Monster Factory Chapter 274

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There is a construction site in the city center, and there are four steel behemoths on the site.

Xiaoping Lake is more than 40 meters wide at the junction of the Blue River and Xiaoping Lake.

At this moment, the rainstorm has decreased relatively at the beginning, and the water level of the river has lessened more slowly.

But the water level of 30 centimeters, it is impossible to rise up in two hours.

On the weekdays, the giant real estate.

Qi Yuan Jiang, who is still in high esteem and good condition, is still worried about the weather.

He directly put the umbrella into the car, shoot the driver's arm like a slot machine.

Let him go to the Monster Heavy Factory Company as fast as possible.

On the way, Qi Yuan Jiang called the design department of the group and said the first sentence:

"Lao Ni, do you make your resignation report or tomorrow morning, I directly to the personnel meeting to dismiss you?"

"Qi Yuan Jiang Chairman, I made a mistake?... What's wrong?"

"You are right, the wrong thing is me who blindly promotes you to the chief designer."

Qi Yuan Jiang looked iron face and suppressed his anger:

"You really should come back to the field, come to the Pulanda Water Resort here. Look, there is still 30 centimeters of water level, the company's water huts will be fully flooded."

"Now the wooden houses are full of tourists and there are a couple of foreigners, including an old couple from the United States who spend the whole day basking in the Facebook. We're going to lose ourselves all over the world, do you know it?"

"Come here and tell me why the elevation of the water level of the Blue River was not taken into account in the original design?"

"Chairman, I went to the Water Conservancy Bureau to read the water records of the Blue River over the years. After a total of ten years, I did not find that the water level rose more than one meter."

“Because the Blue River connects to the sea, the extra water level flows directly into the sea.”

"Then tell me, why can it rise to one meter now?"

When Mercedes-Benz opened to the bottom of the Blue-Sky Building, the designer called and explained he had asked about the situation at the Water Conservancy Bureau.

It is not only at the Blue River that the rain falls, at the origin of the Blue River, more than a hundred kilometers away is the largest lake of Zhongyun it is also in the middle of the clouds or also pours heavy rain

The acc.u.mulated water from the entire lake has already crowded the Blue River and can't be discharged in time.

Although the rainfall was not a decade, the range of rainfall was unheard of.

"I forgot it, Lao Ni."

Qi Yuan Jiang was grateful to see the opposite side, four Mechanical Colossus Type X, quietly bathed in heavy rain.

The rain splashed on the outline of its steel body and it seemed that the Mechanical Colossus Type X were painted with a layer of invisible shadow, which made people feel uneasy and lookup.

“Thanks to the previous URA matchmaking, we have purchased a full set of mechanical engineering chairs and alloy landscape trees in the wooden house.”

The gas field brought by the four giant G.o.ds X-type makes the Blue River a lot of peace.

Coupled with the previous relations.h.i.+p, Qi Yuan Jiang felt that he was at half the hope of being saved.

Pus.h.i.+ng the door open, Qi Yuan Jiang rushes his legs and ran to the Blue-Sky Building.

Inside the company, sales manager Kong Tao, network manager Ji Ke, propaganda manager Yang Baihe, the three people are merging together to discuss what kind of decoration style their office should be made after the construction of the giant Monster Heavy Industrial Building?

As the company's first group of veterans, but also from scratch helping them to set up the entire company framework, enjoy the benefits of self-designed office style, is not too much.

Ye Qing asked them to submit the plan as soon as possible so that they should be handed over to the chronicle studio for design.

At this time, they are discussing with enthusiasm, and a middle-aged man likes at some wolf ran in.

"Halt and stand there, who are you looking for, do you have an appointment?"

The two security guards left and right in front of Qi Yuan Jiang.

Qi Yuan Jiang's eyes wide open, and he is surprised by whether if he has made a mistake.

For the first time, he enjoyed this kind of treatment and slightly calmed down his feelings.

Ji Ke and Yang Baihe talked to each other from decor design to buying a house.

Because of Kong Tao, the sales manager in Shanghai who can't afford to buy a house.

Ye Qing told them that yesterday after he had just finished working, he had gone to a garden of products for seeing the house at Zhongyun and that the big house of 180 square meters needed only more than 3 million Yuan.

"In Shanghai, I have saved enough money for four years, two million Yuan."

Kong Tao's face was full of righteousness and indignation:

"The result is not enough for a set of good grounds for the first payment."

"Now one step in place, I only want to find my parents to borrow half a million. Maybe I will be able to collect all the money for the garden."

Qi Yuan Jiang rushed in the office:

"Ye Qing, may I ask Ye Qing?"

"You are?"

Kong Tao, of the sales manager, certainly won't take people by appearance. In fact, Qi Yuan Jiang is just a little embarra.s.sed by the rain.

The temperament of his body is different from ordinary people.

"I am Qi Yuan Jiang, is Ye always there?"

A minute later, many employees of the company could see that Zhongyun City's real-estate pride, Qi Yuan Jiang, stood in the window with a phone, like they had come to the company for an interview.

Oh, nervous, it seems that this phone call can determine his fate.

A strong sense of honor rose in the hearts of the employees.

The great boss of Qi Yuan Jiang is not the first one, nor the last one.

When receiving a call from Qi Yuan Jiang, Ye Qing still stood in the ore sorting warehouse to enjoy the sky column.

"Mr. Ye, Mr. Ye, you have to help me."

Qi Yuan Jiang nervously trembled to the voice:

"I am Qi Yuan Jiang. I was just recently installed at the Xiaoping Lake Water Resort. You remember me? ?"

"How can I forget the name of Mr. Qi Yuan Jiang?"

Ye Qing is speechless, remembering it is natural to remember.

Qi Yuan Jiang is a member of Zhongyun's top richest circle and this time why smothering?

Qi Yuan Jiang took a deep breath and described the desperate situation he met with the fastest speed.

Qi Yuan Jiang is very well mixed in the circle of Zhongyun Real Estate.

He is well aware of the news in this circle.

To be honest, many real estate bosses in Zhongyun are waiting to see the Monster Industrial Building.

Of course, he thinks that Ye Qing does not like the people in their circle.

Qi Yuan Jiang did not send someone to "learn" next to him, which is why he dared to look at Ye Qing with boldface.

Having said that, he is nervously waiting for an answer.

"Mr. Qi Yuan Jiang, the Mechanical Colossus Type X, can't be sent to you to fill the gap in the Blue River."


Standing at the mouth of the window, Qi Yuan Jiang, instantly felt the sky has collapsed.

"Because the Mechanical Colossus Type X, can't get to your side."

Ye Qing wants to help, and he and Qi Yuan Jiang are not compet.i.tors.

"Now it is daytime, going to Xiaoping Lake will inevitably lead to traffic jams."

Ye Qing said calmly:

"It is not anxious to dismantle the giant Mechanical Colossus Type X. And it is not the Mechanical Colossus Type X expertise to block the river."

"I want to help, but I can't help..."

Qi Yuan Jiang lost his mind in an instant and looked at the window.

Outside the window, the four giants, the same saviors, is quietly parked below.

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Monster Factory Chapter 274

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