Monster Factory Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Gifts

Translated by me, edited by drpetro.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!”

Last time Gong Wei was raining tears, in a complete wreck, and was directly neglected by Ye Qing. Who would’ve thought that this guy was this flamboyant.

Bentley Mulsanne is the perfect answer from Bentley’s chief designers to compete with other luxury cars like Mercedes’ Maybach, Rolls Royce’s Phantom, and so on.

Of course its price is also outrageous. Even if it’s only the standard version, it’ll still come with a hefty price tag of 6,000,000 yuan.

Ye Qing can’t tell whether this car in front of him is the standard version or custom made. But that doesn’t matter much as he still got in the back. As soon as Ye Qing sat down, Gong Wei told the driver to head to Tianranju and began to brag about that batch of materials of his.

Saying how extraordinary the quality of the material that resulted from the reaction was. Even BASF’s procurer praised it with ‘wairui gude.’

Ye Qing can only respond with it probably had some accidental reaction that caused an increase in quality. Or that it’s because of how great the two professor’s instructions were.

Gong Wei happily laughed and said no matter how good the result was, if it wasn’t for your help, then I can only cry myself to death.

“Later we definitely need to drink a couple rounds, if you encounter any trouble in the future then call me, I can definitely help out around here.”

From the middle storage bin, Gong Wei pulled a delicately packed black case and handed it to Ye Qing: “This is a gift from one of my business partners, it’s a Piaget brand watch, hasn’t been opened yet, and very suitable for you youngsters.”

“A gift for me?” Ye Qing remembered that Piaget brand watches is on the luxury watch list, and the cheapest is a couple tens of thousands, so what’s wrong with Gong Wei right now?

“Hahaha, you didn’t know I was gonna be rich?”

Gong Wei, as if having won this week’s lottery, joyously said: “Because I finished this batch order with both speed and quality, BASF is looking to sign a long term deal with us.”

“BASF, that’s a leviathan like listed international chemical corporation. A single hair of its leg is more than enough profits for me to retire and then some.”

“If it wasn’t for your help, I would be completely screwed. Hahahaha.”

Gong Wei allowed no explanation as he shoved the box into Ye Qing’s hands and told him to try it out.

Capitalists all chase for gains to no end. The expensive watch Gong Wei just gifted to Ye Qing isn’t just to say thank you.

Since Ye Qing is able to make underwater welding robots, then the amount of profit he can earn from it in the future is simply unimaginable. When these machines. .h.i.t the market, then that’s when Ye Qing will enter the billionaire club.

Getting into Ye Qing’s good books now, will result in a great friends.h.i.+p later on in the future.

Merchants are all about their connections. The more friends you have, the better off you are.

With Gong Wei being this sincere, had Ye Qing stopped being evasive and wholeheartedly accept this brand named watch. When my factory’s big and famous, I can always give him some small work to get by.

At the same time, gifts like these are guaranteed to increase both in price and quant.i.ty in the future.

Thinking up to here, Ye Qing was completely delighted. Before it was always him giving away things like gas cards, gift cards, and so on. Now it’s others gifting him stuff, and to top it all off, a name brand watch at the very start.

This is a series of high end watches specifically designed for successful young people by Piaget.

This Altiplano series watch has a platinum backing, and black alligator leather straps. It’s appearance is simple yet sophisticated, its price is also very beautiful; 115,000 yuan.

Ye Qing tuned the time on the watch in accordance to his cell phone, then, put it on in a very flas.h.i.+ng manner.

Probably because this is the first time he ever wore such expensive accessory, Ye Qing kept on having the urge to raise his left hand when talking with others……

While chit chatting, the Bentley quickly entered the light blazing Liangjiang Road.

The driver skillfully stopped the car in front of Tianranju’s main entrance, then hurried down to help open Ye Qing’s door.

Ye Qing is the guest here, he is also the honorable guest that Gong Wei specifically picked up, so naturally the driver will open his door first.

Just as Ye Qing got off, he suddenly felt several provocative people trying to size him up. Even the two beautiful receptionists that were hiding behind the antique like wooden door also ran out and sweetly said welcome mister.

Today they are here to welcome and entertain well a VIP client and his honorable guest.

There exists less than 50 Tianranju VIP cards, so of course these receptionists can call out their owners by name. Now that Gong Wei has gotten out of the car, these beautiful receptionists naturally understand Ye Qing here is tonight’s person of honor.

Then they were shocked. Because there was a boss who previously told them to entertain the young man standing in front of them well as a honorable guest.

Who is he?

These pretty receptionists were somewhat dumbstruck. Because what’s up with this young man, every time he comes here, it’s always under the invitation of some major company’s owner.

“h.e.l.lo everybody on Brawl on the Tip of the Tongue. Tonight Doudou is happy to be able to meet with everyone again.”

A girl with a picturesque like face and snow white skin, stood beside Tianranju’s main entrance with her cell phone out taking pictures of the shop’s golden sign.

Tianranju’s sign has a long history. It’s said to have been pa.s.sed down from a patriotic warlord during the Republic of China period.

“Last time we interviewed a young boss, who said that the seafood here was great.” Doudou, who was elegantly dressed, charmingly faced the tens of thousands in her audience and smiled: “Now I’m in front of Tianranju and inviting everyone to dine with me.”

The chat stream literally descended into chaos as many viewers, who had seen the last episode, started to ridicule and mock Ye Qing.

[If that man is a boss, then I’m the CEO of a listed corporation.]

[Street stall’s secret president is so poor.]

[Ahahaha this is just too funny, that guy is full of bulls.h.i.+t, there is no way he ever came to Tianranju before.]

[People nowadays are even pretending to be company owners, what has the world come to.]

[Guys look at below the sign, there’s a Bentley there.]

After the reminder of this skilled audience member, the screen exploded with stuff like ‘Holy s.h.i.+t, million yuan Bentley Mulsanne!’

Some say ‘who drove my car here’, others encouraged Doudou to ask the owner to let her take some pictures of the Mulsanne’s interior to show off to her fans.

Luxury cars are always an item that can easily bring up any atmosphere, it’s also a key point for all streamers. Naturally Doudou will get close to the car to get a up close and take personal footage of it.

With this shot, the screen can’t be described as exploded anymore, it’s more like it has been carpet bombed by a fleet of hundreds of B-52s.

Tens of thousands of viewers, clearly saw a highly capable driver, get out from the driver’s seat, open the door for a young man in the back seat and make a professional please gesture.

Who has ever seen this kind of movie movements in real life?

The Bentley Mulsanne, which is on the same tier as the Rolls Royce Phantom, had the viewers howl and shout non-stop. They all placed themselves in the shoes of the young man, and tsunami like 666 can’t even begin to describe ten percent of their feelings. [TL: 666 imply super cool, ultra awesome, and the likes]

Jealous and envy is clear in every sentence that appeared on the screen. The audience was split between the jealous and envious ones, the ones who were still daydreaming about the Bentley, and the one who wanted Doudou to approach this flamboyant and dazzling young man and hit on him. [TL: you know what it means. *wink wink*]

“Wait, hold on!” Doudou was suddenly stunned, then can’t help but walk forward a bit, put the camera in focus, and center on the honorable guest that was just respectfully welcomed into the restaurant.

“Look guys, look who it is.”

Monster Factory Chapter 34

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