Monster Factory Chapter 289

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The answer is on the bones?

The diners stopped eating and stood up. They picked up the chicken bones from the table and slammed them into two halves. They watched the broken bones of the chicken.

"In the field of industrial processing, occupational diseases are not uncommon." Ye Qing said that and the entire dining hall was silent.

Occupational disease?

“Is there any lead poisoning?” Ye Qing recalled: “I have seen a zinc product limited liability company that uses zinc slag from a lead smelter to produce zinc oxide.”

“Because the boss saved the cost. The emission treatment process was omitted, causing workers to inhale lead-containing exhaust gas for a long time. And there was a group lead poisoning incident.”

"Lead is a kind of heavy metal. When the lead content in the body exceeds the standard, a gray-blue "lead line" will appear on the gum. This is a form in which the bone absorbs lead."

"The same reason, whether it is animals or people, as long as the body's heavy metals exceed the standard. Will appear on the bones and organs."

“Common heavy metals are copper, lead, nickel, and mercury. In metal powder metallurgy, these metals are also the most widely used. The body absorbs a lot of nickel, and the bone tissue is obviously affected and becomes brittle. The color is bright, some like jade mineral powder, and it will be slightly grainy by hand milling."

"More serious, even the skin and the respiratory organs will be affected."

As explained by Ye Qing, the diners suddenly used their hands to grind the bones.

As true as Ye Qing said, the bone marrow in the fracture has a distinct graininess and the color is not right.

"" Jiang Song, who had a businessman and a sigh of money on his face, was a little angry at the moment: "Colored, you are dirty. The chicken bones are crisp because we fed them for a week. The spring water of the wine is wiped with secret sesame oil."

"You said that heavy metal nickel was seriously exceeding the standard. Is your eye being an inspection device?"

"Can I understand that heavy metals exceed the standard when I do catering?" Jiang Song walked back and forth with his hands on his back: "To detect heavy metals, you must use professional equipment. Just by a word from you? What more should science do? What more should the laboratory do?

Both sides have good reasons. Several diners have quietly chosen to call the consumer complaint hotline. So, the quality inspection and industry and commerce sent people to deal with it.

Jiang Song pointed to the jar that had just been sent to the neighboring table and had not moved the chopsticks: "Unless you can find the nickel for me."

"If I find out, what are you going to do, boss Jiang?"

Ye Qing's eyes became serious. In the beginning, he had a conjecture that he might not have known about the pheasant restaurant. Ye Qing wanted Jiang Song to complain later and save some face for them.

Now, from the virtue of the owner of this store, he is 100% aware of the heavy metal in the jar.

"Find nickel?" Jiang Song looked at Ye Qing with a slightly cautious look, does Ye Qing carry leafs green with him.

A mobile phone, not even a wallet. There is no briefcase or instrument metal box.

Excessive levels of heavy metals, also known as metal trace elements exceeded the standard. If you want to check whether the elements in the body exceed the standard. You must collect blood and send it to a professional testing agency to use the instrument to detect the judgment.

These metal elements are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be touched.

There are no instruments, saying that these nickel elements are found?

Jiang Song glanced at the table again, and the bottle of black stone that was empty.

"If you find out, I'll close the door and pay for it. I offered to shut down the shop. " Jiang Song pretended to be outraged by his trampled personality: "what if you can't find it?"

"If I can't find it, I'll pay you a go to the e-guest house."

"A gentleman's word makes a whip." The boss didn't say a word, and the manager couldn't help it. One is worth 30 million Yuan, and one is too boastful to make a draft.

But let him pay a reputational loss fee later. Certainly no problem.

Jiang Song smiled and nodded, very generously made a gesture of, please.

The diners were all coming together, the bet was too exciting, and the way to make a bet was too bizarre.

If the jar is empty, how can Ye Qing find out the nickel?

When David Copperfield came, he had to catch the two eyes!

"Is there a chicken liver in the kitchen?" Ye Qing's eyes are calm, and everything in the store is calm.

Visitors who had several good things immediately ran into the kitchen and found a copy of the dark brown chicken liver in a stainless steel tray.

Ye Qing is doing experiments for the food safety of diners. They naturally have to support him and partic.i.p.ate in the whole process so as to eliminate the possibility of the shopkeepers to do something.

Someone on the table next to the pot of dried shrimps, Ye Qing removed the pot above and asked some tin foil to wrap the chicken liver. Put the stainless steel tray and tin foil chicken liver on a beautifully shaped alcohol stove.

One of the guests who did not work hard and ordered a few pots of gra.s.s and shrimps took the initiative to hold up three alcohol stoves.

Those who are either in suits in fas.h.i.+on, are watching Ye Qing with their innocent and confused eyes.

Grilled chicken liver?

If it is not Ye Qing's saying that the chickens are overweight, they will be happy to wait a few minutes before preparing some spices.

"The liver is an important organ of biological metabolism. Heavy metals exceed the standard, and a large quant.i.ty of heavy metal elements are deposited in the liver."

The tin foil chicken liver quickly emerged as a cloud of smoke, and Ye Qing stepped back a few steps. He calmly said: "Chicken liver is an organic matter, and nickel is an inorganic substance with a melting point of 1455 degrees."

“High temperatures will turn the chicken liver into ashes, but the nickel left in it will not change its properties.”

