Monster Factory Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: New factory

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.


This is 1,500,000!

Having said goodbye to Gong Wei, Ye Qing returned back to his factory’s office. There, Ye Qing examined the check non-stop and cherished it like it was his newborn baby.

Ye Qing really wanted to take a picture and show it off to his friends.

He also wanted to show off the remaining millions in his bank account as well.

Low profile, must keep a low profile!

Ye Qing could only pacify himself like that, in order to prevent himself from doing something stupid.

Throughout most of the night, Ye Qing still couldn’t fall asleep due to this check.

In the workshop, 10 peons and 2 master artisans were processing curbstones and earning money for Ye Qing

Now that he has money, it was time to think about building a new secluded factory to fix the problem of the accidental exposure of the monsters.

Zhongyun is located near the coast, surrounded by metropolitan areas, and isn’t near any large mountain ranges. A secluded place around Zhongyun isn’t easy to find, but it also isn’t difficult.

Ye Qing remembered that there were lots of cheap, barren hills on the east side of the city. Due to it being close to the coast, and the inability to construct seagoing ports due to the rubble in the area, there are rarely any people there.

If I build a factory there, then naturally I’ll be separate from everyone.

Of course, it’s also a no no to have a factory without workers.

The 1.9 meter, 300 plus pounds peons. If they had their tusks cut off and disguised as black people it isn’t impossible. However, it’s fine with only a few, but having a factory full of them is just asking for a police inspection.


Ye Qing who was surfing the forums aimlessly, suddenly had a brilliant idea.

When dad exits the hospital, then I can give the factory back to him to manage and have him hire a bunch of workers.

Then I can open up a secluded monster factory near the coast. When the time comes, I can have the monsters make some random components for the old factory’s workers and have the old factory succeed.

The old factory would increase in scale, have advanced technology and successful products on the market. Once there are lots of workers and machinery, then people will think that the old factory only possess strong strength and is definitely able to research for new and advanced technologies.

When that time comes, the monster factory can conceal itself and secretly make its fortunes.

This is only a covert plan at the moment. Ye Qing confidently believed that once the monster factory level was high enough, then there would definitely be a better plan than this.

The next morning, Ye Qing satisfactorily woke up and ran off to the closest bank with Gong Wei’s check.

1.5 million yuan. Ye Qing directly deposited it into his card. Maybe it’s because he deposited so much money at one time, the acting manager on site, no matter what, wanted him to have a credit card.

He also offered a 50,000 credit limit gold card as long as he keeps a minimum of 500,000 in the bank for 3 months.

Ye Qing has used credit cards before, and the current 50,000 limit offers him zero incentive. In the future when more products. .h.i.t the market, he can probably apply for a ICBC Centurion directly.

Extricating himself from this manager, Ye Qing went to the nearest Apple store and bought a new 6S.

The original iPhone 4 really can’t be described as outdated. 2G internet is slow as all heck when opening web pages, so naturally using WeChat is also out of the question.

Switching to a new cell phone, Ye Qing suddenly felt his clothing to be very unfitting.

It’s all cheap, average clothing. Now that I’m a millionaire and a billionaire to be, then I need to at least dress like one.

Furthermore, I definitely need to dress properly for the lunch with Zhang Zhitong.

Originally when Ye Qing went shopping for clothes, going to Moda was already considered high end. Now without even stopping at Golden Falcon, he headed straight for the international brands.

Versace, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Louis Vuitton. Browsing through a few of the shops gave Ye QIng quite the scare.

Even with his current fortune, if he wants to get a full set of brand names, then he needs to reconsider the price tags.

A common jacket from Burberry cost over ten thousand. A good trench coat can easily cost several hundred of thousands.

After exploring for quite a while, Ye Qing found that the prices at Calvin Klein were the most economical and suitable for youngsters.

Even like this, Ye Qing still spent tens of thousands to get several set of clothing.

He doesn’t know whether it’s his mind or because of the brand names, but when Ye Qing hit the streets again, he felt as if there were lots of girls stopping to stare at him.

All that’s missing now is a ride!

No matter what, only super expensive supercars can match my current standings.

As long as I can finish the curbstone order, then I’ll roughly have enough.

Getting back into the unpainted commercial van, Ye Qing first went to the Zhongyun’s east most beach – Dragon Creek Beach.

Last night when Ye Qing was surfing the forums, he found a small secluded s.h.i.+pyard up for sale. Ye Qing decided to purchase this s.h.i.+pyard to be the monster’s new base.

