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The connection between Xiaoping Lake and Blue River is more than 400 meters wide.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X's bucket can carry 70 tons.

The most important thing is it has two buckets to plug the gap of Xiaoping Lake, which is an hour or two.

Without this, Qi Yuan Jiang calmed down, realized that it was impossible to invite the Mechanical Colossus Type X to Xiaoping Lake immediately.

Losing money, Qi Yuan Jiang can bite his teeth and resist.

The more important is the reputation of Pulanda Water Resort, which has just been erected by word of mouth and will soon be launched abroad.

Known as world-cla.s.s service, the Pulanda Water Resort which no one can forget will be online news on Facebook tomorrow.

The downpour can flood the resort, and he is ingenious designing with a panoramic transparent gla.s.s ceiling, and the rainstorm simulates a fountain.



Ye Qing shouted the phone:

“Mr. Qi Yuan Jiang, Mr. Qi Yuan Jiang?”

"I... I am."

Qi Yuan Jiang had some desperate responses.

"Mr. Qi Yuan Jiang you can go back to the Pulanda Water Resort first."

"I will go right away..."

Qi Yuan Jiang tried to inhale, trying to keep his mood from changing.

The pig Lao Ni would not be discriminated against.

The hot tea served by the staff next to him had not been drunk yet.

"My team should go to Xiaoping Lake earlier than you. After all, the factory is closer to you."



Qi Yuan Jiang almost broke the sound:

"What did Mr. Ye say?... Your team?"

"My team will help you close the gap."

Ye Qing was not surprised by Qi Yuan Jiang's reaction:

"Even without the last cooperation if Mr. Qi Yuan Jiang will encounter difficulties. As long as I can help, I will not stand idly by."

Qi Yuan Jiang turned and trotting. He turned to the managers and shouted:

"In the future, everyone will go to Yipin Bie Yuan to buy a house. I will give the internal price, which is 500,000 Yuan cheaper than the sales office."

Go in a sprint to the Mercedes-Benz, Qi Yuan Jiang madly shot the front seat, signaling the driver to return immediately at Pulanda Water Resort.

Along the way, Qi Yuan Jiang leaned against the seat, and the mood was abnormal.

The Mechanical Colossus Type X is the savior in his mind, and the savior did not come.

The very bold Ye Qing, who did not ask for anything, sent another team to the past.

What exactly is the team of Ye Qing, will it be a dredger?

It is not difficult to solve the answer in the heart of Qi Yuan Jiang.

In heavy rain, the speed of Mercedes-Benz will not be much faster than the truck.

When he arrived at the Pulanda Water Resort, he could see four heavy trucks roaring and driving ahead of him.

Qi Yuan Jiang is dumbfounded.

Among them are two heavy-duty trucks carrying two Mechanical Colossus Type I

What can do these two giant Mechanical Colossus Type I?

Qi Yuan Jiang Real Estate Group just ordered the same Mechanical Colossus Type I last week.

It is not impossible for it to dig up the soil to close the gap in the Blue River, but time is urgent at all.

Qi Yuan Jiang knows too much about the giant Mechanical Colossus Type I.

That's why he can't feel his mind when he sees the two trucks in front of him.

The front two heavy trucks installed something that he could not see clearly.

The Blue River can only see the Xiaoping Lake next to it and has not pa.s.sed the wooden house deck.

The tourists in the wooden house ran out of the way.

They hid under the gla.s.shouse and took the mobile phone.

There is also a ladder, as long as the lake rises another five centimeters, the lake can flood into the wooden house.

The price of the Pulanda Water Resort is staggering.

And the tourists who are able to come here are either super-rich themselves either son of the old super-rich, which is not good enough to offend.

They want to take pictures.

The staff of the resort can only stand far in a dry and be anxious.

The most worrying thing happened.

The old couple from the United States.

This time they were very professionally at the bottom of the gla.s.s eaves, set up a tripods stable bracket, install a network camera, logging into the wall-crossing software, and sound to broadcast live on Facebook.

Solo music is as good as the crowded music, perhaps the best saying to describe their actions.

"Beth, are not you going to China for a vacation with your boyfriend, are you free to upload videos for us today?"

"Beth, are you at the lake, so clear the lake? Oh, my house, your house will be drowned."

"Is there a place as clear as Lake Sharplen in Cathaysia?"

"I heard the network in China is restricted. I can't log in to our website. How did you do it?"

I saw my friends sending out short messages one by one.

The international friend named Beth smiled very incomprehensibly.

The scenery in China is beautiful again, and that is another country.

If anything makes him unhappy, then don't blame Beth for using it as an international joke to attract friends and tourists.

"My dear friends, I am in Zhongyun City in China."

"You are not mistaken, behind me is one of the best water resorts in China."

"Now I want to broadcast live to everyone. This resort, known as a world-cla.s.s resort, is drowned by its own scenic lake."

"Oh, too, it seems that the operators of the scenic spots are not going to give up. They seem to be fighting against nature."

A foreign boy with a blond hair and freckles on his cheeks danced in front of the webcam:

"Partners let us first come and enjoy together, and the Chinese are ready to use human power to fight against nature!"

"You saw the four trucks in the distance didn't. They planned to block all the dams on the riverside."

Beth's friends, they all said that this is so funny and with the things carried on the four trucks.

How could it be possible to block more than 400 meters of the river?

"I bet five dollars. They are doomed to failure."

"I bet ten dollars. The operators of this group of resorts must have seen more Hollywood blockbusters."

The four trucks were divided into two groups, along the edge of Xiaoping Lake and slowly drove down to the river.

Beth is professionally aiming the webcam at the trucks on both sides of the river.

The river raised the ground half a meter, left and right two Mechanical Colossus Type I caterpillars, roaring and drove down from the flatbed trailer.

They lifted the robotic arm at the same time, and then, from another truck's body.

They picked up a s.h.i.+eld-shaped steel plate with an amazing length and a streamlined body.

At the bottom of the s.h.i.+eld plate, two arcs, just right, merge into a sharp-pointed corner.

Standing on the edge of the river, the giant Mechanical Colossus Type I, raised a s.h.i.+eld-shaped iron plate with a special length of 12 meters.

So, all of Beth's friends are stunned.

"my G.o.d!"

"This... what is this?"

Jokes here, the resort operators, Hollywood blockbusters, have seen more of them, but they did not want to see a big movie.

Even more incredible things happened.

This giant Mechanical Colossus Type I, grasping the thick-walled steel plate, like a buckle cap, vigorously buckled the streamlined steel plate into the gap of the river.

The still calm river was immediately flooded with mud.

Everyone can understand this.

It turns out that the two giant G.o.ds I are going to put some streamlined steel plates into the riverbed, like the dam, blocking the Blue River.

Monster Factory Chapter 275

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