The diners seemed to understand and nodded. As the four alcohol stoves exerted their strength, the smoke from the tin foil gradually darkened and was inhaled by the top ventilation system.

When the stainless steel tray becomes red, and there is no smoke in the tin foil. Ye Qing extinguished the alcohol stove and opened the tin foil bag with chopsticks.

A group of charcoal-like things appeared in front of people. Ye Qing pours these charcoals into a transparent gla.s.s and add the pure water and gently stir it with chopsticks.

The inside of the gla.s.s was as dark as a whole bottle of ink, and Ye Qing did not return. He said to the diners to bring the clock on the bar.

"What do you want to do?" The waiter stepped forward and ended up with a paunchy diner snapped a few red tickets directly on the bar.

Jiang Song's face was overcast, and he didn't say a word.

When the wall clock arrives. Ye Qing takes out the second battery. Then hardly remove the outer casing of the electronic movement and take out the thin copper coil inside and a thin steel shaft used to adjust the time.

In the surprised eyes of others, Ye Qing began to wind copper coils on the thin steel shaft regularly.

It is not a simple single-layer electromagnet coil, but a multi-layer winding with stronger electromagnetic attraction.

"Nickel, iron, and cobalt, which belong to the eighth group of elements, have similar magnetoelectricity and are ferromagnetic substances."

"So nickel can be sucked up by the electromagnet."

"It turns out!" "The people next to each other suddenly realized."

"I can't count on my hands-on ability. This little brother must be a technician in the factory."

"Quickly, put it in and suck it up."

Ye Qing looked at the focus, and after stirring the electromagnet, he quietly stirred for a few minutes. In this process, Jiang Song is slowly falling into a huge abyss of deep tension. Fearing inside, and sweating by his head.

He wanted to slap up Ye Qing and break the gla.s.s of dark black liquid.

However, the sixty or seventy diners had already surrounded him and formed a natural protective layer.

When Ye Qing put the coil of the electromagnet connected to the battery into the bottom of the gla.s.s and gently swayed, the diners stop talking together.

They hate not being able to plunge into the gla.s.s and see what is going on.

"Let's open a little, let's open a little."

Several uniformed industrial and commercial law enforcement officers came in from the pa.s.sage.

The crowds in a circle let them almost think something has happened here.

The law enforcement officers who led the team immediately asked about the situation.

The crowd vividly told the law enforcement officers about what had just happened, and even they all showed curiosity and excitement, and carefully rushed to Ye Qing.

When the electromagnetic coil was gently lifted by Ye Qing, all the crowds on the scene were blown up.

They saw the original electromagnetic coil of bra.s.s color, which has been completely covered by a layer of silver-gray metallic l.u.s.ter.

This layer of metal is very uniform and very very thin and seems to be plated on copper wire.

What is the metal extracted from the chicken liver?

They explain heavy metals have exceeded the standard to make people feel awkward!

"I depend on your mother!" The man who doubted he was bald was the man who ate the chicken. He was so mad he kicked his feet to the table and chair behind him with red eyes. If his friend hadn't stopped him, he would have used the thick bottom of the wine bottle to give Jiang Song a cruel head a slap attack.

"Pat!" I don't know who it is. I slapped Jiang Song in the face from behind.

"Hey!" No one knows who it was, and a slap from behind shot on Jiang Song's face.

In the dining hall, it immediately became a mess. Everyone wanted to go to Jiang Song's feet to kick him. Just now, his words were even worse than the traitor who sold China.

Ye Qing asks for Xiao Jun to leave. When some people try to let him, go out of the crowd, the bald man panted and squeezed.

He held Ye Qing's hands and thanked him constantly: "fortunately, my little brother, you have revealed the black heart trick of this shop. I come to eat it all the time. Maybe I can have an occupational disease someday."

"By the way, why is the heavy metal in this chicken over standard?" Some people are puzzled: "I have been to the breeding base several times, and I really don't feed."

“Chickens have no teeth, so they like to eat stones to partic.i.p.ate in the grinding and digestion of food.” Ye Qing kept shaking hands: “Maybe the chickens fed with nickel-containing foodstuffs or nickel-containing waste from the factory.”

“The more harmful the substance, the easier it is to create delicious food. The crayfish is not the dirtier it is, it is the better. I have also heard the example of using industrial salt to make grilled fish, and the result is an extremely hot business.”

"I know the example of grilled fish. Said there is a delicious grilled fish in the West Lake. At 11 o'clock in the evening, the guests are full of seats, and there is a row of seats outside. Several police officers from the inspection department came here. When they have eaten, it was delicious. They wondered why it was delicious."

"They packed a test that was brought back to the laboratory, and the results showed a lot of industrial salt..."

"Little brother, do you know the industrial knowledge so much, must be the metal inspection department or the senior technician in the factory?"

Ye Qing takes a look at his body. He casually wears a coat of several hundred Yuan from last year.

"Ha ha ~ Mr. Ye, they said that you are a technician." Xiao Junxiao's eyebrows are not eyebrows, and his nose is not a nose.

Outside the shop's window, a top-cla.s.s luxury car that s.h.i.+nes in the sun with a charming metallic l.u.s.ter slowly opens the door near the restaurant.

Some people in the crowd immediately recognized the origin of this luxury car. The door opened, only the King Kong-cla.s.s suits that can only be seen in the movie got off the car and helped Ye Qing to open the back seat.

Monster Factory Chapter 289

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