Dragon creek beach is on the eastern outskirts of Zhongyun, which is filled with barren hills and beaches filled with shoal rocks. A decade ago this was a common area for oyster fis.h.i.+ng, but the fishers all left as the water quality deteriorated.

That small s.h.i.+pyard went bankrupt a long time ago.

The for sale sign on the s.h.i.+pyard’s front gate had already been there for a year. The s.h.i.+pyard’s owner also had a lot of willpower to keep b.u.mping his own thread everyday. If not for his perseverance, then there was no way for Ye Qing to find such a convenient place.

After a half an hour drive in the commercial van, just as the high rises subsided, the sea breeze caressed his face and with the occasional appearance of seagulls, Ye Qing rushed down Huanhai Avenue on full throttle towards dragon creek beach,

At this moment, a low engine sounds came from the back. Just as Ye Qing took a glance at the rear view mirror, a black Porsche Cayenne sped past at 180 km/hour.

Ye Qing silently cursed: “Seriously? What did my van do to you?”

Feeling the gentle sea breeze and driving for another 10 minutes, Ye Qing turned off of Huanhai Avenue and turned onto a shabby concrete path. After pa.s.sing several not too high but not too low barren hills, he finally arrived in front of a broken down s.h.i.+pyard.

The s.h.i.+pyard had only a steel gate with a sign. As for the surrounding steel fence, Ye Qing didn’t know if it was sold off by the owner or what, but there only remained marks of it’s existence.

Two rows of metal plants, a concrete building with no windows, and a very small gantry crane that lacked a motor are all that remain in the s.h.i.+pyard.

If some homeless person squeezed in and saw it’s current state, then they probably would also shed tears to no end.

Although the s.h.i.+pyard is tattered beyond belief, but Ye Qing is quite satisfied with the surrounding terrain.

Facing the sea, and surrounded by barren hills.

In the middle of the barren hills is a large region containing reef rocks., and in the middle of that is a small region of clear land used to construct the s.h.i.+pyard.

There is no one living in the surrounding areas, plus the barren hills are able to conceal the monsters. This is simply the best place to construct the new monster factory.

Of course, when the s.h.i.+pyard owner originally built the yard in the middle of the barren hills he definitely built it with typhoon wind in mind. This is a natural wind shelter, so no matter how big the typhoon, it won’t affect this location one bit.

An electrical scooter that appears to have been bombarded by cannons is parked in front of the broken gates. The owner of the scooter is an old looking, skinny middle aged man. On his wind scarred face is an expression similar to someone meeting a internet friend.

“It’s …… It’s you who wants to buy this s.h.i.+pyard?” The middle aged man, who has introduced himself in the call before, nervously inquired.

“Yes, that’s me.” Ye Qing cheerfully got out of the car, offered a smoke and shook his hands.

“Then what about the price? Although my yard is in tatters, the land is still mine.” The man sighed: “A decade ago, this place used to be full of people fis.h.i.+ng for oysters and clams. Now not even ghosts are left.”

“Name a price.”

“100,000 without the land, 400,000 with the land.”

Ye Qing didn’t immediately take the offer, but took a tour of the yard with the old man.

It’s clean beyond belief. Basically, as long as something contained steel, then it got sold off. Ye Qing tried turning on the lights and of course there was no electricity.

“The electricity measurer is still here, but the power got cut due to existing dues.” The old man embarra.s.singly said: “If you buy the yard then I’ll pay off the bills, so that you’ll have power when you move in.”

To be honest, 400,000 for the land is kind of expensive. In most people’s eyes this has no developable value. Since there is no developable value then naturally it isn’t worth much.

However Ye Qing seriously loved the terrain here.

After asking some basic details of the area, Ye Qing spent a long time negotiating and spent 370,000 to buy this piece of barren land.

As soon as the two came to an agreement, the old man delightedly dragged Ye Qing off to do the paperwork.

While on the road, he told Ye QIng that under the western hills is a natural karst cave. Although the cave mouth is kind of small, but there is at least 200 square meters of free s.p.a.ce inside. It’s definitely warm in the winter and cool during the summer, a great place to store fruits and vegetable.

Having completed the transfer paperwork, Ye Qing immediately used his phone to transfer the 370,000.

Then he went and found an agency beside the bureau of industry and commerce that directly dealt with business registrations, and had them help register a new company.

—— Monster Heavy Industry!

Monster Factory Chapter 28

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