Monster Factory Chapter 273

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In this way, the G.o.ds have been fighting for a long time to maintain a very comfortable very warm sleeping position.

The slender eyelashes gently rubbed.

When she opened her sleepy eyes, she just saw Ye Qing sitting on the side, gently tossing a coin with her thumb and putting it in her hand.

She smiled shyly and asked:

“What Ye was doing?”

Ye Qing looked at her and said:

"I am thinking about the central main pile foundation of the building. Which kind of metal will be used as the steel frame?"

“The HRB 400 low-alloy steel bar on the market is considered to be the best of the steel properties and is often used as beam-and-column steel.”

“But its resistance to stretching and a cold bending does not meet my requirements. I am considering whether to use chrome-manganese alloy steel or tungsten-chromium alloy steel…”

“After the quenching and tempering treatment, the two alloy plates of steel are resistant. The pull limit and the cold bend limit far exceed the low alloy steel bars on the market."

"There are advantages and disadvantages of both, and I don't know who to choose..."

"What did you choose?"

"The number side is selected from chrome-manganese alloy steel, and the flower side is selected from tungsten-chromium alloy steel."

After that, Ye Qing slowly opened the palm of his hand, and the coin was in the number side.

"I chose chrome-manganese alloy steel."

Ye Qing put away the coin, and his heart was sighing.

In fact, the number side represented a kiss.

A hard-liner Mercedes - AMG G 65 rushed from the heavy rain.

After he moves into the Mercedes - AMG G 65, Ye Qing first took Doudou home.

Then he returned to Longxitan to check whether the factory will be affected by the rainstorm.

You remember that when the last heavy rain occurred, Ye Qing also takes her to her home.

But the rainstorm compared with today, can't be called heavy rain.

Along the way, Ye Qing felt like he was on a boat.

The deepest part of the stagnant water is close to half a meter.

The water level of the river in the city also rises.

Occasionally, several unlucky cars are anch.o.r.ed in the water, and the car has been on Huanhai Avenue before it completely gets rid of the water.

Affected by the torrential rain, the mining area temporarily stopped mining absolutely, and the four angry miners also discreetly climb into the sorting warehouse to avoid being flooded by the backing rainwater.

Facing the sea, this torrential rain will last for another ten days, and Ye Qing doesn't want to flood the factory.

It's just there are some low-lying areas, and the water can't be ignored.

Ye Qing deliberately went to the entrance of the underground base to check it.

There were two entrances.

Close to the sea, the largest, after being expanded by the angry miners.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X can be allowed to pa.s.s.

The entrance here is closed most of the time, with steel electric iron doors and rock camouflage on the outside.

The back of the door is as dry as usual, with no rainwater infiltration.

The second exit was opened on the factory side of the mountain.

The same camouflage technique and the seal were equally strict.

"The ore has been soaked in water; will it have an impact?"

The underground base is no problem, and Ye Qing is worried about the mining area.

"For more than five hours, the water will slowly penetrate into the ore. The ore humidity will exceed 3%, which will affect the sorting effect of the magnetic separator."

The Master Metal Expert nodded.

"Then take the water out."

Ten minutes later, a Type I mechanical colossus was carrying a supercharged UHV pipeline system originally used to treat wastewater from sewer pipes, despite heavy rains.

Fix the equipment, this artifact eating drought for a while, has been reactivated.


The compressor and the high-powered water pump are screaming at a rapid rate, and the frequency is denser than the raindrops falling from the sky.

The supercharged pressure gauge slowly jumped from zero to twenty, and a white-water column followed the sky.
With an exaggerated flow rate more than the city's main drain, and shot toward the sea.

What is the effect of the increase of 20 MPa?

At this flow rate, if there is a brick structure in front of the water column, the house is not much harder than the paper paste.

However, …

In the worst rainstorm in the past five years, the need for drainage is far more than a company to Ye Qing.

Rainfall is too long, and the range of impact is too great.

The surrounding cities are all raining, which is the largest rainfall in Zhongyun.

Numerous stagnant waters poured into the Blue River, and several cities in the upper reaches plundered.

