Monster Factory Chapter 290

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The most intuitive embodiment of a person's social status is often the tiny details of life.

Just in the dining hall, Ye Qing was concentrating on his work, and the diners mistakenly thought he was a factory worker or a skilled technician in the lab.

It seems that the technician in their eyes is obviously the male lead in an idol drama.

Young and strong hands-on ability.

Don't say that repairing a household appliance means that a certain home appliance component is broken, and people will take it to the workbench to make one.

The man was particularly charming when he was focusing on his work. They saw Ye Qing nodded slightly, and when he stooped into Lagonda, some young girls in the diners, their eyes were unified and brought with affection.

The men broke away from the cloak of Sven, and the group of Jiang Song was on the wall.

Originally Ye Qing wanted to eat a half-scented body, and he almost ate it as a half-length.

The more you care about the way of health, the people who care about the quality of life. When it is found that being seriously deceived and jeopardizing your own health, the more unimaginable anger will erupt.

If the law enforcement officers are trying to interfere in the side, Jiang Song is likely to go to the nursing bed to sleep for a while.

When Ye Qing and Xiao Jun arrived at their destination, Jiang Song, the boss controlled by law enforcement officers, and the two managers, under the iron evidence, gave the truth about the heavy metal exceeding the standard.

The jar chicken is the home of Jiang Song, a signature dish that has been inherited for hundreds of years.

The early jar chicken did not need to use this kind of technique. Its taste is said to be better than the current jar chicken.

However, Jiang Song's father is a retired man who is not doing business. He did not learn the skills to his son and let the jar chicken break his inheritance.

The restaurant is a restaurant opened by Jiang Song's father and has been in business for decades. When the jar chicken was first launched as a special dish, the response was not too warm.

It's expensive, and because of the method, the taste is not too good.

It was not until Jiang Song went to the mountain village to collect the chickens. He found that the pheasant raised by a farmer was very delicious. The jar chicken made of this pheasant, it is enough to give a little taste.

It is not difficult to get rid of delicious food. Jiang Song observed the pheasant was raised of the proximity to the village metal smelter, and it loved to eat metal slag that was discarded outside the factory.

This is a factory specializing in smelting nickel ore. Jiang Song's gourd painting and scooping. So that the gra.s.s chickens have been eating the nickel mines that have been crushed into slag since childhood. Whether it is meat or soup, it is the taste of the pheasant raised by the farmer.

From this kind of sin, Jiang Song has been born for a few years and has increased the scale of turf breeding by dozens of times and built ecological farming.

Until the greasy stuff inside was cracked by Ye Qing.

"The more I think about it, the more scared I am. When I finish this thing, I have to go to the hospital to measure trace elements." Out of the underground parking lot, Xiao Jun felt uncomfortable and seemed to be numb in the bones.

Ye Qing did not speak, but held his chin and looked around like he looked at an artwork.

What is this?

This is one of the earliest commercial districts in China on the edge of Jingling Road and is also a famous shopping paradise in China.

Ye Qing thought that Xiao Jun would take himself to a remote, dusty construction site.

The result followed him to the east and around the west. The more the scenery around the window, the more prosperous, and finally they got here.

Jinling Road is a pedestrian street with vehicles banned. Xiao Jun took the car with Ye Qing and parked the car in a nearby hotel underground parking lot. He also told Ye Qing that the question he wanted to ask was in the vicinity of a shopping mall built by the Swedish company Staffinning Group.

“Is it a metal or a mechanical problem?” Ye Qing asked casually.

"Mechanical aspects." Xiao Jun took a few breathing and then snorted: "The shopping center, our studio is responsible for the design. Now the shopping center is completed, Sweden's Starfanning Group. But arbitrarily, take a negative The windmill building in the middle of the shopping mall was replaced by a precision machine."

"There is a problem with the precision machinery now. They are in a hurry to find the reason in Sweden, but they have problems with the design of our studio."

"There is a problem with precision machinery. Which is naturally a flaw in mechanical design."

Ye Qing smiled a little and said: "Most people think that Swiss watches are famous, but behind them are the powerful fields of precision machinery manufacturing. They can find a watchmaker to solve the mechanical problem. How can they blame you for that? "

"Because they have kept the turntables and wind bearings of the windmills, we can't say that our mechanical parts can't be done now. But they can't say where they can't do it for a while. I'm in the clouds of the building."

“I originally wanted to bring the design drawings and models to the past. Now that you are here, you can definitely get it done in threes and twos minutes.”

In the field of the machinery industry, Xiao Jun has no reservations about ye Qing.

"You go with our chief engineer, just that I am missing some autumn clothes, I go shopping, you are busy?"

The chief engineer of Monster Heavy Industries?

Xiao Jun just looked at the Master Craftsman beside him. Before Xiao Jun estimated it, the little old man who looked thin and short was Ye Qing's personal butler.

People can't look good. Xiao Jun left with the Master Craftsman.

"Today, I also want to thoroughly understand what is the shopping method of the desert local tyrants." A pure black Centurion credit card was turned between his fingers by Ye Qing.

This is the centurion credit card jointly issued by China Industrial and Commercial Bank. In view of Ye Qing's action of repaying the full amount of the credit card once more. Ye Qing's Centurion in his hand has increased to 50 million credit lines.

Taking a breath of extravagant air, Ye Qing led the hard work of serving as a bag and bodyguard and stepped on the entrance to Jinling Road.

Jinling Road is a treasure trove of merchants and a famous shopping paradise abroad. Here, luxury brands are gathered together, as well as the famous gold cave in Hang Lung Plaza.

Change the loser to come over, a circle of a stroll down the bank card less a few million is not a problem at all.

While walking, Ye Qing took the headphones and called Bai Dour.

I took a ride in the city of Heba, Huizhou, and I just recorded a local special food show.

The phone hangs quickly and becomes a video pa.s.s.

Ye Qing held a circle of his mobile phone and let him guess what it was.

"Jinling Road, I have seen Xiao Yangsheng fried signboard."

Giggle giggling.

"Yes, I will take you to Hang Lung Plaza and tell me what to look at." Ye Qing held the mobile phone and walked toward Jinling West Road.

On the way, Ye Qing and Bai Dour discussed the autumn, wearing a jacket or a windbreaker, or a single layer of fur.

When Ye Qing walked to Hang Lung Plaza, he made a happy decision and bought a few pieces for each style.

Monster Factory Chapter 290

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