with his gold plated pen.

An accountant urgently rushed over with the seal, and with a couple stamps, the check in Gong Wei’s hands was now official. Then, as if handling an imperial edict, he respectfully placed it in front of Ye Qing.

“Bro, this is for your efforts. Thank you for saving my life!”

“How much?” Due to poor lighting at night, Ye Qing couldn’t make anything out with a glance.

“1.5 million!” Gong Wei replied with an att.i.tude as if saying that even if you don’t take it, I’ll still shove it into your pockets.

“What, 1.5 million?” The divers who were still watching cried out. What’s going on here, the reward increased by 500,000 in just a couple of minutes.

Of course they can only curse behind Gong Wei’s back. They’ve already tried to claim the reward, but sadly they lacked the skills to do so.

“Didn’t……Didn’t you say it was only 1 million before?” Now it’s time for Ye Qing to be stirred up. A couple random movements with his hands and he already earned 1.5 million.

Who else can do this?

If anyone thinks they can do better than me in Zhongyun, then please stand up and we’ll have a compet.i.tion to see who can earn more.

A luxury car in only a month. This definitely isn’t a dream!

“1.5 million because you saved my livelihood. It’s money well spent.” Gong Wei replied completely flushed.

“Then I must thank Mr.Gong for your generosity. If you have any problem in the future, I’ll help out free of charge.” Ye Qing, under the burning stare of the two divers, put the ma.s.sive check into his pocket.

The outer layer of the pipeline had a piece cut out, so Ye Qing picked up this piece and welded it into place. This step wasted Ye Qing a little over 15 minutes.

Just as the pipeline was completely fixed, there was good news coming from the reactors.

60°C, 70°C, 80°C, 90°C, ……

As the boiler powered back into full steam, the steam under the pressurized pipeline quickly rushed into the reactors and activated the chemicals.

As the temperature inside the reactors increased, ethylene oxide was poured in non-stop. Under the constant rotation of the mixing apparatus inside of the reactors, the stimulant and the chemical materials inside combined and caused chemical reactions.

Inside of the control room, someone guaranteed with their dignity on the line, that this batch of materials will definitely finish reactions successfully.

Originally ~

When the two underwater companies quit half way, they only wasted an hour. Then Gong Wei gave the command to turn back on the boilers and that was followed by Ye Qing completely fixing the pipeline in under 20 minutes.

There basically wasn’t much wasted time. The several workers who were responsible for the reactors firmly followed the steps left behind by the two professors and meticulously poured in the ethylene oxide.

Now all the efforts from before finally paid off. As the batch of chemical materials started to boil, they began to stride towards becoming a finished product.

“Hehe ~ bro, where did you get the robot?” The two divers embarra.s.singly walked over to Ye Qing and asked: “Such a powerful machine, we…… also want to order one.”

“That’s impossible.” Ye Qing replied his already prepared answer as he moved the M.P.C.V. back: “This is the result of me spending large amounts of money to purchase America’s latest underwater salvaging robot, then adding on the welding arms myself and spending another six months to make it operational.”

“My family owns a cutting tool factory and I’m also a mechanical engineer, so I was looking to develop a new product for the factory.”

“Ahh?!” The two divers were surprised beyond belief. You really can’t judge someone by their appearance, especially for someone like this young man.

No wonder he didn’t use a computer control system, but used a cell phone instead. So this robot is only an experimental product.

Then his family owns a factory, and he is developing an underwater robot, then naturally they want to sell this new product.

The two divers immediately started to flatter and impress, leaving behind contact information and giving out smokes, saying to contact them as soon as the robot becomes available.

“If in the future you guys encounter a similar situation where you can’t finish the job, then call me. We can split the profits.” Ye Qing exchanged numbers with them: “The product still need at least a year before hitting the market. I’ll try to hurry up the process and contact you guys as soon as it’s out.”

“Thank you. Thank you for forgiving us.” The two divers apologized non-stop for their previous actions. As soon as this type of underwater robot hits the market, then it will definitely take over the whole nation’s underwater construction market.

If we are able to be first then…….

Then wouldn’t we be able to make fortunes?

Thinking up to there, the two divers were feeling even more guilty. Hence as soon as they thought of apologetic words or terms, it would be blurrted out immediately.

“No problem, no problem!” When the M.P.C.V. came to sh.o.r.e, boiling hot steam could be seen rising off of its metal exterior. Ye Qing, with some uncertainty, did a quick inspection and found that apart from it being hot, there were no other problems.

Well yeah, if such an amazing machine can randomly break down due to hot temperatures, then that’s seriously surprising.

Controlling the M.P.C.V. to slowly approach the commercial van, Ye Qing planned to pack up and head home. But there is no way Gong Wei was going to let that happen.

“You helped me this much. You pretty much saved my life and the factory.” Gong Wei straight up stopped Ye Qing: “I really can’t leave tonight, so tomorrow, I’m inviting you to dinner at Tianranju. We really need to celebrate, later we’ll hit the sauna and the most fun place in Zhongyun.”

Zhang Zhitong already invited Ye QIng out for a meal tomorrow, however they hadn’t yet confirmed whether it was lunch or dinner. Now he can call and confirm for lunch.

As for Gong Wei inviting me to sauna……

That is definitely at night, and where is Zhongyun’s best sauna parlour?

Ye Qing thought for days but still couldn’t come up with a name. Looks like he needed to do some research later when he got back.

Unable to bear with Gong Wei magnificent hospitality, Ye Qing could only nod and agree.

“Sure sure ~ tomorrow night.” Ye Qing exchanged numbers with Gong Wei.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow. I’ll also bring along my treasured maotai.” Gong Wei is again seriously immersed in his self excitement.

Monster Factory Chapter 27

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