At this time, the Blue River water level has risen quietly by one meter.

This is nothing.

Zhongyun built the dam in the early time on the edge of the Blue River.

The river must rise to two meters to flow over the dam.

In other words, the power of nature, human beings are not yet able to confront for the time being.

The cities in the plains have encountered the hustle and bustle of the city, and the river really has to flow over the dam.

It's just an urban river, and it's not one of the three largest rivers in the world.

However, at the Xiaoping Lake in the lower reaches of the Blue River, the Pulanda Water Resort is at a critical juncture.

Here is Zhongyun City's real estate giant Qi Yuan Jiang, investing billions of Yuan to create the most top resort in Zhongyun City.

Previously, the reception team, Pulanda Water Resort received a high evaluation.

Last week the Pulanda Water Resort opened. The water resort's wooden house was ordered in just half a day.

Many foreign tourists came here, want to experience the reputation of the Pulanda Water Resort.

Did not let these tourists disappoint, since the Xiaoping Lake, filtered by the strong ionization sewage evolution equipment. The lake here is more clear, and some Wenqing tourists can send ten Weibo and 20 friends circle to praise the Pulanda Water Resort.

There is a total of forty-eight independent water huts, and there are only three vacancies today huts.

Others leave in tourists.

There are also a young couple of foreign tourists coming from an old couple of the United States.

Since they lived in yesterday, the waiters did not know how many times they had listened to Rigold.

Today, now.

All the praises disappeared collectively and the rest were only complaints, complaints and ridicule.

Because the river water from the upper reaches of the Blue River and the water in Zhongyun City, the blue river was raised by one meter.

Xiaoping Lake, which borders the Blue River, is naturally raised by one meter.

Now the lake has flown over the pillars of the wooden house, and it has pa.s.sed all the wooden walkways that connect the sh.o.r.e.

The water level is 30 centimeters higher, and the lake will flood into the resort wooden house.

Real estate giant Qi Yuan Jiang was almost hit in a hurry.

What if the lake flooded into the resort?

Once the forty-eight wooden houses are soaked in water, not only the various technological and life types of equipment in them will be ravaged, but even the that have been at great cost will.

The Pulanda Water Resort is a world-cla.s.s luxury resort service, not a dirty roadside messy hotel. For 50 Yuan a night.

The more expensive things, the more they are expensive at night.

The interior of the wooden house, even if it only floods once, will inevitably cost a lot of money and replaces it with the same alternative.

The size of the wooden house is designed by the designer of the company.

The rain is not stopped.

Qi Yuan Jiang can't pursue the designer.

Has he considered the rising factor of the river?

Now the wooden house is full of tourists, and most of these tourists don't want to leave.

They are watching the lively mentality and waiting for the lake to flood into the wooden house.

Maybe this will get considerable compensation!

He has no time, and he has to save himself.

How to save himself?

It seems that using sandbags to pile up the entrances of all the water wooden houses is the best choice.

In doing so, although it will make tourists angry, it is also stronger than the interior decoration inside.

He can do this, and Qi Yuan Jiang did it early.

These waters wooden houses, except for the panoramic gla.s.s on the roof, are made of long-lasting eucalyptus wood that has been treated by special techniques for a long time.

It retains a touch of musk, which has the effect of repelling mosquitoes and smells for a long time.

It makes people feel uncomfortable.

At the beginning of the design, considering the faint musk into the room, a small hole for ventilation is opened around the wooden house.

Once the flooding is sure to occur, and the good eucalyptus is blistered for a long time.

It will take a long time to rot and stink.

There is only one way to go.

Xiaoping Lake is connected to the Blue River, and the Blue River has river protection.

As long as the two sides of the river are blocked, a sealed dam can be formed to stop the river from continuing to flow into Xiaoping Lake.

This plan seems to be crazy, and it has not been possible to change it in the past.

But now, Qi Yuan Jiang knows where the hope of Ye Qing is.

There is a construction site in the city center, and there are four steel behemoths on the site.


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Monster Factory Chapter 273

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