Monster Factory Chapter 288

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The restaurant is a restaurant that specializes in nostalgic consumption and has achieved great success.

An altar chicken is eighty-eight Yuan, which is much more expensive than the famous roast duck in China and abroad. People who can come here to eat, not to say it is expensive, at least in society can be considered successful. Only those with small a.s.sets can consume it.

The reservation is not accepted here, and the decoration in the store is also very popular.

Of course, the customers who come here are all very self-cultivating.

A more gentle and gentle uncle, no matter what he was wearing or his temperament was very different. Somehow dropped the plate inexplicably on this occasion.

The guests whispered one by one, and they were excited.

"Gentleman, why can't we negotiate, why should we lose our temper? Here is a food stall, what can scare you in the dish?" There was a faint disdain in the young manager's eyes.

"Negotiation?" Xiao Jun smirked, pointing at the chicken bones on the dinner table, loudly: "I have eaten dozens of times in your shop, and you talk to me about negotiation?"

"Well, you tell me. Your jar chicken here, the heavy metal is seriously exceeded, how are you going to negotiate with me?"

Heavy metals are seriously exceeding the standard?

When these words were pa.s.sed to the diners' ears, they were as good as throwing their atomic bombs apart from their skulls.

The rich man pursues a healthy, he does not eat greasily, does not eat fried, does not eat a barbecue, does not drink, is for a healthy body.

The more wealthy people, the higher their pursuit of quality of life.

They came here to eat nearly a thousand chickens. In addition to the taste, the picture shows the original ecological stocking on the mountain and added several nouris.h.i.+ng ingredients.

Both delicious and healthy, someone told them now. This kind of jar chicken that they regard as precious, the heavy metal inside is seriously exceeded.

"Manager, you explain it to me clearly." A bald man stood up and looked very angry: "I have been eating jar chicken from your home, and I have been eating it for four years. I also count on my health."

"The result is Lao Tzeu is bald. I said how inexplicably bald, it must be a problem with your chicken."

"You!" The manager jumped up angrily and asked Xiao Jun, "you said that the heavy metals in our jar chicken were seriously over the standard. What' proof do you have?"

“Certificate?” Xiao Jun snorted: “Take the chicken to the laboratory for testing, and the evidence is not coming?”

"Others said my heavy metal here is seriously exceeded, I have to go to the laboratory for testing."

A businessman and rich men in the st.u.r.dy shopping mall across the eyebrows strode:

"Then, others said I used gutter oil, industrial salt, pesticide residues exceeding the standard of vegetables, unclean drinking water."

"Is it not that when we go to the pheasant restaurant, we have to take the materials to the lab again and again?"

"Boss ~ boss ~" The man stops here. The manager and the waiter immediately retracted to the back of him, just as they find the backbone.

The diners who are watching the activity are hesitant at the moment.

Psychologically, most of his people are willing to believe that the heavy metal of the jar chicken is seriously exceeded. To believe this, does it mean that their bodies have been damaged?

However, the seeds of mustard are now completely planted today.

There was no satisfactory solution to this incident. The diners must have a flaw in their hearts. Later, the signature dishes of the restaurant will probably have doubts about the problem and will surely spread.

The self-introduction, the boss named Jiang Song, also understands this problem.

Jiang song touched his forehead: "In regards to this customer, I think you are very familiar with each other. You must be an old customer here. You said that there was something wrong with the jar chicken here. Can you tell me from where do you come to this conclusion?"

"Yeah, brother, you are going to say it quickly." The bald man said anxiously: "I have a problem; I have to sue this restaurant. I'm not sure my baldness is the result of eating a jar of chicken."

"When the people of industry and commerce and quality inspection come, it will naturally come to the fore." Xiao Jun naturally can't figure out why, but he is very sure that these chickens have problems.

"If that proves we are innocent?" Jiang Song asked: "Our jar chickens have been stocked on Damming Mountain since childhood, growing up on their own locusts and never feeding any feed."

“A lot of you have gone to Damming Mountain to play. We went to the ecological breeding base of the restaurant, and those who have been there will believe and understand what I say.”

"After the rooster is put into the jar, it will be placed in the corridor. Everyone knows what he feeds every day, is it clear?"

"You don't even have a basis for judgment. Isn't this filthy to our restaurant?"

"I see this gentleman has drunk too much."

“Yeah, where did you judge it?” The diners at the side agreed with what Jiang Song said. The ecological breeding base in the restaurant is near the scenic spot, where hens and eggs are stocked, which are highly sought after by those who pursue green food. Tourists are welcome.

"Don't you really drink too much?"

“I have been to the ecological breeding base. Last month, my wife bought two hundred original gra.s.s eggs, and the eggs are bright in color. It doesn't look like a problem.”

"If there is no basis, there will be problems with the jar chicken that is filthy to the leeks. This behavior is not good at all."

"Yes, come up with the basis?"

The diners become the gra.s.s on the wall. If they think there is any reason, they will fall to the other side.

Xiao Jun's face is hot. He doesn't know and doesn't plan to answer. He directly takes out his mobile phone and prepares to make a complaint call.

Just look at the boss's winning picture. Xiao Jun is really afraid. Even if the Bureau of Industry and Commerce sends people to come here, they can also reconcile the matter with the past.

If they are prepared in advance, it is not difficult to achieve this.

"I told him that the jar chicken here is over the standard in heavy metal eyes." Ye Qing stood up.

Originally, Ye Qing wanted to persuade Xiao Jun to take care of others. After he left, he would call the complaint or contact the metal laboratory to issue an inspection report.

Seeing that Xiao Jun was defeated by the boss's high-spirited words, Ye Qing naturally had to find a place for Xiao Jun.

"And who are you?" The cheeky Jiang Song turned thick and has no limit and said confidently, "if you don't speak to me clearly today, I reserve the right to investigate your slander to the pheasant restaurant."

"Hey, you have a big tone." Xiao Jun smiled, Ye Qing also smiled.

"Who I am is not important, what matters is my next words."

“Metals with a density greater than 4.5 grams per cubic centimeter are called heavy metals.”

"Micro-metals are indispensable nutrients for the human body, but excessive amounts of heavy metals in the human body can interact strongly with organs and harm organs."

From the table, Ye Qing picked up the broken chicken leg bone and looked around in a circle: "Why did I conclude that the heavy metal of the jar chicken is seriously exceeding the standard?"

"The answer lies in this seemingly unremarkable bone.”

Monster Factory Chapter 288

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